Desert Lodge

10 reviews
6 months ago

This hike has some beautiful views and is great if you’re looking to put some tough, leg-burning miles into your boots.

The first challenge is picking up the trail. There is basically no maintained trail from the road to the canyon where the trail really starts. We scrambled around the foothills for about an hour before finding the correct canyon.

After a short walk up the canyon, the route cuts up a very steep portion of the canyon’s western wall. This turn was easy to miss and the trail is barely perceptible in some parts. The gravely, cactus-y wash underfoot was pretty unstable and made for some hairy scrambling.

Once we made it to the ridge line, the trail became easier to follow, but the terrain underfoot remained very challenging, steep and narrow. At several points, a misstep in the crumbly wash could have meant a serious fall, injury or worse. We ended up turning around about halfway in.

Bring a lot of water and proper footwear for this one. I would not recommend doing it alone. I also would not want to descend in the dark, so leave plenty of daylight.

This trail is great if you’re looking for a long, rugged, somewhat daring ridge scramble. It rewards you with beautiful views and solitude, but is not for the faint of heart.