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Dos Cabezas, California Map
off road driving
14 days ago

The road is challenging here and there, with some good sized ruts and soft sand. I had my tires aired out to 20 lbs and it was super nice, though. Beautiful views. Lots of cholla and ocotillo.

This road leads straight to the Water Tower and the Impossible Rail Line.

The railroad is now ticketing hikers using the tracks as a walking path. To avoid ticket and heavy fine stay clear of walking the tracks.

Long hike but not able to reach the climax of the hike because the path is blocked off... I do like the tunnels and the fact that it is not crowded... we are the only (3) in the path... one time hike for me...

This trail appears to be officially dead, if you want to get a look at the trestle you are going to have to do it for Mortero Palms and view it from Anza Borrego property.

The tracks leading to it from both ends are part of the Pacific Imperial Railways right of way through Anza Borrego State Park. I think you can still legally get close enough to see it, you just can't go into the 100 yard right of way of the rail company.

pretty awesome hike. start point is next the a water tower. I super highly recommend to drive a truck or SUV to this start point. you'll be driving off a road onto a dirt bumpy pathway for about 1.5 miles. parking is free.

you'll go through about 4 tunnels, 2 train cars on the side of the mountain. that's about it. kind of not as exciting from and four to 5 mini trestle bridges the other start point (which I haven't tried yet). the trestle bridge itself is amazing! if youre a daredevil, you can climb through the beams under the track and get some killer photos.

bring lots of water and snacks cause 14 or so miles round trip is not easy.

on Canyon Sin Nombre

5 months ago

This trail is the museum of geology.

This is not something you get to do everyday. What an amazing experience this trail was along the tracks. We started on the trail by the nudist ranch off of exit 73 on I8. We only did the 7 miles to the bridge and came back. As some of the reviews have mentioned-this is a hike to be respected. Some of the tressels are starting to rot and the tunnels have falling rocks in them. Take plenty of water-and definitely avoid in summer months. The large tressel is amazing but is also showing signs of wear. I would most definitely do this sooner than later. It may not be safe to do much longer. But sooo well worth it.

Although the railroad ties and the rocks of the grade make the walking difficult, the old tunnels and the wooden trestles make the payoff three-fold. The summer is fairly hot, be sure to enjoy this hike in the cool winter months.

Nice long and flat! We started from the nudist ranch. 18 miles round trip

9 months ago

Awesome beauty BUT cactus spines and dogs don’t go together.

Good Trail, long trail, dangerous bridge. Be careful, definitly not a joke, bring water,flashlights and respect how old everything is.

i really love tus trail

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Beautiful colors on the canyon walls. Check out the branching slot canyon about halfway up for a great view across the plateau.

off road driving
Thursday, April 06, 2017

Good basic 4 wheel drive trail One tiny rough spot otherwise soft sand and basic hill. Tight walls and excellent camping. Opens nicely to a larger wash that you can follow a ways and pick the highway up again.

This was a pretty amazing experience! The history behind this journey is one that you should definitely check out. We will do this one again but start from Montero.
This is a pretty long hike, all tracks so just be prepared for the terrain. Lots of water I wouldn't recommend this hike in the summer, we went late winter. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beautiful walk down the canyon. Take water.

Friday, December 11, 2015

A nice hike through a narrow canyon with many geological features. There were many people there when we hiked it! The "trail" is a jeep road which gets quite a bit of traffic. A nice walk from the road or drive a mile to the canyon opening. Went in the fall, spring would be best due to lack of greenery.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've made this trip quite a few times. Will probably go again thanksgiving weekend. It's a blast. Fairly easy with a non modified 4x4 as long as you take it easy in some of the rougher parts. The mud caves are one of my favorite parts, I can spend hours going in and out of all the little sections. There are some high points you can climb to, and get a pretty good view around. Highly recommended for a family trip to the desert. Also Aqua Caliente is nearby if you want to hit the hot springs.

off road driving
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awesome trip to take for a day off road. Its a wash type off road with a few rock gardens, need some ground clearance for the first rock garden.. Love the mud caves and explored in some of them which was amazing. Bring a headlamp if you plan to do any exploring!

off road driving
1 month ago

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off road driving
Monday, May 08, 2017

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