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Coleville, California Map

Such an awesome short hike. I could feel it got a bit tougher to catch my breath as the elevation is pretty high here, but we made it one dog and one 7 month old baby! Really pretty we came here in September and we were able to cross the little creek.

1 month ago

A nice hike following the west Walker river for a mile or so. Anglers can find access to the river along this stretch. You can also escape the large number of anglers who fish at the campground by the trailhead especially if you fly fish. We went to Roosevelt lake which is scenic then the rest of the loop. Secret lake is pretty and worth the hike. I would call this hike more moderate than easy because there are several steep grades and the trail has a lot of loose rocks at several points. Unfortunately the forest fires to the west sent smoke and ash which got worse throughout the day. Hopefully you will be able to avoid this.

2 months ago

Fairly easy hike along a jeep trail. I went in the early afternoon and not too hot. Rolling hills of sage and meadows with small streams flowing. I did not do the loop but chose to go in and out the same way. Lots of birds on both lakes, Junction and Kirman.

Fishing was difficult due to the vegetation surrounding the lake. One would need a float tube if you were serious about fishing. Saw a beautiful doe on the way back just out in the middle of the field eating. Also saw the biggest rattle snake I have ever seen slithering across the trail.
Be on the lookout while hiking!

Excellent trail. It has it all: mountain valley, mountain lakes, mountain crests and very few people!

A couple of pro-tips for those who want to brave this hike themselves:
- the side-hike to Poore Lake is really not worth it unless you want to descend a considerable distance to the lake shore, there really isn't a good view point. Instead, you can get a great view of that same lake from the crest part of the trail
- if you are starting late in the day consider leaving the crest part of the trail for the second half as it remains in the sun longer than the valley. Alternatively, if you'd really like to capture the view of the valley, hit the crest first while the sun is shining on it.
- Poore Lake side trail has a side trail to the Secret Lake -- that allows you to avoid climbing up and down on the way to the ridge

More photos from the hike: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/leavitt-meadows-hoover-wilderness

there yesterday. Couldn't cross a creek which was more than ancle deep and one and a half meters wide which was pretty much at the beginning of the train

Beautiful country

No bugs on this trip. Great little side hike to the waterfall but no signs. Follow the previous posted map. Just fallow the little odd shoot trail through the meadow and then it goes up left and is the horse trail that follows the river upstream. Warm days and cold nights. Pretty lakes. Not much wildlife.

11 months ago

beautiful little hike. the lake is amazing. 4 stars because... cows.

Follow the red previously hiked route to the waterfall on the West Walker river

Great beginner hike. Beautiful lakes and easy grade. GREAT fishing!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

We have just finished this hike. We went from Leavitt Meadows to Lane lake on Friday afternoon. Continued to Fremont lake on Saturday. Returned to Roosevelt Lake on Sunday and hiked back to Leavitt Meadows on Monday. The lakes were all very nice and the scenery was beautiful, especially the canyon where the West Walker rushes through. There were good camping sites between Lane and Roosevelt Lakes, and also south of Lane Lake. We crossed the West Walker at Fremont, and it was very doable at this time. Fremont lake was worth the climb and was easier to swim in than Lane and Roosevelt - less debris in the water. The trail was not crowded at all - we saw maybe 15 other hikers the entire 4-day trip. The bathrooms at Leavitt Meadow trail head were clean - thank you!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

This was a gorgeous hike! I saw deer and there was still snow, barely any on the trail, but snow was near enough to walk safely off trail. As a newbie hiker, I am not going to lie, the elevation had me struggling. My dog managed much better than me. On the uphill parts, I took a couple stops, caught my breath, couple steps haha.
You pass a two creeks, the first went up to my ankles, the second just under my knees. So be prepared to have wet shoes and socks! :)
The road is currently closed. It was 5.6 miles to the lake and back. The whole reason I was taking this hike was to see Koenig Lake. There is still snow right now and I am sure it was beautiful. Having been awake for over 24 hours, I wasn't my usual self and had to accept my limitations and head back. Koenig Lake is only supposed to be 0.9 miles from Leavitt Lake, but the incline looked steep.
I am going to try and return soon so I can see Koenig Lake in all it's green glory.

