Super easy loop to walk through and see some stunning trees. Crazy to walk through a fallen sequoia. Definitely something to see

Amazing view of some incredible redwood trees. Informative signs throughout the cute loop around it. Plenty of snow today off the trail (March 18) but trail was clean and easy. Quick and worth stop

Took the North Grove Loop trail from the parking lot. Dead giants is a short up and down loop off of this trail. If you enter from the right you can come downhill on the way back. Beautiful views at the top. highly recommend. When you finish the loop you end up back on North Grove and can finish that hike. Total miles for both hikes was about 3 miles. Highly recommend.

Nice secluded trail and lake at Lake Hume. Can walk around to Christian camp and get ice cream.

As of 2/22/20 the snow is really starting to melt. The road to the panoramic ridge is still closed. But able to hike without snowshoes. But if you want to continue to the fire outlook you will need snowshoes.

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3 months ago

very nice, a few people, ice patch, little slippery. wasn't too cold kid friendly.

3 months ago

This isn’t my favorite hike style. This is a loop that descends before it ascends. It was very pretty on a warming winter day. Some ice and snow on the trail but snowshoes or crampons were not necessary. And definitely not enough snow to ski. Very similar to Tuolumne Grove Trail in Yosemite. But with less people!

3 months ago

Oh my! No people at all mid week in February! Paved trail with some snow and ice patches. Very kid friendly. We also saw does.

January 31 - this trail starts at the grant grove visitor center, the road is closed right now due to snow. We hiked up the road, then used snowshoes from panoramic point to the fire lookout. Making it a 10 mile round trip. Beautiful view from panoramic point, along the ride and fire lookout.

3/5 stars just because this trail felt like the same, but less magnificent than an average hike in Sequoia Ntl Park (that we hiked in the same morning). The trail was REALLY well maintained by previous snowshoers & skiers. Kings Canyon Ntl Park’s official “winter hiking trails” map ($1.99) was 100% useless in that it didn’t accurately represent -!) of the winter trails - this was supposed to be the winter version of the “General Grant Trail”. Ask a Ranger in the Azalea campground/General Grant parking lot & they’ll give you an excellent breakdown of signage to follow to stay on the trail in the winter conditions. We needed to use our snowshoes for this hike, our crampons didn’t provide enough flotation!

Everyone should see the giant sequoias!

Go between 7-8am to avoid the crowds.The first tourist bus pulled in as we were leaving. Peaceful and quiet. It's a paved path, but does allow for some real trail hiking. The cabin is cool and walking through the living tree was also neat for our children.

Plenty of deer on the trail.

Solitary hike through some stands of large sequoias as well as some burned areas. Fairly easy.

Very nice trail to do in the afternoon. The panoramic point is nice but i have seen better. The trail is in good condition and give a nice example of what the forest look like in this region. The best part is at the Fire Lookout at the end of the trail. The view is awesome. When we got there, there were two volunteers oversleeping in the tower that were watching for fires. They were extremely friendly and kind and explained us lots of things on the park and the opportunities in the region. At that time, rangers were doing prescribed fires so the valley was full of smoke, it was very nice to see from above.

Very nice and easy trail. Much better than the General Grant loop. You can see massive trees which are not behind a fence. The grove burnt some times ago and most of the small trees are dead in some areas but the bigger ones are still alive. A must go if you are in the Grant grove area.

Very overcrowded, even in october, and not really a trail, more a paved way to see some big Sequoia trees. Definitely super easy and short. You can see General Grant but there is way more authentic and big trees in the North pine loop trail which start at the same parking lot. It's a shame to see trees behind a fence... I did not put 1 star because it is nice if you disabled because you can have access to that trail a watch some magnificent trees.

This was an easy rewarding walk. So many giant trees. We were able to crouch through a living tree, and walk the inside of a down tree. A definite must!

Worst trail to find. Spent a hour trying to find it. Horrible area. Lots of misquotes and nothing is mapped out for a trail. We never found it. Very disappointing!!!

A great example of rebirth following death by (Rough) fire. Lovely giant sequioa groves in fern meadows contrasted by the destruction from the Rough Fire. However, in the burned out areas next to surviving giants are hundreds (if not thousands) of young sequioa seedlings. It's an honor to stroll amongst ancient giants at sunrise.

Not super crowded and really incredible. There's a dead tree thou can walk through, and a 100+ yrs old cabin to walk through which were both cool. And then the Grant Tree of course is so beautiful and tall.

When I got to Kings Canyon NP I frankly didn't even know what the General Grant Tree was - it just seemed important so I followed the signs. The trail - which is a walk, not an actual hike - is pretty nice, including the option to go through a tree. Also do this in the evening, there were almost no people there anymore.

Good hike with similar trees. Trail head says 1.7 miles.

Great path.

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8 months ago

We tried to do this near sunset when we arrived in the park, but there is a split on the north side that is not well marked so we ended up on a horse trail that we hiked for a mile or so before turning around because it was getting dark. Beautiful scenery, but could use some more signage.

Quick, easy walk (wouldn't call it a hike) in a beautiful grove of sequoias. It's paved though so it attracts a lot of people who don't visit or respect national parks. We had to yell at someone flying his drone around the General Grant (they're illegal). Benefit of going late on our way into the park, was we were treated to the beautiful colors of sunset through the trees.

Beautiful trees! Worth the time to walk around it.

Very tough trail , had to stop numerous times. The views on the way up were pretty bland but the very top was amazing ! Keep in mind , whoever first hiked this trail didn’t go to the top , the red line to follow stops before the summit . To get to the overlook , it took me about an hour extra of hiking/climbing . There also is no visible trail to the summit up there , you just have to wing it. I was the only person that was at the top.

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