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Danville, California Map
over grown
1 day ago

Beautiful view of the east bay from the top of the hike. On a clear day, you can see the city of San Francisco. Highly recommended

Is fine for a short 1 hr hike with kids. No shade so protect from the sun and make sure to bring water

Good inclines for a beginner. No shade. Hard to follow the trail near the end. Route crosses with sports parks. When you come off the trail and can see the school, stay to the left and walk in the outfield of the baseball field. Follow the dirt path, keep going, side of the soccer fields and behind some baseball diamonds. For a beginner this is where the app came in handy!

no shade
12 days ago

Good hike. Wouldn’t do it again in full sun. Would start earlier or later in the afternoon. Took us 2.5 hours to reach the summit going about 2 miles/hr.

Arrived at 8 but the gate was still locked so had to walk for about 10 minutes from the overflow lot to the trailhead. Pretty warm day. Several cows, lots of lizards, and a skunk. Nice views of the entire bay from the ridge. 9/1/19

Weekday hike. Never saw another hiker on the trail going up or down. Good workout but the mountain is really best for cyclists.

no shade
28 days ago

I’ve done this hike many times, but getting a late start (started @ 10:30a) made this hike difficult w/ temperature hitting 92 degrees. That being said, making it to the top & refilling our water bottles made us appreciate the climb. Lovely views & plenty of wild flowers to keep you company. Due to limited foliage to shade, I recommend constant application of SPF, along w/ bringing loads of water.

This trail is a great workout. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen because this will test you. Definitely worth the climb though once you get to the top there’s restrooms and a visitors center. The views are of course, breathtaking. Stop by sentinel rock on your way out if you have time. Really neat area. Make sure and download your map ahead of time as you will loose cell signal and have GPS only. There are quite a few cross trail and it’s easy to take a wrong turn.

Started with the monster climb up the paved road. Once I made it to the ridge it was a nice jog down. Very beautiful trees and some wildlife. Amazing views. Well worth it and a great work out.

Nice place, in the midst of the city of Danville. Very easy and was great after a long day.

initial part is steep, then gets easy. narrow trail.

Started at 8:15 and ended at 12:30 with a bit of a rest at the top. Good trail if you want a workout and know what to expect from Mt. Diablo. The first bit of the trail is deceivingly easy but don’t let it fool you. Once you cross the road for the first time it’s a pretty consistent uphill. Definitely be careful crossing the roads, the bikers fly down the hill, as they should. Still some wild flowers at the moment. Overall a good one for a workout but not one that’s secluded or super pretty.

no shade
1 month ago

This is a great trail, beautiful too, but cow shits are everywhere.

Great trail, but hot with lots of elevation. I would recommend going up the summit trail and coming down the Juniper trail. And take a lot of water :)

over grown
2 months ago

Great hike, definitely a tough one on a warmer day I could see this being really awesome in cooler weather. Some nice steep climbs along the way. But as others have said the trail is very overgrown so if you are not good at navigating stay on the main ridge trail.

Simply incredible. I'm only knocking off one star for how overgrown Sycamore Trail is. I used to think it was impossible to lose the trail with the AllTrails app, but I did twice on this one. Even with the app, and carefully looking for the Sycamore turnoff, I almost didn't see it. I went clockwise, starting on Elderberry and down Devil's Hole. If you are coming this way, the turn off for Sycamore is JUST before the giant, sawed off fallen tree that you'll see at the bottom of the hill. Once you find that turnoff, you are then faced with massive amounts of overgrown poison oak and other growth. The next time I do this trail I will NOT be wearing shorts. Pretty sure I'm going to pay for my adventure today. With all that said, this is the best hike I've done in the area. It's so beautiful, so challenging, and feels so remote. EDIT: Checking back in 3 weeks later to say I am *just* now (mostly) recovered from the massive poison oak rash I got on the Sycamore Trail. I'd steer well clear of this one while it is this overgrown. We need to send in one of the 15% who isn't allergic to do some trail clearing!

This hike is excellent, enjoyable and fun...if you can stay on the trail! The Rocky ridge portion of the trail is straightforward. But Sycamore trail is overgrown, lots of bushes on the trail and we lost our way at three points at the bottom of the trail. We finally completed the loop, but if you are considering taking this I suggest go with someone who has done this trail or follow Alltrail map very closely. Very easy to get off the trail. Last month (in June) we went up the concrete road to the top of the ridge and turned right on Sycamore but lost our trail at the bottom and had to come back up Sycamore We could never get as far as Devil;s hole trail. Today we went the other way. Started from the Elderberry trail entrance (before the gates to Las Trampas park) and went up Elderberry, turned right on Rocky Ridge at the top and then turned left on Devils's hole trail. We followed that about 1.2 miles to the bottom and then we should have made a right to get on to a narrow walking path which is Sycamore (there is no sign, instead we stayed on what appeared to be main trail which follows the cull creek (in google map, it is dry now). We must have walked a mile off the trail hoping that we would reconnect with Devils hole trail. That did not happen. We traced ourselves back to Devils Hole trail and were planning to walk up Devils hole back to Elderberry and then realized that there is a small foot path off that main trail which is Sycamore trail. About 100 feet in from that intersection, there is a sign identifying you are on Sycamore trail. Then you cross a small creek (which was dry) and you have to make sure you stay to the right. The best I can say is follow the firm foot path which is barely 6-10 inches wide at many places and covered in bushes, so you will not see a trail from distance. But you can trace it every step. After you cut through the bushes, eventually the Sycamore trail opens up, with plenty of signs identifying the trail. there are also wooden planks as steps in a few areas to assist you with the trail.

mountain biking
no shade
2 months ago


Tough hike if not in shape. Not much shade except in a few places. Nice views, but nothing spectacular in the terrain. Probably nicest in the Spring with the flowers. I preferred the summit trails out of Clayton. Rock City was a disgrace with all the idiots marking the area up with graffiti.

Never been to MT. Diablo, so this trail was a nice intro. Lots of poison oak so look out. The “rocks” are amazing, they’re also great for small rock climbing. $10 at entrance.

An awesome hike! Took us longer than expected and we drank a lot of water along the way. Beautiful views and sightings of deer and bucks, a great horned owl, quail, rabbits, a coyote, doves, and a woodpecker. Poles were of great help.

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