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Maybe we should just ban all the animals on trail Fengel. That way you'll stop bitching.

Only did this one from Curry Village to Tioga Pass Rd with my son and our friend when they were young. Awesome and pretty difficult at the time, especially for the boys. Didn't really plan to go there but it was great!

Cute walk, but include taft point! It's such a small detour

As per NPS website: "Dogs are not allowed on hiking trails.. dogs are generally allowed on paved trails on the floor of Yosemite"

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Beautiful & challenging but not uncomfortable.
We did a four night five-day trek.
Started at Glacier Point & camped the first night at Illilouette. Very peaceful and beautiful hike along the Illilouette Creek. Next morning had to cross the creek where the water was knee high and freezing! Wish I had brought my Keen water shoes not just flip flops- luckily no one fell in

Wow what a hike! Got into Yosemite around 3 in the morning. It was pretty dark so I took my time driving up to the sentinel dome parking lot. Starting hiking around 4:30 with a flashlight and this app. Trail was well marked I could follow it pretty much in pitch black. The hike to sentinel dome was pretty easy but the climb up the dome was pretty steep so make sure to watch your step.

Watching the sunrise from the top of the dome was one of the most serene and awesome experiences I've done while hiking. Only one other group was up there, so plenty of space to walk around, sit on a rock, and enjoy the amazing views. I would recommend a million times over if you are able to witness the sunrise, you won't regret it.

After about an hour and a half of relaxing I decided to hike to glacier point. Mostly downhill and again amazing views. The hike back up, being the same trial just in reverse is all uphill so it can be difficult for people not in the best of shape. As I continued down the Trail going counterclockwise below the dome I encountered a fairly easy hike with amazing views of the valley. Make sure to bring bug spray. In the early morning it was buggy! There is a little off trail when you meet a creek that flows off the face of the mountain. Take that little trail maybe .1 miles and you will have amazing views similar to that of Taft point but with a lot less people. Be careful, the side of the mountain is a straight drop hundreds of feet down and unlike Taft point, there is no guardrail.

I continued down the trail to Taft point and it was a mix of uphill and downhill so parts can be difficult. Taft point again just like everywhere else on this hike had amazing views.

In total I spent 6 hours and hiked about 8 miles. Well worth it to see some of the best sites this world has to offer.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I started this hike from Glacier point with 3 others. I couldn’t get a permit for Little Yosemite Valley, so I opted for the next closest thing which was Illilouette Creek. We would be back on the trail I wanted by the next morning anyway. So this was a slight detour. So we headed down towards the creek with all our gear for a 6 day adventure. We crossed a small creek right before getting to where we would cross Illilouette creek. It was running pretty good but no problems crossing. When we got to where the trail crosses Illilouette, that was another story. The creek was running really deep and swift. There was no getting across right here. So we stopped for a while to weigh our options. One of them not being swept away. We scouted around for a place to cross but things weren’t looking to good. We ended up chatting with a guy who had just crossed and he told us where. It was a ways upstream, so I scoped it out and deemed it doable. The water was about waist deep on me, and higher on the rest of group. It was also about 60’ across too. We all did get across though, and made our way to a nice clearing that was close by for the first night. The next day brought us to Nevada Falls where we took our first break. Then on past Little Yosemite Valley to a nice camp spot right off the trail that was just before the cut off to Clouds Rest. We spent 2 nights here. The next day we summited Clouds Rest. Incredible views from on top, and nice to be able to do it without the backpacks on. The next morning we packed up and headed for Merced Lake. Once off the JMT, the trail descended gradually down to the river. The outflow from the lake was just as impressive as the inflow from above. Some wild whitewater. We spent one night at the campground by the lake, and the next day headed down river to LYV for our last night. This is a beautiful stretch of trail through here. Granite and water everywhere. LYV is a busy campground. Lots of people. The final morning we packed up and headed back to Glacier Point. Our original plan was to do a high country trip out of Tuolumne Meadows, but most of my planned route was still snowbound. So we had to regroup totally. But this was a really nice loop.

This is part of the far longer Pohono Trail, this portion goes between Sentinel Dome and Taft Point and can be used to go from one area to another. We saw this path on our way to and from Taft Point and took it instead of going back to the trailhead and then on to Sentinel Dome. Let our mistake be a warning to you, if you are going to hike this section you should do it in the reverse direction, start at Sentinel Dome and head towards Taft Point.

Going in the direction that we went, towards Sentinel Dome, it starts off on fairly even ground and takes you through a nice wooded area giving way in to an open rocky area, eventually leading to a small creek and then its uphill the rest of the way. Make no mistake, this is far from the hardest hike you are going to find in Yosemite, but its by no means easy, the continual uphill part makes this a quite challenging hike, if you decide to go in the direction we went you will most likely find that everyone else hiking this will be going the opposite direction.

However despite all of this, you are going to see some amazing scenery along the way! This follows the south rim of the valley and you are treated breathtaking and high elevation views of the valley below, the falls, and even Half Dome. This can be a hard hike depending on where you start, but its definitely worth it in the end!

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