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Great little loop for breaking in some new hiking boots ;) Right at the start of the trail is the ascent, but once you are all the way up the views are unbeatable! Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat because the entire trail is exposed, saved for a bit at the end.

Also worth noting that, since this is a wilderness area, there is livestock grazing permitted, so you are likely to run into (and definitely smell) the cows.

So much fun!!!! We found bathrooms pretty nearby too.

While the trail itself is a great trail, the attraction of the rocks and boulders is a blast for the kids. We went there the first time when the kids were 3 and 7, and the last time was recently when they are 10 and 13, and they were still just as excited to climb and explore the rocks.

trail running
2 months ago

A great trail, especially running up the first hill. Once you get to the top you get a beautiful scenery.

My 3 year old and 8 year old loved this hike.

One of our favorite hikes, We add the Devils hole loop adding 1.8 miles. Once you go over the ridge into Devils hole loop you are completely alone. No city noise, no other hikers - ever, no mountain bikes. Just Retail Hawks, Turkeys, Stellars Jays and views of Castro Valley, Oakland airport, and San Pablo Reservoir Dam. It is single track with switchbacks heading down Sycamore Trail, Fun. The climb out of Devils hole is straight up, a butt kicker. This is one of our go-to hikes. Then come down Elderberry is mostly under canopy so it's kinda doable on a warm day. Just under 8 miles.

3 months ago

Great walk. The ridge line was fantastic. Took us about 2 hours at a nice clip.

Steep incline to start for roughly a mile but evens out near the top. Beautiful view of Diablo and lots of bird sightings. Mind the cows

Nice hiking out there! It’s nice to see Fresh green hills.

nice people.lots of cows and cow pies. ran across a grumpy cow on the trail and he tries to charge me and my dog. we were fine. no issues

Great trail. Couple of things to note: cows (to avoid) in parts of the trail; very strong winds sometimes in top. Not for beginners.

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5 months ago

Rolling hills, fun quick trail and look out for the cow poop :)

5 months ago

Nice quick hike. Suitable for kids and dogs.

Great reward for the hike up - amazing views

We took the kids (4 ages 10-1 year) on a beautiful Sunday morning. To start be cautious on the drive up as this is a popular cycling spot for the area. Parking was no problem at around 9:45 AM. The lot did fill up by the time we left though. This is the one of the best family hikes we have been on. It was challenging enough for the older children while still having plenty of rocks for the littles to climb on. Just be sure to do a proper recon as some of the larger rocks do drop off quite a bit. Sentinel Rock is a must for older kids and adults (my 10 year old loved it). The only down side that I can see is that there were not restrooms readily accessible from the parking lot. This is nit picking a bit but still a consideration when bringing kids along. All in all if you are in the East Bay Area I would place this hike at the top of your list.

Beautiful hike. A few steep inclines.

Beautiful views from the summit. Be careful not to take Cuesta trail cutoff and no bueno in winter. Massive mud track.

Very beautiful up here.

6 months ago

Wonderful experience. One among the easier hikes I would say, nonetheless the views are amazing. No mud when we hiked today - seeing the trail it’s very clear why people have complained so - a drizzle and it could all turn muddy in no time.

Highly recommended - if it hasn’t rained recently.

6 months ago

Conveniently located near a playground and sports fields and large parking lot. You can easily turn this into a loop at the top of the ridge and come back down to the other side of the park. Can be very muddy during rainy season but relatively easy when dry. I've taken my kids on this hike many times starting when they were ages 5 and 2 yrs old.

on Curry Canyon Trail

6 months ago

Nice open trail for a winter walk. Could be hot in summer.

Awesome- pack a picnic lunch & scramble over rocks with toddlers & kids. Choose your own adventure by exploring short paths or going on a longer trail. Gorgeous views.

It's a nice trail with a nice view! But be warned, there are some steep hills that you have to climb up! But it's definitely doable and after you finish that uphill, you'll be rewarded with a view :) Happy hiking!

Great for kids... Did it with my son.

Can’t believe this was only 3 miles! It took me an hour and I really enjoyed it. Great views, a nice steep ascent that made me feel I was getting a workout. Some parts are pretty narrow and could do with clearing but generally well marked. Nice shaded parts, pretty trees, crossed a dry creek.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike on a clear day! It was fun to see Diablo get bigger and bigger as we climbed. Also cool to be above the hawks!

Did the hike counter-clockwise. All uphill to Las Trampas Ridge on Chemise(pace yourself for enjoyment) watched the birds of prey soar up an up. The trail marker points for Las Tramps to the South, but you want to go North don't worry the trail is really North too. Take a detour and hike out to Eagle Peak(Zen and good views) on Corduroy Hill its down and up but only 0.4 miles out of the way round-trip. Take the Bollinger Loop trail off Las Trampas which is a single track, but looks much better than the big boring fire-road. On the last leg of the hike on Bollinger Creek Loop trail take the western side for more cover from the sun as you walk in and out through groves(note follow the warning post pointing you upwards or you will be walking on a washed out trail and have to take a mini leap of faith and climb over a fallen tree or two), expect cows on the last part of the trail.

One of Las Trampas easier hikes but even that is tougher than most hikes in the bay.....very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this trail! It's quite a climb though, so those less experienced should be a bit more careful. There's a few narrower spots as well. The views are beautiful! Great for dogs too. The reviewer who wrote about the aggressive cow was not kidding. There was a heard of cows who saw my small dog and started walking towards us rather aggressively. Everything turned out fine, but be weary if you're walking with dogs or running.

11 months ago

We went 2 couples, each with a baby. We took them on baby carriers. The beginning of the hike you ascend very quickly so it can be a challenge, but shortly after ending the paved path the ascent stops and its pretty much little ups and downs from there. It was very windy on top but not cold. Amazing views. Highly recommend.

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