20 days ago

I went on an extremely hot day and didn't get started until 10 AM, which was not wise. There's pretty good morning shade on the way up, though. I didn't see any rattlers but a group coming down on my way up mentioned that they did.

Trail is very well maintained and easy to follow for the most part, although there are a couple of options for the last 0.2 mi before reaching the stairs to the top. Five stars are for the summit, which is excellent for the effort. The back half of the loop did not impress me as much. Lots of shrubs, fewer views, lots of dead stuff from the Cedar Fire, and the last mile is pretty close to the road. This part looks like lots of other parts of Cuyamaca Rancho SP, in other words. Parts of the trail are a little rougher than the trail up, but still pretty easy.