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Clayton, California Map
3 days ago

Great and challenging hike. Took us eight hours we did a lot of stop to rest as some part of the trail is strenuous.

Great hike. water falls are serene. beautiful greens. nice views. whole loop can take 3-4 hrs. well worth it! parking is limited in residential neighborhood. Residents often leave garbage cans on the sidewalk to prevent people from parking outside their homes.

Great weather and just the right time of the year to see the waterfalls. All Trails lists this as at 5.8 miles but GPS says it's closer to 6.5 miles.

This was a great mix of sun and shade—mostly sun—and it’s a well maintained trail. I’d recommend going up the summit first, as it’s the steepest part of the loop. Lots of wildlife and not too busy, even on a gorgeous day. If parking is limited you can always park up at the summit in the giant parking lot and hike down. Gorgeous views everywhere!

This is a great hike that is both challenging and beautiful. I highly recommend.

This is a difficult but rewarding hike with great views. Most of the trail is shady, making it very comfortable even on the warmest days.

awesome trail. definatley do counterclockwise. I can't even imagine doing it clockwise, would be 90% incline with many parts scrambling up rocks. Lots of spots to stop and enjoy the view, bring lots of water you will need it.

This review is not for the trail S written here: Took the Eagle Peak trail from Mitchell Canyon parking area to Bald Ridge and North trail to the summit, and back down via Juniper, Deer Creek and finally Mitchell Canyon. I can’t imagine a more perfect day for this hike - wore a Tshirt the whole way, not too hot or cold. Only small patches of mud but trail was good and not slippery. Took me 7 hours with only a brief lunch stop at the summit. Mitchell Canton is steep at the top and hard on this 57 year old’s knees but the last couple of miles in the canyon level out by the creek and are just beautiful. Deer, bunnies, butterflies, Red Tails and even a sweet ruby crowned kinglet were among the wildlife spottings. This is a hike for the prepared....but worth every step.

7 days ago

Did this hike counter-clockwise, going up the Back Creek Trail. This wasn't what we had planned--we were heading for the Falls Trail but turned too soon. Most of the elevation gain on this hike is on a trail that just ... keeps ... heading ... up. Not many switchbacks to catch your breath on a traverse. But once you get to the top, the views are worth it. In a lot of places, the trail is pretty rutted due to the recent rains which makes the long slog up a little tougher and the steep walk down more slide-y. I don't hike with poles, but on this hike, I wouldn't have minded having them. Wild flowers are getting started!

7 days ago

Great hike. Muddy in a few spots, but always able to work around. There stream fords were active but easily doable. We are slow hikers...trip from Regency Gate took us 4.5 hours.

8 days ago

This was a fabulous hike, and I agree to definitely do it counter-clockwise. That way the first part is steep, challenging and rocky, but the last hour is on a gravel road and though you end going uphill it is much easier on your ankles and knees. It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes and we jogged some of the easier downhill parts. The views were amazing all the way and we were lucky to get them before some fog rolled in. I would definitely do this again.

Beautiful and rigorous. Map my walk app says it’s 7 miles not 5.8 and I believe it.

Great trail! There are a couple steep parts in the beginning, but one you get to the single track loop it's not bad. It was very muddy on the first stretch, but even in the rain, the 2nd half of straight part and loop were not bad. Several small waterfalls and creek crossings along the way.

It is a long trail and somewhat steep at some points, but totally worth the view!

14 days ago

Climbed out of Mitchell Canyon via the trail to the east of Mitchell Canyon trailhead to get up to the summit today. Took layers and anticipated weather but REALLY got weather. The trail was pretty steep all the way to the summit and it is best to climb down via the Juniper campground, Deer Creek to Mitchell Canyon to save the knees. Signage is tricky and there are lots of sign posts and lots of different trail names so have an idea of where you are going when you start. We had some great views but we were in the clouds with snow and hail for the top, which you have to understand will happen when you anticipate the weather. The ranger at Mitchell Canyon was helpful as was the ranger at the summit visitor's center. One thing to keep in mind, which I didn't catch onto until we were parked, there is about a 4 mile hike straight up (2800 plus feet) to get to the Grand Loop. We had wanted to do the Grand Loop but I decided last minute to park at Mitchell Canyon after reading reviews but no one said you are nowhere near the summit. Just so you know... Excellent hike and good for training for a big trip, checking out your gear, knees, etc. Loved it!

Very muddy after the recent rains, so I definitely recommend trekking poles and waterproof shoes. A couple of the stream crossings were difficult, and one person in our group fell in! This was a lovely hike, at the start of wildflower season, with beautiful views!

I would recommend this fall. Maybe just not after it has rain. Too muddy. But overall, nice waterfall n scenery. We stopped too early to have lunch but if u keep going around 5 miles, there’s some pretty good views to just sit and relax and have lunch.

Amazing waterfalls, though those come with a lot of mud. Still very worth it!

Note: the turnoff immediately after the loop's beginning ("Middle Trail") isn't obvious, it looks very small and unassuming.


Not bad on a good weather day. Recommend sturdy hiking shoes that are ankle high for days with recent rains. The streams get to that height to cross in order to continue on your trail. Lots of little rock debree and mud. Care must be taken on narrow and steep trail. Maps are alright but best to stick to the water sounds on the way back down the mountain to keep pace. Are the waterfalls worth the hike? Well...maybe. Not very tall waterfalls at all, but it's a peaceful trail. Go with a buddy.

A great hike with green hills and waterfalls in late Feb! Recommend going counterclockwise to save the fire road for the way down. Trekking poles came in handy around the waterfall portion and total distance closer to 6.4 miles.

Incredibly beautiful! A test of stamina, but not as challenging as I anticipated: finished in 3 hours with breaks. It was extremely, extremely windy/gusty on the exposed ridges - thankfully those portions are not as lengthy.

26 days ago

Went on this hike clockwise, it was challenging going uphill for sure and you definitely want to have hiking boots with good traction because of loose rocks. There are quite a few spots to stop and look at a good view of the quarry and city. The way back north from the halfway point is pretty boring because it's just a dirt road straight downhill. Next time I might take Back Creek Trail back to the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center. Plenty of parking here FYI.

Omg! this hike was no joke! Nonstop incline! We started at Mitchell Canyon visitor center at 8:30 am. We went all the way to the summet. Spectacular views! Took us 3 hours and 46 minutes to climb to the summet. 11.9 miles my butt more like 14 miles.

If you time the hike, like a couple of days after a few rainy days, you’ll receive a spectacular trip. We crossed five creeks with small waterfalls.

The hike’s 5 miles kept us climbing on the first half but after the last waterfall it was pretty much downhill.

A good fall or winter hike.

no shade
28 days ago

Great hike! Did this when cloudy and in still had some pocket of ice at the top, would have been more gueling in a few more months. Long hike, take rests and it wll be ok.

29 days ago

The cars are being towed and ticketed, Park at the park entrance on Mitchell Canyon, You don't want to bet a ticket here

29 days ago

This is a good trail if you are staying at Juniper Campground and want to do something kind of short. It wasn't my favorite at Mt. Diablo, though. It was pretty, but we had to cross the road which made it seem like we weren't in the woods- and the destination was a parking lot. My sis and I took a side trail to Moses Rock on the way back- which made the trail a little more fun.
Right now there is a downed tree going right across the trail at the beginning. it is not easy to go around, above, or below. Hopefully they'll fix that soon.
There was snow, which was nice.
I think summit trail is a better means of getting to the top of Mount Diablo. You can reach that trail from Juniper Campground, it's a little longer, though.

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