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Dulzura, California Map

amazing views into mexico. good for beginners but there are spurs off the main trail for some more experienced wheelers. its easy to get lost which can be fun/annoying. definitely recommend.

Not sure why folks are saying that this road is "paved" -- it is not. Not any part of it. Most of it is well-graded gravel, but it is not paved. The views are stunning. Most of the road is narrow, single lane, with not nearly enough turnouts for passing. I'm glad that the only opposite traffic we encountered was a motorcycle. We started at Pio Pico (brown gate), went up to "Doghouse Junction" (the intersection at the top), then went out to the NE (towards Hwy 94 at Engineer Springs). It was not obvious or easy to figure out which of the many roads at that end led out to 94 and we took several wrong turns. See the attached map with notes. Some roads are in good shape and you get to within feet of where you need to be, but there's a locked gate. Other roads deteriorate badly.

Stock 4Runner TRD Off Road. Didn't air down. Used 4 High for most of the road, but used 4 Low for a steeper downhill section--just so as not to ride my brakes.

took on the trail (entrance between brown gate doors in the parking lot of the country store) in a stock 2018 Tacoma. most of the road is paved except for spurs you can take. the spur inclines are crazy, definitely need appropriate clearance, best suited for a heavily modified truck or standard ATV. the road itself is mostly paved, we took it to the peak and back through town due to time constraint.

views were gorgeous, highly recommend. you can see literally clear into Mexico.

Casi 13 millas realmente retadoras! Me encanto!

This trail is very well kept and has mirrors for blind curves. Truly an enjoyable drive. This trail is not at all deserving of a hard rating in my opinion (for a summer drive at least) you will have some steep grades and a few narrow spots but not at all a two way trail so keep in mind when you pass a turn out spot as you may have to back up.
We drove a Jeep Compass Trailhawk without issues. We did throw it into 4low to prevent any slipping but could have done it without it. Traffic was minimal for a holiday (Labor day) only saw two other vehicles and a small group of 3 dirt bikes. All in all great trip!

This trail is super fun, the scenery is a bonus! I wouldn't rate this trail hard but you must have a vehicle with some ground clearance and good traction. My first time, I took my Wrangler with all-terrain tires without my 4wd and it would slide around a lot, especially going downhill which could be a little scary if you catch too much speed. I previously went again and set my wrangler at 4Hi. It was quite a difference, much better of course.
The "No Off-Road Vehicles" signs made me a little nervous but so far I haven't encountered any problems. it is a 2 way trail and can be very narrow so it is important to keep an eye out for upcoming vehicles. I encountered about 5 and we were considerate on both ends to make it work, at one point I had to back up quite a bit.

I've done this trail at least a dozen times, mainly due to it passing through BLM territory where some friends and I do some routine target shooting. There's a lot more areas that are now gated/fenced off that weren't a year or two ago but even with the off-limit areas, there's plenty to explore.

First and foremost, you don't need a special rig to get through this trail. I've completed the main trail in a RWD Nissan Xterra, FWD Lexus NX200, AWD Ford Escape, AWD Subaru Outback, 4WD 2017 Ford Expedition, 4WD 2018 F150 Raptor. All stock, no issues. With that said, there are tons of side trails, many of which are deserving of the "hard" label, some of which I've only been able to complete in the Raptor and others that I haven't even attempted because they're too tight for my truck. If you stick to the main trail, anything with half way decent ground clearance will do just fine.

With that said, the roads in many areas are quite narrow with a near vertical drop to what would likely be your death if you aren't paying attention. Traffic flows in both directions and there's only room for 1 vehicle at a time. There are several areas along the trail where you can pull to the side to let another vehicle pass. Make a mental note anytime you pass one because you never know when you'll encounter an oncoming vehicle that may require you to reverse your vehicle back to that spot so you can safely pass each other.

If you're going on a Saturday or Sunday, traffic is light but not what I would call "remote" you'll almost certainly encounter other off-roaders at some point along the trail and possibly a Border Patrol vehicle or two. If they come up behind you just pull over to the side as soon as it's safe for you to do so and let them pass. They know the roads well and drive vehicles that aren't theirs so they typically like to haul ass.

Bring water and some protein bars. The main trail will take about an hour to complete but you can easily be up there all day if you stop to take photos or decide to explore some of the side trails. Most of the side trails will lead to a dead end or link back up with the main trail. Some side trails aren't really side trails but another main trail. If you make a wrong turn you can find yourself heading way down south all the way to the 905 just a few city blocks away from the border. I like to bring my drone with me for the times I want to explore a side trail I haven't been on before. I take the drone up to get a good look at the trail difficulty and see where it goes before committing myself and my vehicle to it.

One last thing... If you enter from Otay Lakes Rd (aka Pio Pico) and exist from Marron Valley Rd and then head north on Campo Rd, you will have to go past a Border Patrol check point. The line is usually pretty short. I've rarely waited longer than 5 minutes, but something to consider. There is no stopping necessary if you're going South on Campo Rd, so some people may opt do the trail in reverse by entering through Marron Valley Rd and exiting Pio Pico.