Just came out from Roosevelt and Lane Lakes--fabulous trip. Easy/moderate hike in, totally clear of snow, but dramatic views of massive snowpack in higher elevations. Everything is green and blooming--fields of wild irises and wildflowers abound. Bring your bug spray for the meadows--mosquitoes are out! Bugs not too bad at the lakes. Crawdad fishing is great-bring a Trap and have fun! Bonus: the drive over Sonora Pass is jaw-dropping. Saw people sledding and ski tracks high up in the bowls!

I first made this hike in 2001 and never forgot it. The walk past the meadows is amazing. It's not a terribly challenging hike to Roosevelt, but definitely leave well before nightfall, as hiking this in the dark was not much fun.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting from Roosevelt to Fremont is challenging enough, let alone Leavitt Meadows, so definitely pack light. There are strong rainbow trout at Fremont, but finding a place to cast around the perimeter of the lake can be challenging with deep mud and rocks (bring waders).

was a beautiful hike....a little rough when you are hungover

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beautiful. 8.75

We did the loop with views of the meadow on the way back. The trail is used for horseback riding excursions, we passed a group of 16 riding horses on the way to the lake. Needless to say there's horse poop along the trail. The lake was gorgeous!

Great. If you are headed to secret lake there are two routes, after you cross the bridge from the parking/campground head up the hill and you will come to a sign pointing left to secret lake 3miles and right to the medow that follows the water. If you follow the sign to go left its a lot of up and down but this route is shorter. If you follow the medow the first half of your trip is flat followed by a consistent climb up with a few switch backs making this way longer. We took the medow trail hiking out being that it's all downhill/flat from secret lake. As far as the lake it was a little hazy this summer (2016) and our katadyn vario frequently got clogged requiring a breakdown every 2 bottles. There wasn't much activity on the water but there are fish. If you like crawfish you are at the right place because there are thousands of them, just need fishing line and a slimjim. Best campsite is on the far side of the lake.

Nice easy trail established camp sites. There are some interesting trails around for day hikes as well.

Monday, November 16, 2015

I did this hike when I was a boy scout in the early 90's. It is a beautiful hike, and a nice place to stay a few nights. We ended up catching over 40 trout that weekend. Not many people were out there, and the start in Leavitt Meadows has a nice mountain stream to hike by.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nice short beautiful hike with the reward of dunking under the cold waterfall in a small poot towards the top.

Beautiful hike along the river on the way to secret lake. Elevation gain was minimal, but the views were fantastic. Hiking along the river is beautiful. Great hike to get out and soak in the view of the eastern Sierras or to get to some nice trout fishing lakes. Also enjoyed cooling off with a swim in Secret Lake. Went in mid June and didn't see any snow this year. The free parking can fill up on the weekends.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Flat but you can easily venture out to hills.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun out and back. Some hills.

One of my favorite hikes. I like to go in early June depending on the snow. You will not be disappointed and make sure you bring a fishing rod. I have ran across a couple of rattle snakes later in the year and check yourself for ticks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A straight forward hike with a few creek crossings that make it exciting before getting to the payoff - a dramatic waterfall. Getting there is the hardest part but once there you will enjoy the views as well as some Marine sightings.

Leavitt Meadows is one of our favorite camping spots, a quick trip over the pass from our home in Sonora, CA. For my husband, there's good fishing nearby in the West Walker River, and for me and Copper, there's this beautiful hike past Secret and Roosevelt Lakes to lovely Lane Lake (which was unfairly described as "murky and shallow" in my "Best Short Hikes in California's Northern Sierra - A Guide to Day Hikes near Campgrounds" by Karen & Terry Whitehill). My pooch Copper and I took this hike on a clear summer day. There was some tree cover, but it was pretty warm. We encountered few other hikers but did come across a llama pack outfit! I cooled down by dangling my feet in the cool lake water (a crawdad nibbled at my toes). Copper got very hot on the return trip along the West Walker River trail which was exposed the entire afternoon with very hot, loose shale on the trail.

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