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Cool, California Map

Very enjoyable journey. Saw only one couple on the way out from 3d Gate the whole way. The Maine Bar Trail is quite steep and poorly maintained, but that short struggle is the only downside, unless you do the loop counterclockwise and have to go up it. Took the Dead Truck Trail on the way back, which added a bit of a workout before it levels off. Creeks were very pretty, even with low flows. Lots of shade, so would make a nice summertime hike, with stops along the Middle Fork.

nice views but badly marked
be sure you know where you go

Definitely a moderate to hard hike. Saw a lot of bear droppings some fresher than others so I would definitely recommend not doing this hike on your own. Phone gps map helped to stay on the correct trail. The posted signs can be a little confusing. Overall, beautiful and worth while. Great workout.

14 days ago

Nice trail, steep incline in the beginning but if you’ve been hiking for a while, it wasn’t too bad. Lots of trail runners, watch out, if you get in their way, they get a little grouchy! More moderate than hard.

very hard hike but the feeling of accomplishment I had when I completed it!!! woohoo

Outstanding trail with roller coaster Hells going up to the bench and downhill back plus lots of shade

on Training Hill

1 month ago


1 month ago

Labor day started with some exercise hiking. we did second time this year and also did clockwise - not like last time . it's not easy when it's hot outside. spring time was much easier and nicer when everything was green. but overall it's great exercise and hike . its pretty dusty trail.

Beautiful scenery but not much of a trail it’s just a road. Also be aware of a much more active wildlife area compared to other trails further west towards auburn. Don’t take the trail alone. Trail head parking will high center small vehicles. I will not go back.

trail running
2 months ago

Keep Breathing my friends

go up training hill and down states fir a great run. about half way up training hill you can take pig farm as a shortcut to states if it gets to be too much.

It’s very fun to hike here . Also lots of views

It’s a very adventurous hike

Love this trail for training like hill repeats. Good for training for races like Spartan.

3 months ago

Great demanding trail and not for the faint of heart. I’m just starting to get back in shape and this trail really challenges me. Due to time constraints and my current capabilities I took the shortcut using the Pig Farm Trail route which made it about 1.5 mile hike round trip.

Definitely a difficult hike, not suitable for kids. Lots of poison oak along side most of the trail so be wary. Gets really rocky at some points and has a really steep point near the end. Saw wildlife along the way which was nice. The path gets very narrow at some points which makes no room for side by side. Overall a tiring hike.

Beautiful little trail that was very quiet, with several stream crossings and places to explore off-trail. A hidden gem! Just make sure you watch out for poison oak and ticks - there are a TON of both this time of year.

Also, if you take Dead Truck trail, see if you can find the broken down truck! Be warned though: it's about a half mile of steep upgrade. Nothing impossible to handle, though.

This was a beautiful hike, but much harder than we expected. My book said it was a moderate level, but our group of moms and kids found it difficult. The cool streams were a lovely break. Lots of poison oak in July. Take plenty of water for the uphill hike back.

I have a love / hate relationship with Training hill, it’s great for hill repeats. And it’s close to a bunch of other trails.

Great stuff

Bring water, especially during the warm time of the year.

4 months ago

That first 1.5 miles is a killer but great workout and beautiful hike. Was a little hard to find, didn’t realize you had to take another trail to get to it.. but recommend. Dog loved it!

I started from the dam and found a very overgrown trail (difficult to follow) that followed Lake Clementine’s edge. Keeping the lake to the left of me and following the shore, I ended up at the end of this trail, then hiked up and out on the trail road and made a huge loop back to the dam.

This was a beautiful hike but the trail was so confusing at the beginning. We got lost n it took us over 10 miles from start to finish. We were able to find the River n the swimming hole. I would love to go back again but I’m not sure if I’m able to find the river the next I go. It was a good hike overall. We had lots of fun.

I would rate it as moderate not hard.

Not dog friendly at all. Routes are super narrow and covered with ticks and thornbushes. Removed close to 60 ticks over 3 hours. Definitely will not do again

Ticks and relatively boring hike. This trail is actually not the Olmstead loop either. I was midway through the hike and realized I’ve been following Olmstead loop and not the AllTrails outlined loop.

Good hike. You feel that work out.

5 months ago

Another weekend with other hike experience. Nice 2 hours of hiking and 4.5 miles made . Best way is to go clockwise so soonest you reach the split make right and go about 1 mile uphill and then enjoy 2.8 miles of easy going. watch for poison oak and a of horse manure on trail.

5 months ago

Got here around 8:30am on a Saturday and it was easy to find parking. You don’t have to pay just FYI! You have to walk along the river to get to the trailhead. As everyone said, one way is REAL steep and the other way is a gradual ascent. We did the steep way and it was pretty rough for an in-shape person. After the 1.5 mile grade, it was really easy the rest of the way - all downhill mainly. Beautiful scenery... and the dogs loved it too!

5 months ago

Definitely lives up to its name! My boyfriend and I did this trail to train for a backpacking trip we will be going on. There are six, very steep summits to the top. It was quite the workout! We will definitely be back here very soon.

5 months ago

Feel the burn in the first mile then beautiful trails and streams for loop back. Do it twice cause it's so nice.

5 months ago

Great trail!! Lives up to its name and kicks some butt (in the beginning). Definitely worth the trek as once you make it to the "top" it opens up into a beautiful expanse. There are several other trails to follow that are pretty flat and easy to maneuver. The trail is clean and clear of brush. Saw one dead snake on my run today, but otherwise nothing other than some birds. The grass and trees are all still so green and quite lovely!! Gonna go back again next week!

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