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Started counterclockwise and lost the trail around the creek. Ended up hiking past the Berry Creek Falls and a second one after that before taking a poorly maintained trail that went straight up to meet up with the main one so I didn’t have to backtrack. I would recommend maybe going clockwise as it seems easier to keep track of the trail and you get to end the hike in shade. Great, challenging hike with a variety of views and landscapes. Closer to 17 miles, partly due to the main gate being closed and having to park farther away.

3 months ago

This was my third time doing this hike every time it felt easier than before. We started this hike early morning around 7 AM, parked our cars at waddle beach. This adds approx. 1 mile to the hike. So first 2 miles from waddle beach were mostly flat. It was really good weather and mostly cloudy throughout the hike. Once Westridge creek trail starts it has many wax and wane until you reach Chalk Mountain. There is a picnic table and a beautiful view from the picnic table at chalk mountain. There is 1 restroom behind the telephone tower at chalk mountain. We encountered wildlife on trial (coyote or something like fox or dog) it ran away as soon as it saw us coming on trial. You have to cross a creek after approx. 11-12 miles. So please carry extra socks or poles to get a grip as it is very slippery to cross the creek. Once we crossed the creek it is all flat and next approx. 4 or 5 miles just walk.

Definitely not a trail, but rather a gorgeous beach. Every time I’ve been, it’s not crowded at all. Just a few other people. I’ve nicknamed it ‘smiling whale’ beach, since that’s what the rock looks like to me.

Definitely not a trail. It’s just a beach. A lovely, dog-friendly (mostly off-leash it looked like), child-friendly beach with tide pools. Very steep access path up and down the cliff side though.

nature trips
10 months ago

Steep scenic hike down a neon pink ice plant covered cliff with several benches enabling you to take your time when coming back up to take in the perfect views of the rocks and wild beaches. Lovely large multi-colored pebble like sand. Large wild waves crash on the beach - it's not a beach you'd want to try and swim in. Large beautiful Greyhound rock that's fun to climb on to get even closer to the waves.

Was looking forward to a more challenging hike, and decided to give Chalk Mt. a try. It started off nice and smooth. We heard about the waterfall near Berry Creek Falls and decided to take an extra 4 miles to see that! That was great. We then, trekked back down and started our ascend up on the Westridge Trail to Chalk Mt. This was by far, the most difficult hike I've ever done. The ascend up was torturous as we were attacked by bugs, then the sun just beat down on us, draining us of our energy. We were lucky enough to spot a person as we had gotten lost. Luckily, he had a map and pointed us in the right direction. The ups and downs were really bad on my toes, ankles, and knees. Not even halfway done, we ran out of water. We definitely suffered from dehydration. My recommendation, take LOTS of water. One measly water bottle won't cut it. Due to our detour to the waterfall, this ended up being 21 miles overall. You definitely need to go mentally and physically prepared before you tackle this one.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

This is a strenuous hike. You should be well prepared with lots of water, food, basic first aid kit, hiking shoes, cap and sunscreen. First 8-9 miles are with the steepest climbs. The entire hike shown on map is more than 15 mile. It is almost 17 mile plus 0.6 mile from and to the parking spot on the beach. Better start early in the morning as it gets really hot with little shade near the top. Also do use a map as it is easy to go off course.

Beautiful hike with a great climb up chalk mtn. and a nice stroll back down through the redwoods.

Great 3 day weekend backpacking trip.

Great trail, very challenging. Took it clockwise and I’m glad I did because the first half is mostly an ascent up to Chalk Mt. and through Chalk Mt. Rd. so I was glad to get that out of the way first, and the second half is more or less just a leisurely stroll through the woods. Took me about 8.5 hours as I also did the extended loop through the 2 falls.

This was a very strenuous but rewarding hike. We started at the Waddell Beach, climbed the Skyline To The Sea Trail and the Westridge Trail, all the way to the Chalk Mt. Summit (1,609'). We then followed the Chalks Rd, Canyon Rd, and the Anderson Landing Rd to the Sunset Camp. From there we decented and visited the Golden Falls, the Cascades Sliver Falls. we continued on the Berry Creek Falls Trail, West Waddell Creek and the Skyline To The Sea Trail back to the beach. Total distacnce was 20.6 miles with elevation gain 4,000 ft, the steepest grade was 47%. It took us total 9.5 hours to complete the hike. It felt really good afterward. Beautiful views from the mountain and the falls.

AMAZING VIEWS!!! The hike had its moments with a few hills , but for the most part the hike was pretty easy. It took about 4 hours to get to the falls and backs . 11 miles

Amazing hike! Lots of up and down so you get some elevation gain on your way out and your way back! Ended up being about 18 miles total but definitely worth it!

Monday, January 08, 2018

Very strenuous but rewarding hike. Note that the loop as plotted above does not include a waterfall (Berry Creek falls) but does get close by (add 2mi total out and back to see the falls as well).

Friday, November 24, 2017

Free parking. Dogs are allowed!

Monday, September 11, 2017

This is a HARD hike. We followed the track and went counter clockwise and it didn't disappoint. Pretty consistent climb for a solid 8 miles or so. Make sure you bring plenty of water and prepare for exposed trails as most of the ridge doesn't offer shade. We made a wrong turn somehow where the trail meets the creek but fortunately found the trail eventually. This is a good hike but very strenuous, make sure you're fully prepared for it!

That was the hardest hike we did in the region. It is worth the effort though. Beautiful views from the top of the mountain. We did the loop starting with by the Skyline to the sea leg. Nice two hours walk in the woods before a step by step climb to Chalk mountain. Last 1.5 hour exposed to sun. Very warm. The way back is strenuous. Many ups and downs. The total elevation is indeed 4.000 feet. Be prepared.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Just want to say there are no dogs allowed here. Tried to take mine this morning and was told no by the ranger. Beautiful area though, so I'll have to go back.

This is a bit challenge trail in one day. And the loop mark red line is exactly right. I just walked throng this trail yesterday. Its took me 9 hours. Great trail. I like it

we parked at Waddell Beach and hiked up to Berry Falls. beautiful scenery and mostly cool temps, in late November. we had lunch by the waterfall and it was beautiful. going back was super easy. my feet were killing me but it was well worth it. 5 hours round trip, no problem!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pretty good hike! Difficult yet not to bad for someone who can handle and narrow path that at times can be slippery, but not too bad during the summer time. Watch for poison oak!

Friday, March 04, 2016

The red-line trail loop shown on this map is dead wrong. Shown here is the Westridge-Henry Creek loop off of Skyline-to-the-Sea trail. McCrary Ridge is the first junction to the right (east), starting up Skyline-to-the Sea from Waddell Beach. You can loop back to Skyline via Howard King trail if you like or just go up and back down McCrary Ridge. I love the trail sign at the bottom of McCrary Ridge Trail: "very steep, not for hikers. Horses only." Giddy-up! It's a killer climb with beautiful views of the ocean breaking against the beach in the distance. Take plenty of water and sunscreen.. It breaks out of the redwoods partway up and continues across open chaparral to the top.

Great trail - took us 5 hours with a couple of breaks to take pictures. Trail gets muddy in a few places. Great scenery, easy to follow...

An absolutely beautiful trail. Full of little creeks and waterfalls. Can be strenuous if not prepared. Has a lot of hills but well worth the time. This is a definate repeater. The only reason it wasn't a five star was the number of people on the trail.

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