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Easy trail for kids. We went in the late afternoon; not many other people on the trail and the trees were stunning in the afternoon light.

3 days ago

I loved this hike, we saw a lot of wildlife. We saw two rattlesnakes and a bear which was amazing. Others around us on the trail also talked about seeing other rattlesnakes, so watch your step! When we saw a bear, there was a ranger around who instructed us when to walk, and to walk fast. Overall, it was a nice hike, pretty flat with great views.

The first 2 or so miles are completely flat. The only thing that makes this a moderate is the distance. Lots of stairs, but completely doable. Make sure to use bug spray, and bring it with you to reapply!

3 days ago

tourist spot. cute area tho.

3 days ago

Great day hike. A few places along the river had smoldering prescribed burns. No problems with bugs at noon. Busy trail, never seen this many people on the trails other than at General Grant and Sherman. Pack plenty of water and snacks. Not a long hike but temps at mid-seventies, can dehydrate fast and steep elevation at the end can sap energy reserve. My loop took 3.5 hrs and I am in decent fitness condition. check out my pics.

These trees are so incredibly majestic. I appreciate that the park service has made the trails to these monuments accessible to all. There is no reason to not do this trail while in the area.

11 days ago

Wonderful trail with breathtaking views of Kings Canyon!
We started out early and were alone at the Mist Falls. Hiking the trail took us just over 4 hours, including an extensive break at the falls.
FYI: There were a lot of mosquitos on the first section of the trail, so I'd recommend bringing repellent.

Honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

paved, easy stroll through grove of big trees

13 days ago

Fun trail with great views of massive rock cliffs that runs next to a scenic river. Mist falls is very impressive and a good spot for a snack. The bugs weren’t bad today, but it was slightly warmer with a mild breeze. One downside is the time it takes to get to the trailhead if you’re not staying close (we came from Sequoia National Park).

Informative and quite easy if a bit crowded.

15 days ago

This “trail” should just be and out and back instead of a loop. We crossed the bridge on the way back
to complete the loop but when we came to the point where the AllTrails map shows you can cross the river to enter the parking lot we we were unable to cross. Little did we know they open up the damn in the afternoon causing the river to rise, making it impassible. Other than the frustration of the 6 mile detour it was a beautiful hike. It can be done in 4 hours with plenty of time to hang out and take pictures if you make it an out and back. We did come across a nice size rattle along the way so be on the lookout, blends in with the trail. Also we got up close and personal with a bear blocking the trail which was pretty cool to see.

16 days ago

River crossing is tricky at the beginning of trail. Head further down stream to find better crossing points.
The first group of switchbacks are tough but the rest is not very exposed. Not very scenic after Sphinx creek. Ample campgrounds and a few have bear boxes. We did an overnight a Junction Meadow with a walk up permit.

Man oh man! Hell of a trail! 4K ft to 10k ft elevation change was intense. 70 pound packs for all 4 of us we had no idea what we were in for. Then after camping the night at the top the next day we set out for granite pass and as we went through granite basin, thunder, lightning, hail... it turned to a nightmare real quick. Needless to say We never made it over the pass. And this hike I went on was 4 years ago around June. I will be attempting again this summer. Wish me luck.

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18 days ago


18 days ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I have been on! We left at 2:00 pm on a sunny day so bugs were not at all an issue. There is plenty of shade for most of the trail so it never got too hot either. There were a couple of false alarms on Mist Falls, as there are some smaller falls, so don't stop until you see the placard. It is a must-do if you go to the park!

No bathroom on trail
Bring plenty of water - there is a bottle refill station at the entrance
Bring a light raincoat if you plan to spend any time at the actual falls
Bring sunscreen and bug spray (or long sleeves and hat netting)
Wear shoes you don't mind getting wet and muddy (Ours were fine but there were a few muddy spots and saw the terrain was capable of holding water after rain or snow melt)

as others have said, this hike isn't for the faint of heart (even the ranger at Road's End wished us good luck at the outset). the views are definitely best in the first half on the ascent (or the last half of the descent), and they're pretty damn spectacular. we encountered fog and damp conditions starting at upper tent meadow.

21 days ago


22 days ago

one of the best trials. it has meadow, forest, rock, falls, river, bridge in one trial. when you reach the mist falls, do not forget look back, it is amazing. i sit there and had the lunch. awesome!

Awesome Trail and fun to see all the giant groves around. One of my favorite now!

23 days ago

Great trail and beautiful views aside from the waterfall.

25 days ago

Nice little walk through the forest of giants. easy stroll. great sight seeing of general grant and other huge Sequoia Trees

Nothing spectacular. Easy walk. paved. Easily accessible. Great for someone who doesn't want to go off trail or has little ones.

Great early season/beginner backpacker hike! We hiked up past Mist Falls to camp at Lower Paradise Valley on May 4th. Lots of steps but beautiful views along the way! The campsite has a large, flat, forested area very close to the South fork of the Kings River. Bear box/locker provided! It was cool in the 40s at night but there was a designated campfire area we took advantage of.
The following day we day hiked up through Middle Paradise Valley (where there is a rustic toilet!). This was much flatter than the previous days hike but also had some sandy sections were the trail was a little hard to find...we made it to Upper Paradise Falls to see the bridge washed out (we didn’t take the time to look but rumor has it there may be a log crossing in the area...?)
The third day we hiked back and saw a rattlesnake! Saw a handful of hikers along the way. No bears. Only a few bugs. Can’t wait to do the Rae’s Lakes Loop now!

there's a larger series of trails in here besides this paved section- we got out early and hiked all around, beautiful to do in the morning when there's no one else there! Lots of beautiful trees besides General Grant, get out on the non-paved trails to see them!

great view payoff from the top- go early and you'll have it to yourself!

Definitely not a trail for someone out of shape. You climb 5300 ft (1 mile) vertical over the first 8 miles. There is no gradual start to the hike. Be propared to work from the start. There are half a dozen or so streams on the way up with multiple lakes / ponds once up at the pass. The view is beautiful.

The panoramic view + an additional mile beyond are worth it. The fire lookout was lame with no views

Caltrans has reopened Highway 180 past Hume that morning, so we decided to drive down to do this hike. Hike is easy and flat. The hike to the Roaring River Falls goes alongside the highway. Lots of bugs on Zumwalt trail. Very beautiful and peaceful hike and not many people on the trail. Highly recommend!

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