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Definitely a super easy stroll. Beautiful scenery

Whitney in May is totally where it's at. I climbed it on a Saturday with a group of 3 in one day and maybe 10-15 other folks made it to the top. The lack of crowds was fantastic and it was a load of fun. Be prepared for snow and ice and it's good to have crampons and an ice axe for going up (and glissading down) the chute. We left at 4am, summited at 11:30 and got back at 5pm and it was great but did make very good time. If you're somewhat less experienced, of recommend leaving an hour earlier but it's really not too bad of a hike. During be summer months, I think it's akin to San Gorgonio just shifted up a few thousand feet (which does make a big difference) and during the winter, it's a perfect place to work on beginner mountaineering skills. Overall, a fantastic mountain and the tallest in the lower 48!!!

Absolutely beautiful. Loved everything about this hike. Trail was a bit harder than we expected mostly due to climbing hills and the elevation. My husband and I are very active but from below sea level altitude.

Just finished this hike last Saturday. We camped at the Outpost camp Friday night and headed for the summit at 5am Saturday. We reached the summit around noon, with clouds rolling in, just in time to start heading down before the weather got bad.

Conditions were generally good, with snow cover starting around 11k feet.

1 day ago

Nice and simple trail, crater was a cool lime green color surrounded by some trees.

Parking lot can’t be reached, still snow and a downed tree. Put snowshoes to make better progress. Was hard to find the trail down from Round Top trail, slow going. A beautiful day, great hike.

I did this one last October (2017). It was one of the most beautiful backpacking trips I have done. I wonder what the current trail condition is right now. If anyone writes a new review, can you please comment on the trail/snow condition? Thank you very much in advance.

One of my favorite hikes ... complete it once every year. It has a couple places which make you work. The last face definitely makes you work for the end game ... an absolutely gorgeous view of the Sequoias. If you are adventurous, you can go off trail and scramble down to Pear Lake down below. In the summer, make sure you start out as early a possible because mid afternoon thunderstorms are common in the area. I was stranded in a lightning storm for a couple hours one year. Bring plenty of water when hot as water holes aren't always available.

One of my all time favorite locations for all types of outdoor recreational activities. This place is loved and very well maintained. I’ve Kayaked, hiked nine miles of trails around the lake, biked, watched Eagles, geese and camped. From the well maintained trails, to restrooms and staff, I’ve always enjoyed this location.

A good cardio workout without killing you. My wife and I are 72 and we met lots of fellow hikers our age and older making the hike look easy.

Lots of huge redwood trees. Truly inspiring and enjoyable!

Did this monster hike in one day (July, 2013’) instead of backpacking it in.
This is definitely for experienced hikers...if you are prepared and if you are an avid hiker this trail is for you!

Absolutely gorgeous trail. I’m not sure why they have Fourth of July lake on this trail and the rating is still moderate though. Getting from Round Top Lake to Fourth of July Lake and back is one of the most difficult hikes I have done! Absolutely worth it but very exhausting. I am not someone who hikes all over the place and as frequently as I’d like, but I go on quite a few hikes throughout the year and getting to Fourth of July lake is at best moderately difficult!

Just completed this hike. 4hr30min with a couple breaks and 3L of water. Lake was dry, the creeks were flowing but is very easy to cross. Unfortunately, the first 2-3 miles was burned down a couple years ago and right now is still just a forest of charred trees.

Incline is mild with a couple short tough parts. Only saw about 10 people. Great day hike, will come back in the winter.

spectacular trail, great views

This route up to the summit of Cerro San Luis Obispo is one of the most popular hikes in the San Luis Obispo area. Despite being within walking distance of downtown, it has a remote, semi-wild feel. The trail starts at the Lemon Grove Loop Trail just off Highway 101 and Marsh Street. While there is plenty of parking available, it can still fill up fast, especially on weekends.

