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Crescent City, California Map

Great views and very easy to walk. Nice wide trails so it’s easy to navigate. Lots of nice scenery.

Redwoods and ferns galore. Fresh air surrounded by nature’s wonders. Great trail...

18 days ago

the trail connects to stout grove but you have to ford a stream that can be deep and fast moving. easy to miss trailhead, right after bridge tucked away

Great trail. Was a bit muddy but the shear volume of trees and their size made it a minor inconvenience. Beautiful ferns.

21 days ago

Beautiful forest walk. Very quiet and beautiful mini waterfalls that give the best ambience to meditate. We had the trail all to ourselves.

21 days ago

This trail is amazing. It took a while to complete because I kept stopping along the way to admire the beauty of it all. It was an easy, long, and beautiful hike. Definitely one of the best in the area. Here's a video I made to highlight the scenery along this trail: https://youtu.be/8E8vg1rr170

Beautiful with lots of history and it even ends at the creek.

Me and my friends went up the right side of this trail and I was significantly more difficult than it sounds. It’s also full of small landslides and very narrow.

Incredibly beautiful trail with a new amazing view around every corner! There are some old growth and new growth parts. We found ourselves stopping frequently to marvel at these incredible trees.

Dogs are NOT allowed - there was a sign at the trailhead. It also was a bit muddy when we went but nothing too bad.

Really great trail. Plan more time then you typically would on a 5 mile trail because you will be in awe of the Redwoods (lots of pics) also the trail was not busy at all which was a very pleasant surprise. Would highly recommend

Amazing redwoods. Seasonal bridge was not available but a giant tree across the creek gave us access. Awesome grove! Take the dirt backroad to crescent city and you may see some elk around the time you hit pavement

1 month ago

This was an amazing hike.
We passed boy scout tree on the way, so we found it on the way back. Around every corner opened up to new amazing views of the redwoods. Total milage for one way came into 2.9, because of going off trail to see boy scout tree.
Total miles round trip was about 6.
No huge inclines, overall pretty easy/medium hiking level.
It was so muddy because it rained a day prior. I don't recommend doing this hike in the rain. We went on a lucky sunny day.

Great little hike through the woods in Elk country and back on the beach. It can be done as a loop on the beach or an out and back. There is a large resident Elk herd in this area. Today they were no where to be seen but plenty of fresh tracks. The trail is signed for no dogs and the beach for dogs on leash but many have dogs off leash on this beach. At the end of the trail to go down to the the beach is a little steep but there are a couple of ropes to help you on your way. My thanks to the thoughtful people that put them there...

2 months ago

Every time you round the corner on this trail there is a new breathtaking view. It truly is beautiful out here. I went early in the morning and was all alone on the trail - there was silence in the woods and it just added to the ambiance. The creek and waterfall were nice viewpoints, and there were plenty of downed trees along the way that could provide a nice resting spot if you need one or just want to sit and enjoy the view.

Be warned that the trail itself gets really muddy if it has rained within the last week, but you can still navigate it if you proceed with caution. The road leading up to the trail isn’t the most fun for smaller cars - lots of bumps and it’s very narrow - but it’s also manageable with caution.

I loved this trail and will definitely come back again. I encourage everyone reading this to check it out.

2 months ago

Great beach to walk... The beach is flat and firm and being a crescent shape it is far more protected than other beaches on the North Coast. The best in Norcal!

Beautiful trail but be ready for a workout!!!!

3 months ago

Great trail. Hard a first. A lot of uphill the first half mile. The end is worth it. Being right on the river is great. Dogs are also allowed. It is posted on the state park website.

Gorgeous scenery and wildlife.

Wonderful, easy hike through the giants. If it's warm out, take a swim in the river! Beautiful views!

Great trail. This is a rather long trail. The terrain is easy to moderate.

3 months ago

Great trail that you hardly see anyone after the 1st 1/4 mile. Quite a few trees down today but easy to get over. Actually saw a trail volunteer for the 1st time. He was up in age and not having an easy time. The trail to Lohse Grove was a little overgrown but doable and pretty wet due to recent rains. One of the better trails in the area...

4 months ago

Beautiful family trail

4 months ago

Always a fun and beautiful hike. Stopped to jump in the freezing river last time i went. Watch out for wasps near spring/summertime.

Brought a young kid w us and he was in awe of the trees and river. Easy walk for all of us. Rained off and on, but there was enough tree coverage to keep us mostly dry. Beautiful place to experience. Worth the drive.

5 months ago

Beautiful part of the forest! It was a lovely hike, not a lot of people and very quiet. There is nothing more calming than standing among giants such as these! My husband is an eagle scout and of course we had to do this trail.

5 months ago

My hubby and I backpacked to the campsite and stayed for a night. It was very quiet and beautiful. Saw lots of dwarf irises, and banana slugs. I liked how lush the campsite was. We didn't see any bears. We didn't see any other hikers until we were headed down.

Spectacular ancient redwood forest. Lush and green. The perfect length out and back hike for us. Took us 3 hours with short breaks for photos and logged 6.0 miles total (longer than what the app says here). Majestic scenery and ends at a small waterfall. We did hear a little faraway road noise but otherwise felt very secluded. We went on a weekday morning at 10am and didn’t see any other hikers until about noon on the way back

This trail has water, ferns, wildlife, and trees.

5 months ago

This was a very beautiful trail. Lots of old redwoods to see all throughout the trail.

It's pretty long but I would consider this very easy with the slight "moderate" either being because of the length or because there's short parts where you have to walk on the roots of the trees, carefully watching where you're stepping instead of taking in the sights.

The ride up was narrow and bumpy but my sedan was able to make it and back no problem.

Still closed due to landslide

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