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Starts with the Borrego Palm Canyon Hike. Follow the canyon a few miles past the first palm grove, then ascend the ridgeline to Indianhead Peak. The elevation gain is all in the last couple miles, very steep and difficult. Lots of fun bouldering, but most of the mountain is composed of schist which breaks off in shards and covers most of the mountain in loose and slippery rock. Slipped and fell into cacti several times.

Wont be hiking the peak again, but the canyon hike was beautiful, have never seen so much water there. Glorious.

Feb 25 2018. Serious bushwhacking for majority of trail past first palm grove. Basically you are inventing a trail past the first palm grove. You have to follow the water up the canyon, you gain about 1000 vertical in 3 miles up the canyon. With the slow go of route finding / boldering it took us nearly 2.5-3 hours to get to the top of the canyon so we did not get to the peak. Great canyon though as we saw multiple bighorn sheep, beatles, and desert hare. Wear pants, the plants will shred your shins.......

This hike was challenging. I did Cactus to Clouds a couple of weeks ago, and although it wasn't quite that challenging, it was still a very difficult trek. I did not greatly enjoy this hike. Once the "trail" ends, you are basically boldering and avoiding cacti the entire rest of the way. I was stopping every 10 minutes to visually navigate the austere terrain in front of me to find the safest and "clearest" route. This is not a hike I would suggest doing by yourself. It's dangerous, and because of the incline and obstacle ridden terrain, one step could lead to a significant injury, or worse, death. I never felt completely unsafe, but there were moments I felt anxiety, which didn't allow me to relax and appreciate it as much. The summit is nice, but there are challenging trails that offer similar or better views of the same thing, but without the bushwacking experience.

Dude holy bleep

Just completed it today. Amazing views, worth the hike. Definitely bring tons of water, frog togs, etc. Did the hike in about 105-110 but don't regret it. Mostly worth it for the pure solitude. The odds of you coming across another person on this hike are slim to none. Just take your time and make sure you have shoes with good traction. Lots of sharp drop offs on narrow trails with uneven rock beds. If you love peace and solitude, do this hike!

follow the water. tough to know where the trail is. i should have downloaded more pics and directions. we ended up turning around because no cell service and had no idea if we missed the turn off.

in hindsight...i think the river looks like it splits. right at the river split next time.

Follow the ridge line! It's faster up and down. Someone placed a couple cairns before you reach the fork in the canyon that diverted us and another group to begin the ascent too early. I was tempted to remove them on the way back down but didn't see them and I was too tired to search for them! This is a very strenuous hike but the view is amazing.

Did this climb yesterday and boy was it fun. Didn't choose the greatest day for it, was sunny in Borrego and sleeting up top. Took 5 hours to go up and down, which is a lot quicker than the estimate this app said. Still plan for a whole day and come prepared though. It was cactus and agave dodging the whole way with big boulders that don't make it any easier. Easy navigation however, I was in the clouds and couldn't see more than a hundred yards and it was still a breeze.

This hike will beat you up. The carnage that cactus and agave can inflict is unreal. This hike is tough. Through the canyon and basically straight up from there. You gain about 1500-2000 ft in a mile or so. This is one of those hikes you only need to do once. :) Mother nature definitely won the war.

This may very well be the toughest hike in San Diego County. Brutal uphills, basically 90% cross country route, lots of class 3 rock scrambling, yucca and cactus to tear you up the entire time. The summit is worth the effort, and the sense of accomplishment you get from this hike is amazing. Come prepared and expect to be there most of the day. Water, poles, all good stuff.