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So thankful for all of the shade! Definitely saved me on a hot morning. The uphill climbing was a littleeee rough but the views at summit made it all worth it!

Just did the loop without the tail. Great winter hiking area mostly to yourself.

A very nice hike, very nice views on the path. It was a bit hot so don’t forget to bring enough water! Especially with kids.

Great views and definitely a fun hike. The loose gravel can be rough but well worth the time.

Great hike for 360 views around mnt. Diablo. Started at 9:30 from Juniper Campground (note it takes 25-30 min to drive the curvy road full of bicyclists on a Saturday morning from the park entrance.) I took 4 hours 45 min including 30 minutes to explore the summit. Trails are steep at times but never for too long.

Great hike! Lots of shrubbery needs to be trimmed. You end up going downhill for the first mile and a half then making your way up the back loop. Hike ends with an easy downhill. Start early - the trail started to get busy with Juniper Spring hikers around 12, since the trail overlaps.

2 months ago

Hiking on Diablo is one of the biggest reasons why we all over-pay in rent and mortgages. If you’re not making use of such a beautiful mountain, that’s in your backyard, you may as well move to a different state. This is an amazing and challenging hike with phenomenal views, beautiful wildflowers, interesting animals, shade, sun, creeks and lovely smelling vegetation. This hike is full value and I can’t wait to hike it in a wet season to get a different experience. I would give it 4.5 stars only because a couple of areas have poison oak growing over the trail. Not a big deal if you wash everything as soon as you get home, but it slowed my pace and took my eyes off the scenery in some areas. 6 hours moving- 7 hours total.

Thanks to Mike Siders‘ review, I decided to go on this great hike, as I’m in the area for a business trip. I’m glad I did this hike - a great experience in such a beautiful area.

Fantastic hike today! I did it clockwise from Juniper Campground. There are some steep parts with loose gravel on dirt that I wouldn’t want to do going downhill, so I recommend clockwise.
There were so many gorgeous wildflowers! I also saw a coyote. I added on the spur trail to the summit, since I’d never been there.
There’s a lot of poison oak. Most of the trail is wide enough that it’s easily avoided, except for the Bald Ridge section. Wear pants and long sleeves! It goes up to shoulder height.
Most of the trail is exposed, and it felt warm even though it was under 60 degrees when I started. Wouldn’t want to do this on a hot day. I’ll definitely do it again, though!

Nice hike. I think I would do it the other way around because Eagle Peak Trail has a lot of small rocks/talus for long stretches of trail that you can slip on.

2 months ago

Wow, this one is a doozy! I followed another review and used Juniper Trail and Meridian Ridge Trail instead of back tracking Not sure if this made it easier or harder but my total distance was just about the same, 16.2 miles and slightly more elevation. I wanted to do more of a loop and was happy about the decision. This is a solid hike but it can get windy on the peaks which can be a bit brutal if you aren't prepared for that. I was actually surprised this hike didn't end up being harder, overall it was super enjoyable but it's definitely a long hike, we finished in a little over 7 hours of moving time. If you want an all day hike and to see all Mt Diablo has to offer, highly recommend this one!

This was a great hike and a great time of year to do it.
Everything was still green and blooming. The marine layer kept it cool today.
We did the hike counter clockwise and added the Juniper and Summit Trail loop to it.

Steep hills and an awesome view on top of the mountain.

Awesome hike. Do the Moses Ridge out and back off the Juniper Trail (adds 0.8 miles) for some more great views.

We did this clockwise, starting at the parking area in the back of the Juniper campground. Views are amazing as you make a full circle around the summit of Mt. Diablo. There are some rather steep sections in this loop. The Bald Ridge Trail in particular is like a roller coaster, twisting and turning and steeply climbing up and down, but there are some spectacular view points in that section. It tooks us about 4 hours with a lunch break at the summit.

Lovely trail with views. Feb and March seem like a great time to go to avoid the heat and rattlesnakes.

4 months ago

My route is slightly different in two areas: 1. I included the Falls Trail 2. I did not use Bald Ridge Trail to go Eagle Peak. In stead, I use Juniper Trail and Meridian Ridge Trail . This creates a larger loop with little repetition. The view is stunning. But AllTrails’ software problem got exposed again: the recording showed many line segments. That is disgusting.

4 months ago

Great experience! expect to be hiking for 8-10 Hrs based on how often you stop. Plan on bringing at least half a gallon of water per person and plenty of snacks. Mt diablo is an awesome spot to rest before finishing the rest of the trail.

5 months ago

It was a hard hike but awesome views!

Bald Ridge is a narrow path with brush - Runners may want to use Prospect Gap and Meridian Road paths

The views were great! The trail markers were a bit confusing so make sure you talk to a Park Ranger before starting

Me and my partner came here not knowing where the trail started. We parked at the base of the mountain, took a map and started. Obviously it's a mountain so lots of inclines. It ended up being a whole day hike and it was dark by the time we made it back to our car. Really nice views at the top! We spotted a lot of deer on our way back.

Loved this hike, but make sure you have good hiking shoes. Only reason it’s not 5 Stars for me is the fact that you start the hike with a steep up hill AND end it with a steep up hill. Very beautiful though.

Loved! Great work out and a nice mix of up and down. The trail was really steep and loose at points so make sure you’ve got good shoes (and you clip your toenails!).

6 months ago

Difficult and challenging loop trail primarily on single track with lots of elevation change. Bag 6 peaks in a day (about 10 hours comfortable hiking speed); Mount Olympia, North Peak, Mt. Diablo Summit, Eagle Peak, Twin Peaks, and Mitchell Rock. Bring lots of water and plan on refilling at the picnic area/parking lot right below Mt. Diablo Summit. Excellent loop trail to experience the mountain.

Loop trail from downtown Clayton starting at the historic Clayton Club Saloon (since 1873) with many optional Mount Diablo trails ending back at the saloon. Excellent hike and frosty beers waiting at the end. Make a day out of it!

Good hike, a little mundane along the fire road though.

Challenging hike for 10 miles. 3,000 feet straight up, but mostly on beautiful single track trails (see my recording to avoid monotonous, heavy used fire road). Tracked a loop to the top of Mount Olympia then down the backside back to Regency. Be prepared.

Goes up and down, can be quite steep. If you are in normal shape you should be able to do it without a problem.

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