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trail running
2 days ago

I run a shorter loop of this trail. It’s 5 miles and I love the way it flows. The view from the top is incredible.

We enjoyed the hike. Enjoyed the views and single track hike. Lots of animals, birds and butterflies out. Forest got some love at Hunters point (not on but nearby the loop).

Beautiful scenery and great view on top of hill
Map looks trail is small but not :)

Its a moderate trail and we probably took a longer loop and ended up at around 6.7 miles. Some hills were challenging for us, but fun. View was okay.

This was my first hike after 7 years break. I could able to complete the hike. Nice scenic view in between the hike . Definitely will go again..

nature trips
1 month ago

The trail was beautiful and it was nice for a Sabbath walk/hike. The hikes/walks are different from the hikes I like to do on any other day of the week. I actually slow down on Sabbath. It was my first time there, I will go back. The farm was a cute unexpected surprise on the walk. ☺
The advice I can give is, go early it was hard to find parking, it was full.

Great afternoon hike with the family

Beautiful trail and views just ALOT of poison oak is why I removed one star

trail running
1 month ago

This trail is especially beautiful during rainy season. It's much more green than some of the other trails in the area! In the summer it's nothing special and I'd rather go elsewhere. It's worth the extra .25 to .5 miles to go to the top of Maisie's Peak on a clear day!

nature trips
1 month ago

Just a pretty little stroll through the woods, easy and the farm is such a COOL place to take your kids, especially in the Spring. All the baby animals are out and they are so fun to watch. If you have kiddies, grab a pack and some snacks and take them here. Leave no trace, please!

The PGE trail is a service road, not a trail, so be prepared for steep, exposed, and not real fun, but some good views. The high meadow trail is beautiful, definitely will do again. This loop is hot and exposed, bring plenty of water. Was so disappointed to see lots of food litter on the trail. Leave no trace, please!!

parking is really bad. get there early!!

Nice moderate hike with lots of interesting wild flowers along the way. Scenic view of the valley. The Deer Hollow Farm at the end was a nice touch with all the baby goats and sheeps. Overall, great hike for family!

This was a great hike, but it is NOT easy. The Tony Look portion along the reservoir is a narrow trail with slight elevation changes that I would classify as easy. Once you get to Coyote Ridge it’s a huge grind to the top. Beautiful and worth doing but be prepared for a strenuous climb and bring some water. The loop took us 2.5 hours and we are one very fit and two reasonably fit adults.

2 months ago

Beautiful lookouts. Very much appreciated the easily marked trails, and the maintained paths. Will definitely come back.

I love this trail — especially the animals, including my hiking buddy.

Very nice views and lot of trail options

Starts out steep, but fairly light once up top. Descent on Coyote Ridge is long and, at times, quite steep. Wear good hiking shoes. Portions on Lookout Trail and Tony Look trail are single file trails only. Much of Tony Look trail is under tree cover, as is Lookout Trail, but the rest if pretty exposed, so keep that in mind on very sunny and hot days.
Do not suggest young children due to overall duration (abt 3 hours), but use your judgement.

good trail to walk dogs

Just did this trail. Though it’s just 5.5 miles with all its ups and downs it took a group of us 3 hours. Great hike - just budget the time.

3 months ago

I enjoyed it today. My phone died and was unable to record the whole hike. Will go back again. Thanks

4 months ago

Dry and muddy trail. It was fun hike. Nice weather. We had a great time there.

Very nice trail. It took us 1 hr 25 with our 3 kids (7, 9, 11).

Decent hike but it was quite dry when I did it and not much shade. Only went out and back on PG&E and turned back at the peak. Pretty tough hike with a 6 month old.

The farm was the best part!

Trail is good and lot of people will be hiking during weekends. I have been to this place twice and it’s worth to hike.

The Wildcat loop takes you into a pretty ravine with a babbling brook, then leads you to Deer Hollow farm with pigs and goats. It is aptly named, as five young deer were grazing right by the trail with no concern about humans. Nice hike.

4 months ago

Good morning walk. Parking is very limited.

Went to the trail few times. Like its view of Stevens Creek Reservoir.

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