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Bring a pair of shades and a bandana or something to cover up your head and face in case you’re caught in a sand storm while in sand dunes. Otherwise you’ll be finding sand for weeks not only in all your clothing but parts of your body that you would never suspect could hold any sand

28 days ago

Getting there: We had a 4WD and camped at Mahogany Flats for 2 nights. IMO, you might make it as far as Thorndike CG in a 2WD. Charcoal Kilns, no problem. The road is very rough between Thorndike and Mahogany Flats. We started at 6:30 AM and made the summit in 4:15 with lots of pics and rest stops. Return 2:30. Nice views all around and the elevation made for pleasant temps.

Well marked

Great hike. Amazing views. Don’t mind the ladybugs, they won’t bite.

My son and I hiked this today, 5-26-18. First, you can't get to the trail head by regular car. You need to walk the road from Charcoal Kiln to get there Or take a 4x4.. This is about 1.5 miles with an elevation gain on the road of about 1200 feet...just on this road. Many have said you can't drive the road. Not true. You can safely drive at least 1/2 up and park at or near the Thorndike campground. This saves you a lot.
Trial is well marked and you should know, we are both in great shape. This is a very difficult hike. First portion, very tough. Flattens out a lot for the middle third . Then, the climb to the top starts. The switchback gain a ton of elevation in a very short order.
People have said the view at the top is to die for. However, I can't say that. This may be, though, due in large part to the fact that we have been to so many top of mountains, they are all starting to have the same "appeal". If you haven't done many hikes to peaks, this may be one worth looking into, but again, not an easy trek. It took us a total of 10 hours round trip moving at the best clip we could.

Loved this hike. Great views of the valley and surrounding area. We hiked up late afternoon and had the whole peak to ourselves, beautiful. Completed 05/18

2 months ago

Did this baby last month. More than five tough miles uphill all the way. Prepare to get your feet wet early in the hike, and just as your shoes dry out you will get them wet again. After leaving the water tunnel ( foliage ) water becomes scarce so fill up before the spring disappears. The trail is easy to follow except for some bushwhacking in the creek areas. When you can see the smelting stack your almost to Panamint City, the stack seems never to get closer on this last mile or so. The cabins might be nice in the winter, but the smell in the warm air will send you outside to sleep. Enjoy!

Did this hike this past fall. WOW, it is a steep hike! Cool old mining town, the smelter stack is impressive, almost looks art deco. The trail is pretty easy to follow. You for sure want to spend a day or two checking out the area.

Easiness depends on what you climb. We climbed one of the bigger dunes in the back and we were huffing and puffing. Such an awesome experience though. We saw a coyote den in one of the valleys between the dunes. It was pretty neat. Even nicer when there’s no foot prints on the dunes.

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Did this trail on 4/24. Wow what a hike. Steep the first couple miles then it does level out then gets steep again right before the summit. Lots of snow on the peak still. We were able to do it without crampons, just made a ladder in the snow. Great views all the way and a great hike.

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Very cool, went far out and the flats get nearer and more defined. Hot though!!!

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2 months ago

We really enjoyed this hike! The views at the top made the inclines completely worth it! Round trip was around four and a half hours for us plus thirty minutes at the top for lunch and pictures.

Walking on salt flats. Feel the heat at the lowest point in North America!

Neat to see, but not one of the best in Death Valley.

Did this trail in early April. We started the hike from the charcoal kilns and completed the entire hike in 9 hours. Overall the hike had nice scenic views. It was most of the elevation gain occurred in the beginning and end. There was more snow covering the last 1500’ of elevation and I would recommend crampons and poles for this time of year. The altitude, while not high, was challenging due to us coming from sea level so I highly recommend acclimating.

A very unique walk on the salt flat! flat, can go as far as you want...must do!

Heat was intense but loved the challenge.

3 months ago

Deep gravel most of the way which makes it difficult so a decent workout. The dry fall at the end was rather anticlimactic. May be better in a different season. Went in the evening and saw a lot of little bats hunting for bugs.

3 months ago

Absolutely love this hike! Great views all the way. There is a downed tree when I went through but it is easy to get over.

3 months ago

The trail was in a good shape. We had great views over Death Valley. Definitively a must for each Death Valley visitor.

Safe to do with shoes off. Easy "hike", but can be tough if you choose to climb the taller dunes. You can pick how far you and which dunes you choose to climb. We went to the tallest peak and sat for a very sandy lunch (the wind can pick up and get sand in your food)! Go in the morning - especially if you want to do it with you shoes off - the sand facing the sun gets really hot on the way back.