The trail starts as the Lemon Grove Loop Trail and climbs up through the Cerro San Luis Obispo Natural Reserve (also called the Charles A and Mary R Maino Open Space).Staying to the left on the wide path at several junctions, you will eventually come to a vehicle barrier that marks the spot where you leave the Reserve and enter private property owned by the Madonna family. This area is open to the public, but stay on the trail. You shortly pass through a second gate and then gradually curve up the mountain. A series of switchbacks keep the grade from getting too steep, but the road is very rocky and rutted. You'll eventually come to a flat clearing just below the summit with a large wooden platform. Several paths wind up through the rocks to the summit, where you'll enjoy remarkable views of all of San Luis Obispo. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Morro Bay.

Make a note of each intersection on the way up, as there are no trail signs once you leave the Reserve and there are numerous unofficial paths near the summit. It's also possible to continue east from the summit and make your way down to the Lemon Grove Loop for a loop trip.

This trail is popular with mountain bikers and bike bells are provided near the trailhead for their use. Most of the trail is a wide dirt road, so you shouldn't have any problems. While the views are best on a clear day, there's very little shade anywhere along the route and hiking on a foggy day will be more pleasant, at least during the warmer months of the year.

NOTE: Several days after our hike, the San Luis Obispo Parks & Recreation Department closed the Lemon Grove Loop Trail indefinitely due to numerous mountain lion sightings in the area. While this closure only affects the Lemon Grove Loop portion of the route, it effective blocks you from accessing the summit via this route until the trail is re-opened. It's still possible to reach the summit from the longer route that starts at Laguna Lake.

We camped here last weekend and decided after setting up cap to hike around the lake- FYI this hike is closer to 9 miles. We are both in great shape and It took us a long time, but the trail is flat and every angle of the lake is beautiful. There is a waterfall along the trail that is gorgeous! We will definitely come back in the summer when we can get in the lake.

does anyone know if slick rock is open yet? I would like to go up this weekend

14 days ago

Hi. I am looking for trails in Sequoia. Group of 4 girls who are physically fit, We are looking for a 4-6 mile hike with good views. Would this be the right trail to take? Thanks in advance!

Loved It! Not too difficult terrain wise; trail is tough to follow. The app works pretty good with GPS where it gets iffy. Had a Bald Eagle fly right over us, got some decent pics for phone cam. Highly recommend this longer than 5.7 mile hike; with the occasional 'detour' it was 7.7 miles all the way to the lake and back.

Pretty nice, we did it in the snow so it took a bit longer. 1 question why do people pick up their dog poop, but then leave the damn plastic bag? Retards.

Hiked this trail with a group of 13 people in 5th grade in 2015. Took 8 days and was the most amazing experience of my life. I do not like the views from the day trip as it is way more difficult and not as beautiful. It is a brutal way to take in the elevation. I strongly suggest doing the full long trail. I will be going back this summer. It is a mind blowing experience and if a 5th grader can do it, you can too.

App keeps closing on me, the activity is snowshoeing, I went in shoes that vented and my socks were wet. There is still a lot of snow up there. There are trails on the snow made by snow motor vehicle that you can't really miss. It's really peaceful and beautiful up on the peak where you can see mountain ranges in 360°. It was cloudy so it for chilly for me. Would definitely go again when the snow melts!

Went for a 3 day, 2 night camping trip with the Boyfriend. It was incredible. Beautiful views with every step! Be ready to get your feet wet if you are planning on hiking out to Redwood Meadow! The water is so crisp and refreshing to drink (with a LifeStraw) but it doesn't feel to good when you get wet. We built our basecamp on a quiet little peninsula near where the Panther Creek and Middle Fork creek merge. It was so peaceful I didn't want to leave!

19 days ago

Nice view of the Donner lake and the mountains... still with some snow caps but perfect weather for a walk.

amazing view of the valley ! no crowds early May if open !

Mt Whitney in spring. Enough said.

Too much snow to summit this route right now. Wait until summer. Crampons are not enough. Need ice axe and rope. Had to turn back after 9 miles.

Beautiful full moon in the valley last night. Glad we wore snowshoes. Trail is poorly marked. Snow made this a moderate out with elevation change but easy in.

21 days ago

It's an ok hike through a nice pine forrest, but the craters aren't that great. Nothing much else to see.

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