After reading reviews here, I checked the signs at the trail before I started. There are trails for both directions and for one way only. Depending on which trail you want to try, it can be either clockwise or counter clockwise.

This trail is too good. Please save this as it’s Perfect for hot summer with lot of shade and beautiful lake and u are sure to see a deer and lot of wild rosemary plants. Very good for photography.not tiring at all and yet you can get 8 miles.

on Stevens Canyon Trail

over grown
1 day ago

One way only on back leg

One of my favorite trails I have done so far in the South Bay! This has a perfect mix of everything. Shaded areas, scenic views, forest vibes, lake, a cool breeze, a good mix of uphill and downhill. All around, really solid. Parking is a bit limited, and the trail's are somewhat too narrow for social distancing but we made it work. We went clockwise to start with the lake, and then the loop ended with the uphill stretch which I think was a good move. Took about ~2.5 hours at a somewhat leisurely pace with ample breaks, and in total it was about ~6 miles with the different exploration side paths we took. Highly recommend!

Scenic and quiet trail. Not too long, not with too much elevation. Was able to do 2x loop today.

The trail was easy to walk. It has shaded and no shade parts. it doesn’t have the best panoramic scenery but it was a very nice medium length trail to walk. Dog friendly.

Really nice steady incline up to nice views of the mountains. Great hike for dogs!

As they say somewhere in the world - magnifique - Beautiful views on the reservoir and panoramic views of the valley. Half is under the trees the other half is full sun exposure. Crowded on certain portions but gets quieter as you gain elevation. Very nice hike overall.

8 days ago

Nice trail but too narrow for COVID. especially with all the poison oak

Just did this trail on a Friday around noon, during Covid-19. This is a gorgeous trail and the ascent is a little challenging, but it wasn’t too bad for us (we’re young and moderately active). Contrary to other reviews, there were quite a few parts of the trails (we followed this route on AllTrails) where it was hard to maintain the 6 feet of social distancing required, and at one point we crossed paths with a pair of joggers that was much too close for comfort on the narrower parts of the trail. Most people adhere to the social distancing but some people still think it’s not a big deal and don’t make much effort to distance. Just fyi. I think if you stick to the Tony Look & Coyote Ridge Trail, it’s easier to maintain the distancing. We completed it in about 3 hours. Bring water and hats/sunscreen!

Too many bikes.

Nice trail with spectacular views of the Bay Area. Too bad PG&E power line is damaging the view on many locations.

13 days ago

Scenic hike

Beautiful trail, good mix of shade, trees/creek, and more exposed hills. It is very popular, and there is a sign at the trailhead that asks people not to enter the park if the parking lot is full in order to help keep the park open. It's easy to miss if you have already parked on the street below, so please be mindful and help keep our open spaces open!

15 days ago

Ok trail with some elevation... dry, dusty and hot in May.

17 days ago

Shaded area and very sunny areas. Great views. Bring water.

Still heavily trafficked and one-way... Based on a review here, we started a counter clockwise loop, only to see do not enter signs halfway through. The loop in fact should be completed clockwise. If you want to do the loop, check the signs before you start.

Solid trail. One way traffic though. So make sure you plan at the half way mark if you want to continue or circle back. Crowed for weekday

over grown
18 days ago

First part of the trail was beautiful but tons of poison oak by the end

My go to trail. A lot of it is shaded but it’s really green and you get some nice views. After this ends I take it up to hunters point for the best view and some stretching!

Way too crowded. Have just been on a Monday afternoon. Cars lining up waiting for spots in the parking lot. Also not everyone is very careful about social distancing. 2 stars bc the trail is nice but would really avoid right now.

Beautiful views of the entire valley from the top. Also a great stroll along the reservoir.

Good mix of open and shaded areas It was crowded and narrow tracks might not be ideal for current social distancing policy in pandemic. But the views are beautiful. I will definitely come again after the pandemic is over.

One of my favorite trails in the area. It’s a relatively short hike given the elevation gain, but it takes you along Stevens creek reservoir and up to the highest point in the park. Really enjoyed it. Definitely wear long pants and probably also a long sleeved shirt for this one.

nice reservoir view. About half trail has no shade and is dusty.

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