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10 hours ago

Great place to backpack for the first time. Definitely worth the effort to make it up to a beautiful lake. Our trail was about 8 miles there and 8 miles back. The lake was clear enough for you to see the bottom and was pure enough for you to even drink (we filtered our water.) Must come with family and friends and bring a chair for star gazing. We decided to take the water taxi back to enjoy the lake and view. It was 14 dollars and person and you can either pay with cash or card when you get back to the main dock.

Beautiful views, and I saw at least 5 different bird species, but I don't appreciate how brief and crowded the hike is. Getting to the observatory at the top is a treat, though

I went on this trail on 8/18/18 for my first time alone for some me time and meditation. This trail does NOT disappoint. It's a real butt buster, and the most exciting part to me was how close to the edge some parts were! I can't wait to go back to this trail!

Loved it, took my 8 year old brother with me. Definitely less crowded.

14 hours ago

Nice hike overall..
the pond is a plus..I can appreciate this trail for years to come..eazy does it..

trail running
17 hours ago

quick lil workout. I wish it had less people though

20 hours ago

This trail doesn’t have more Rattlesnakes than any other trial in Santa Barbara (it’s just a name). The East fork is overgrown and not worth risking poison oak but the main trail is in great condition and easy to follow. Surprised to see and hear water in the creek even in late August.

This trail was definitely not easy, not the hardest one but I definitely had to stop to take a break. The lakes are beautiful and totally worth it!

Very very long day hike. If you do this you will be the only one out there who didn’t camp out there.

I came in via bayview for the softer terrain and to avoid the tourist madness. This adds a few miles. I skipped the last loop and turned back after schmidell lake. With a nice lunch at middle Velma and one 10 minute rest stop it took me 9 hours total. I’m a fit middle aged guy. Plan accordingly.

Whoever rated this moderate must have a strange sense of humor, minus one star for that. It is NOT moderate.

First time here and absolutely fell in love with it ... awesome views and inspiring reads!!!! I hung out til it was pitch black..

Great area, pretty funny essentially walking around a ski resort I’ve been to a dozen times in the winter. We continued along the pct and climbed granite chief which is a pretty casual peak to bag. Like others have said, download the all trails trail map or use your gps early on to save yourself some backpedaling. After a mile or so everything is pretty well defined and the trail is tough to lose but at the beginning it seems to go in a half dozen different unmarked directions!

21 hours ago

reminded me of biblical depiction of Hell. much smoke from the nearby forest fires. piles of loose jagged rocks jumbled with pumice, obsidian and various other. fascinating, but not fun today

great hike we want to go back soon

Love this trail! It can get a little crowded but if you go early in the morning or later in the afternoon you’re usually okay. Also there’s no shade so bring plenty of water!! Both my dogs have made it all the way up and back, it’s a great workout!

The trail is back open as of August 15. Check with the Mill Creek Ranger station to confirm that it has not been closed again, but the fire has been contained more and it has been considered safe to use this trail. We hiked it on August 17 and had to hurry down from the peak due to a thunderstorm that was coming in. Overall, this is a great hike. The trail is a little rocky and eroded in spots, but definitely worth doing.

It’s literally nothing but walking in zig zags uphill.

It’s fairly difficult and mostly uphill

An Awesome Pit stop for those looking for an easy Half hour hike on a hill Top. May look boring but once on top there are beautiful Views of Rock formations and the entrance to the wilderness

I hike this trail all the time you can do as little as a few miles or do 11miles. Its similar to Griffith but on a smaller scale, but an equal workout.

Nice hike.. it was more of an uphill road... up & up... shade along the way & gorgeous views!
I didn’t make it to the top since I’m out of shape & the elevation was higher than I’m used to.
It was amazing & I loved every minute of it!

I enjoyed it very much and the view was awesome! It was very relaxing and we biked 15 miles!!! I recommend this trail for kids and families.

This was definitely a hard hike going up... It is very steep almost the whole way. My asthma wasn’t having any of it. But we made it to granite lake and it was totally worth it. Gorgeous lake, and amazing views on the way up.

very disappointing; we expected to reach the summit, but trail stopped 100 yds and 2000 vertical feet below! trail was long but after first half mile the valley and mountain views are excellent. brilliant sunshine and clear blue sky were good escape from the forest fire smoke to west

Great hike, just take it slow and the last mile isn’t bad. Pretty easy to follow, caught the sunset and hiked down at night with a head lamp and had no trouble.

This is a pretty trail with mellow elevations and beautiful views. Also a lot of different trail options along the way.

hiked it today got there at 8am,fogged in, but it was amazing. 4 and 1/2miles ..

trail running
1 day ago

Super fun. Running through the rocks is the best part

Hiked this on 8/19/18. Devastated by the Thomas Fire. There is Poodle Dog Weed all over the trail, so it is best to wear full length clothing and wash all your equipment when you get back. I will have to go back in 10 years when the forest grows back. Some the trail is washed out at the top section due to land slides. Still manageable though.

1 day ago

we initially were going to hike to bullfrog lake, but we were pretty thrashed from the elevation climb and caring 25+ pounds with our backpacks. we hiked passed the farewell gap point and hiked down into the valley that is right before bullfrog lake. we decided to make camp in the beautiful valley and we do not regret not going to the lake. the switch backs on this trail can be pretty hard but other than that the hike was beautiful and we enjoyed every moment going into the back country. I highly recommend backpacking this trail or if you just want to do a day hike to the stopping point.

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