Absolutely stunning. The user below me said it was really busy but I went on Saturday in spring and minus the first mile there was very little people. Red Cathedral was amazing especially going the extra half mile or so, and after that it gets even better until zabriske point. The walk through Gower gulch was the "least interesting" part but it featured a mine and some climbing over rocks which was still cool. Do the full 8 mile loop as described on the Death Valley NP official website and you won't forget it.

A must see place in the park.

Interesting. I only walked for several hundred meters as I arrived here too late, while I don't think it will be different even I went deep into the dunes.

Great fun, worth the stop. No real trail, so we just pointed to a taller dune in the distance and hiked out to it.

This area is worth the time it takes to see. Hiked a little ways out past the rest of the people there. The pattern made by the Salt and the view of the entire valley is awesome. On your way back to the car be sure to find the sea level sign perched high above the road in the rock.

Recommend going early morning or afternoon. Beautiful views! Total solitude! No trails. Drive slow through unpaved road.

4 months ago

Now Please understand I am VERY!!! Old Fashion and I dont like or enjoy technology when Im In the Wilderness/Desert/Forest/Mountains so GPS's and or Phones stay in my car so I did the best I could by drawing this Trail for you but If you go to the Ranger station they will tell you that this is an unmarked trail because of the years of wash and very few folks ever find it . BUT!!! I ASSURE YOU IT IS THERE GOOGLE IT IF YOU LIKE. It is an old Indian Trail that even the Spanish used when they were moving across the West in search of Power and Gold as well as the Gold Miners of 49 they used it to get through the Mountains (This is How I know about it and went looking for it) You will experience everything Death Valley has to offer if you attempt this .Rock,Canyons,Sand, Salt ,Alittle Climbing, Very Dry and No Shade.They say there's water but NOTE!!!the ranger said its there sometimes but very rare. I was out there for 3 days and only saw 1 puddle that had maybe 1 gal in it and at that it was full of rabbit poop but I used it ( ALWAYS take a filter!!!!) There is a small stream called Poison Spring the water is brown and very bitter but with a filter can be drank(per the Ranger) I never found it, I dont know how I passed it ??. The spot to locate your starting Point is North of Furnace Creek at Mile Marker 104 just South of Beatty Junction. Park at Mile Marker 104 on the side of the road (if you are going North from Furnace Creek and the Ranger Welcome Center Marker 104 will be on your RIGHT SIDE down a few miles. from there look to your EAST( the side you are parked on,The salt flat is on your left) you will see 3 Brown hills (If you choose google earth it) you will see a small hill then the other 2 to the north. I went into the right of the small hill(note my picture) I heard there was an Old Gold Miners Wagon Trail that headed East of that hill from behind it and YES IT IS STILL THERE ! The wagon wheel marks have stood the test of time and wind absolutely AMAZING!!!! From there I followed the wagon trail until it was gone from the wash I climbed the highest point and looked across to find my very faint trail which is Indian Pass Trail you can see it from your high point to the North East corner at the base of the Mountains the Trail is there you"ll see it (google earth it if you choose) . Follow that trail up to the canyon (NOTE The trail/road dead ends up around the backside but makes for a pretty canyon picture because you are high above the canyon walls) when you get to the section of Trail that begins to go up the hill (The dead end) you go down to the Canyon wash and follow that all the way around, it will pass through the Mountains and come out on the other side . You can't get lost because the Canyon walls are very high . As the Ranger told Me there are very few Folks Know about the Pass so there are very few who ever pack or hike it its mostly locals if any. I set up Carins VERY BIG in some spots once you get back about 3-4 miles if you choose to follow my route . TAKE WATER!!!! I took 5 liters and got 1 liter from that poop puddle and I returned 3 days later with 8oz of water and 1/2 pint of
Swedish water,Svedke (: There is no shade except that of an occasional hanging rock in the Canyon so beware of the sun (you are in a desert!) I may sound like a wise ass but You'd be surprised at how many times Ive passed a person in Arizona Utah or Cali in the desert and they were headed out because they needed water and they had to cut there venture short. once I even gave up some of mine to a kat who needed abit. think wise this was an awesome venture and if you can read a compass can follow the Sun and have Water you will be fine. We have more to our advantage then any Gold Miner did that ever walked through this Pass . ENJOY!!! Oh and if you like being where you wont see a person for as long as you are out you'll LOVE it here! SLAINTE!!!

BE FOR-WARNED THIS IS YET ANOTHER TOURIST TRAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Beautiful but not worth the People that are everywhere. I made it down the trail for maybe 20 min and the sound of people was killing the views( Im not much on being around kids and yelling parents). So I left, Death Valley is to Big and the Solitude is a beautiful thing for me. I had just heard so much good of this trail I had to see the hype. This is the Disney of Death Valley Trails especially if you go the length and do Zabriskie Point with it . See my Review on that as well. In fairness TO THIS TRAIL I gave it 1 star because I left and couldnt really see the trail.

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