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Corona, California Map

on Skyline Drive

1 day ago

Took the challenge to go to the Doppler radar. Great hike, geocaches along the way! Sad to see the burn areas!

This was a really cool gem hidden in a residential area. Super colorful and interesting. There is a lot of trash and broken glass, though.

Super fun! Great first hike or easy get out of the house! Take a trash bag and collect some trash on your way back!

washed out
9 days ago

We took the paved road from the underpass to the abandoned homes, and then headed up the Telephone trail ridge. The trail was unmaintained and had a few washed out spots we had to step over, and we definitely needed our poles for this one. It was very steep following the ridge, and the trail was really rough in spots.

There were so many overlooks that made this one of the best viewpoints I’ve seen yet. At the top, we could see all the way to the ocean.

Fairly inexperienced as a hiker, but this hike was a great way to spend a morning! The main trail was fairly challenging and there were lots of side options to try. Enjoyed it a lot!

15 days ago

Excellent training ground for taking on moderate to strenuous hikes. Gain almost a thousand feet per mile for 2 miles, from the base of the hill. Make sure to keep an extra layer (can get chilly with the 2000 feet of elevation gain). We generally hike up to the Main Divide and then return via the ridges along Skyline.

Saddleback Mountain is awesome. This specific trail is really fun when it is not busy. I prefer adventuring when it is dark. It is breathtaking to look down upon Lake Elisinore.

We hiked this beautiful trail yesterday. We started out about 12:45 with perfect weather. There were not many people on the trail, but we would encounter people on their way back. The trail itself is relatively easy. At some points it narrows and becomes a single person trail. The scenery is quite beautiful and there's a small creek. Since we hiked in December, it's somewhat chilly the further in you go. The one thing you need to watch out for is poison oak. It's literally everywhere. Dress accordingly. I will definitely be coming back.

Took a pic of the sign...says it’s closed but there have been a lot of cars going through so my bf and I walked a bit of it...has the sign, no gate type thing to block it off. Just a lot of dead plants bc of the fire

26 days ago

Loved it! Best hike I’ve been on this far but we got lost on the way back taking a short cut.. highly recommend staying on the trail lol

Relatively mellow trail. Kid friendly. Partly shaded. Hiked in December in the early morning and only saw a handful of people coming back. Lots of poison oak. Made it to the end of the trail but did not find the watershed.

Been here several times within the month, it's a beautiful trail. Goes deeper into the hilly areas and you'll see more greenery. Have not completely finished it as we'll turn around midway and go around the rest of the trails and meet up to the Skyline trail to head back.

I hike this all the time. Esp hike up the steep incline of Progressive which runs along side and through it, then walk down the road. It's not very pretty but the views are pretty good and it's great for cardiovascular health. I park on Elker when I hike all the way to the dopler orb.

1 month ago

I have hiked moderate trails before and thought this was a good trail to train on for more difficult hiked. The trail is a service road that is wide and well maintained. So, you walk on flat surface the whole way. There is no place to sit and rest along the way except a hillside to lean against. It is all up hill to Beek's and is consistent so you don't have to worry about drastic inclines. The views of the cities are spectacular and you can see the mountain tips from a whole new elevation. I will be using this trail to help me train for Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Jacinto.

Go here all the time. Very peaceful. Relaxing and a great place to look at art or make some on your own.

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a great time exploring here. Especially after some good rainfall.

So I’m not sure if I went the wrong way it was definitely a beautiful sight to see with my pitbull. But when I looked across where all the graffiti was it seem like that was the flat walking trail. well, all I ended up doing was climbing up steep hills until I got down to the bottom of this long staircase with my dog. We took the staircase all the way up to the street and walk down the neighborhood which was really beautiful as well but I think I went the wrong way per usual. I think this hike would be great to go on for a date because of all the graffiti it was pretty awesome. I was however quite afraid of my dog or I falling. So I personally wouldn’t do it again alone. This app should seriously consider adding "walking around aimlessly and being lost" to the activity section.

Great trail but closed indefinitely due to the “Holy Fire” in August 2018. USFS said it will be closed for 2-3 years.

Park on Foothill Prkwy near trailhead sign. Skyline Drive is a maintenance/fire road, graded and approx 12’ wide. Other trails fork off but the main road continues to the Doppler Radome (and beyond).
Not much incline the first 1/2 mile. Past the residential area the climb begins and continues for the next 3+ miles. Nothing too drastic or difficult, just constant, every step uphill. Near the last mile the trail levels out, then descends a bit, then climbs again to the dome.
I went on a Friday morning so past the residential “dog walk” area trail traffic was very light. Only saw a few other hikers and mtn bikers during the hike.
The canyon side of the trail is open, the other hugs the mountain which provides some shade along the way. Nice views of Chino Valley and Corona (north), Lake Matthews (east) and Cleveland National Forest/OC beyond from the top (south). Took 2hrs 10min on way up, approx 1hr 45min way down. Stay hydrated, pack 2L water minimum + snacks for energy. Be safe and have fun!

2 months ago

Started 0715 finished 1200. parking on foothill parkway. it is on a vehicle road. a lot of bikers. gradual inlcline. minimal shade. almost finished my 2.5 L bag. beautiful view on top by the white ball thing.

2 months ago

Take plenty of water. Wear boots not running shoes, it’s steep with loose footing. This trail was opened up by the dozer line from this summers fire. Connects to main divide at the top.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Definite work out. Pretty steep downhill. The trail coming down is the fire break.

Absolutely beautiful trail and well shaded. Easy access and trail is distinctively clear. There is even a senior citizen that has adopted and grooms the trail, cuts back all the poison oak, and scrubs off the graffitied rocks. Please don’t leave trash or paint on the rocks. Enjoy!


Great views and bring a walking stick

3 months ago

It’s a pretty nice view of Corona. At a walking pace, you’ll probably get to Beeks Place in 4-5 hours. I was only able to barely reach midway when the sun began to set. Lovely hike down, and it gets completely dark since you’ll be inbetween a valley. Wish I could’ve stayed for some astrophotography.

off road driving
3 months ago

According to Cleveland National Forest website the trail is closed indefinitely due to the Holy Fire. Fun trail when it’s open. Hopefully they at least open North Main Divide so access to Santiago Peak is available again.

4 months ago

This is not skyline. This is the dozer line that was opened up during the fire. Skyline is just to the north. It’s hot and steep. A good workout.

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