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horseback riding
15 days ago

Not only did i hike this but i also did the horseback riding guided tours back in summer. It was a cool experience! Definitely check out the guided tours during the summer when they are open since its seasonal. The hike was beautiful. The views were stunning.

17 days ago

Dogs not an issue anywhere in Lakes Basin. Take Trail all the way to Smith Lake if you have time. Beautiful area.

I really enjoyed this trail! Super scenic area and the trail was easy to follow. I extended the loop a bit further by hiking off the backside of Elwell. Only saw one other person the entire journey. Really made for a great afternoon of adventure.

Great hike. Take the big bear loop clock wise great little lakes and beautiful scenery
To many Big rocks to hike over on the path after Mt Elwell around long lake
If we did this again would hike to and from on the big bear lake trail as a up and back we wouldn’t go around long lake the trail is horrible way to rocky and no scenery except at the lake other than the mountain of rock we hiked over it was a great hike

1 month ago

Really beautiful hike. Challenging in enough places to keep it interesting. Lots of possible variations to hit additional peaks, lakes, etc. Trail shown here is def more like 6 miles.

Paved the whole way to the falls lookout. Nice walk. Falls are dry right now but sure they’re blasting in the spring.

This is a beautiful loop hike but I agree with others here that have noted that the listed distance of 4.5 miles is incorrect. Our route tracker had it closer to 6 miles and we didn’t stray much from the inner loop trail option. That said this is a great hike and the fall colors, patchy clouds, dramatic views, and migrating flocks of geese high above were glorious - just be ready for something more like 5.5 - 6 miles.

Did the loop in mid-August and was not disappointed. Amazing views around Long Lake and atop Mt Elwell. Worth a dip in the lake at the end! You are quite exposed throughout the hike so wear your sunscreen.

Nice walk. Best early in the year after the snow melts and the falls are raging.

Amazing! When the creek is running. Its currently not. So just a nice view. I was here in may and was very impressed my natures majesty that I wanted to bring my family. But no water this time...

2 months ago

One of our favorite hikes with many variations available to add on. There is an off shoot above Long Lake that will take you to the top of Mt Elwell for great distant views. Near the end you can turn right and extend the loop taking you by Silver Lake, Big Bear, Little Bear Lake and Cub Lake. It is probably the most common route explaining the difference in distance some have mentioned. Best time is late spring early summer for an abundance of wild flowers or late fall for some fall colors. We usually do this several times a year.

4 months ago

My mom has mobility challenges, and was able to successfully hike this trail. The view from the top isn’t too great in late summer, as most or all of the snow has melted in particularly hot summer seasons. However, for someone unable to hike the other trails in the area, Frazier Falls provided my mom with an opportunity to take in the sights while also feeling safe and successful along the way. Huge kudos to the folks who designed and built this trail. We will be going back every year!

4 months ago

The views of Long Lake and its surroundings are absolutely stunning.

Great beautiful trail with a nice variety of terrain, gorgeous views, and plenty of wild flowers. Lost the trail briefly at the highest peak. Could use some tail markers. All Trails app helped us get back on track pretty quickly. We highly recommend this hike!

Definitely not a moderate hike. More difficult than that. Half of the loop is basically bouldering up a mountain. Would not recommend to people with children or older folks. Put your dogs in boots as the rocks very very hot and can cause blistering on their paws. Also our GPS says 5.8 miles, not 4.5.

4 months ago

Why no dogs?

GPS said 5.8 miles. Beautiful hike! We did it clockwise and it was a bit rough going down the rocky side. Next time we'll try counter clockwise! So many amazing views!

4 months ago

Nice quick trail. The falls and the creek are quite nice. Totally worth the half hour.

Wonderful flowers all along the trail. Doable with kids (8, 9,12 years old) (6/27)

5 months ago

Great hiking today.

This app said 4.5 miles but my gps said 5.8.

Would definitely do this again. Rocky trail is challenging. Hike up to Mt. Elwell is steep. Forged some streams. Experienced some snowpack on the way and at the top. Lots of diverse topography. We were tired.

Enjoyed the beautiful trail you can keep going up to Smith Lake and Long lake.

This was a nice quick one. It has a great view of the waterfall which we caught in the late afternoon with the sun behind the falls. It is gorgeous at that time. There are great views of the valley driving up to it from the north side.

Beautiful area. Loved it.

I love these Falls! Beware though there is still a lot of snow...we parked a mile away from start of trail. Not by choice. Walked a mile in snow to trail head. I still very much enjoyed it! A few “trucks” got stuck trying to go further to trail. If you are up for the work out, go for it! We went on 4/14/18

7 months ago

Very short, paved trail to the falls, which are more of a cascade. Very pleasant, mostly shaded hike for those looking for a beautiful quick hike with lovely views of both the falls and the gorge below. Great for wheelchairs and scooters, though the last several yards to the viewing areas are not accessible. Our first time there was April of 2017, when the falls were roaring after a winter of massive snowfall, so I guess we’re spoiled now! Enjoy!

10 months ago

Very short hike along a paved path but we had the place to ourselves and there was enough good snow on the ground for a good old snowball fight.

All trails direction sends you up the main road past the Frazier Falls turnoff sign. that road is blocked. we doubled back and took the brown Frazier Falls sign turnoff. that road is a bit icy in places. driveable though.

plenty of picnic tables and benches.

Agree, this is an EASY rating. It’s a short hike on a decent path with a nice photo opportunity at the end of it. A good one for those who are physically less able. Be forewarned it can get more windy / cool than is felt at the car park.

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