Had a glorious 5.5 hr. Jeep trek from Pio Pico to Campo Rd. (94), well almost. The gate at 94 was locked and only through satellite photos did I find a route out, apparently through private property. As I was exiting onto 94 a CPG agent stopped me to advise that he was coming to open the gate and that I was indeed on private property. I assure him my intention was not to trespass as during the 5.5 hours I saw at least 5 agents a various stages, did not encounter any locked gates, and did not drive past or ignore any advisory signage indicating off limit areas. This is the first time I have done this route and planned it based on the route indicated from AllTrails. He indicated that the gates I passed through should be locked or closed as various parts of the trails pass through private lands etc., or are not supposed to be travelled on by the public. He was frustrated, not with me, but the fact I had such easy access. I wish there was some sort of official advisory and clearly noted routes that off-road enthusiasts could adhere to. Most of us do not want to trespass on private land and want to use the resource respectfully. My next trek, I will stop and ask each agent I encounter if I can be on that stretch of road and indicate where I am going. I will ask their name and give them mine so they can radio ahead that traffic is approaching, What else can we do, Im sure they don't want to play tour guide, but we just want to be able to get in and out without concern about being locked in or out of entries or exits. The agent did indicate I could have been accidently locked in at some point along the way....good thing I carry basic camping gear, food and water. This trail can be difficult at times and I do not recommend 2 wheel vehicles with insufficient clearance, as at times, it is not a Sunday drive in the best of conditions.

6 months ago

Hiked Tecate Peak on May 13, 2018. About 2.5 hours to the peak, and 1.5 hours back down for a total of 12 miles. In 4 hours saw 2 mountain bikers, 1 hiker, 1 border patrol on ATV, pretty isolated. Hike up to the peak is an unpaved road. Beautiful views from the top, lots of wildflowers and gorgeous rock outcrops along the trail. After speaking with border patrol I would advise driving farther west than All Trails and Jerry Schad recommend, border patrol would prefer if you didn't park near the border fence, and after about a mile the dirt road turns north away from the fence. Long, but pleasant hike.

Late post, hiked Otay Truck from Pio Pico campground to the antenna towers on Saturday, 04/28/2018.. Disappointed there was no Peak Log or Geological Benchmarks, but overall good steady uphill trek to the peak! Accumulated 13.05 RT mileage and a whopping 3,135 ft. elevation gains!

this definitely wasn't easy but doable. gradual elevation gain over long distance. good trail running conditions. great views

I did this trail on 04-28-18 in my relatively stock baja bug with no problems. Easy to navigate, and It has great spots to pull over for pictures!

Fun drive, not to challenging

Beautiful views in all directions

Great trail with great views. A little narrow and steep at the beginning from Jamul side but nothin too crazy. Highly recommend!

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8 months ago

Well maintained not challenging at all except the exit prison side gate was locked but 20 yards down had a mini climb out onto Alta road. Great views saw one border patrol truck on a random view point. Dirt bikers, hikers, an other off-roaders. If your in San Diego and wana get off-road but do not worry bout anything. Also had cell service the whole time. Check it out

Nice views for the top of this trail. Also had the option to try some more difficult terrain if a person would like. What I liked most about it is that it’s an easy day trip from my home.

Doable with a 2-wheel drive vehicle, this trail was gorgeous! We took our 2017 Tacoma from the Pio Pico entrance to the 94, and stopped at every overlook. It took only a few hours to complete and we had a blast for our first trail experience.

*Watch for bikes and keep your dogs on a leash. This trail wasn’t too busy, but don’t take your chances.*

I started on the pio pico side and ended by the prison. Very great trail, views were spectacular. Took my 3 month old and my 5 year old girls, of course was very careful and in absolutely no hurry nice calming Saturday test drive on my new 2018 4Runner...Did not need 4x4 did it with just 2wd. Their was border patrol but as long as you stay clear of their way they leave you alone. This is my 4th time on this trail and not the last.

Wonderful drive! We entered on the east side in Jumal. On the right side of the Pio Pico campground there is a yellow gate and a brown gate. Go through the brown gate. The east side was very rough with steep drop offs. The west side entrance says private road but do not be discouraged. Worth the drive.

Very nice views. Easy to drive.

main grade 2wd
panoramic view of the mountains and sea

Drove in from the Eastlake side, but ran into a locked gate. Dove around the prison and found a way onto the trail using private property. They definitely don't want you entering from this direction.

Well maintained road throughout. One direction (hence entry from the north west).

Gate is open, first day we hiked 2.5 miles up hill all the way and then back down. Drove up the trail with my truck day 2. Saw many Boarder Patrol but they never said anything about us being up there. If you enter at Pio Pico when you get to the top by towers go straight. Gate at end is opened by sensor approach slowly and it will open. Best views around!

This trail was a nice drive and was fairly easy. There are some side trails where you definitely need 4WD, but fit the most part you don’t need it. Ran into a couple border patrol agents and they were cool and differ have any problems. Took about 90 minutes with couple stops along the way. The trail was dry, but once it rains it will be a good time and you probably will need the 4x4. Can’t wait!

I’ve gone up this trail plenty of times, I’ve taken my truck, Harley, and my old wrx wagon. Great views and super easy trails!

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10 months ago

Excellent trail with a great amount of challenge due to narrow roads and step mountain sides hugging the road. The views make everything worth it. If you have a Jeep then pop the top off and leave your doors at home in order to maximize the experience.

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