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Awesome challenging hike with great views.

Great hike for 360 views around mnt. Diablo. Started at 9:30 from Juniper Campground (note it takes 25-30 min to drive the curvy road full of bicyclists on a Saturday morning from the park entrance.) I took 4 hours 45 min including 30 minutes to explore the summit. Trails are steep at times but never for too long.

Really beautiful hike. I took the the Hetherton Loop up and back to avoid the Donner Creek fire road.
6.1 miles out and back.
1200 elevation gain. Moderate with some tough rocky steep areas.
Best I feel in spring or after a rain and not too muddy.
Will definitely do again.

8 days ago

Beautiful clear day. Great training hike. Lots of elevation gain and views to go along with it. The falls are still trickling, but not for long as summer roles around.

I did it as a training hike on 6/9/18 and it was such a rewarding and interesting long hike. Pay attention to the trail map as it is quite confusing.

I love it! Lots of shade and the trails are beautiful.

We went on a hot day and it was not worth it. It was hazy and the view wasn't anything too exciting. The best part was all the fun critters we saw along the way! There were so many ladybugs, lizards, rabbits, and birds. That was super fun to see!
We went counterclockwise; we went up the service road and down the actual trail. Going up was fairly easy, but going down was way harder becuase the actual trail was more up and down whereas the service road was straight up. If it wasn't so hot it would have not been too challenging of a hike.
In terms of water, there was a water spicket about halfway up and at the top so that was helpful.
Pretty much no shade, wear a hat, bring lots of water bottles to fill up at the top you'll go through them all.
To get to the summit, it ended up being 13.8 miles and 3,698 feet elevation gain.

19 days ago

An alternative to the Eagle Peak loop shown on Alltrails is a Back Creek-Mitchell Canyon loop, which we did clockwise. The handout given to us at the visitor center shows the Eagle Peak-Back Creek loop, and this was our original intent. But: When we got to Murchio gap (huff-puff) and after our snack break, we hiked a couple hundred yards north toward Eagle Peak, got to a fabulous lookout, which is very close to the elevation of Eagle Peak. At that point we decided there was little reason to continue on to Eagle Peak, so we returned to Murchio Gap and took the trail to Deer Flat, down Mitchell Canyon to the parking lot. Mitchell Canyon was lovely, and it was a very warm day, so we were happy to have the shade! Total distance: About 7.5 miles, maybe 1 mile longer than the Back Creek-Eagle Peak loop, but actually slightly less climbing, because from Murchio Gap to Eagle Peak, the trail drops (200 ft?), then goes back up to the peak, all in the sun.
We saw quite a lot of poison oak, even in a couple of places hanging over the trail at hand- or face-height. One person in our group of 4 found ticks on his legs when we got back to the car.

Great hike! Lots of shrubbery needs to be trimmed. You end up going downhill for the first mile and a half then making your way up the back loop. Hike ends with an easy downhill. Start early - the trail started to get busy with Juniper Spring hikers around 12, since the trail overlaps.

20 days ago

Went for a Memorial Day hike up to Eagle Peak. I hadn't been here in 10 years and it was exactly like I remembered. Hot, dry, steep, but most of all beautiful and fun. We actually did this loop in reverse, which I found preferable, and we only encountered one other group on the trail.

Bring lots of water and a small garbage back to pack out the rare garbage you might see along the way. There is a cache at Eagle Peak with a notebook to leave your mark. Some people even leave a small gift for the next folks.

Very nice hike but be warned - Middle Trail and Back Creek trail are infested with ticks at the moment. They await on every blade of grass overhanging the trail. Proceed with caution and check for ticks often.

Clockwise. Worth.

Great trail. Very steep in sections. Good workout if done quickly clockwise

Highly recommend this hike during the spring. I saw a bajillion wildflowers, hummingbirds, a family of wild turkeys, lizards, green rocks, and a rattlesnake. Watch out for snakes and poison oak! It’s a long, moderate hike. The trail map on this app takes you to the lower summit but if you want to go to the upper summit it’s only about a half mile added distance. The dirt on the descent was dry so I fell on my butt a couple of times but it was all worth it (I did it counter clockwise).

Beautiful, at this time of year the creek is a little dry but get views and still some water

The return loop was pretty steep and was very sliding, Going to the summit trail was good.

28 days ago

It’s a beautiful trail, tons of wild flowers and small animals. Unfortunately one part of the trail is full of ticks!

30 days ago

Hiking on Diablo is one of the biggest reasons why we all over-pay in rent and mortgages. If you’re not making use of such a beautiful mountain, that’s in your backyard, you may as well move to a different state. This is an amazing and challenging hike with phenomenal views, beautiful wildflowers, interesting animals, shade, sun, creeks and lovely smelling vegetation. This hike is full value and I can’t wait to hike it in a wet season to get a different experience. I would give it 4.5 stars only because a couple of areas have poison oak growing over the trail. Not a big deal if you wash everything as soon as you get home, but it slowed my pace and took my eyes off the scenery in some areas. 6 hours moving- 7 hours total.

While this is a lovely trail, but the parking access has been badly abused. Users have been very disrespectful to the neighborhood. Please access this trail from the Mitchell Canyon Gate and parking lot. The trash left behind, the blocking of driveways and numbers of cars are making it likely that permit only parking will be implemented.

Beautiful hike! Much of it was shaded, and the terrain wasn’t too difficult.

Great hike! The ascent is steep but manageable mostly on fire roads. The descent is mostly single track.

Thanks to Mike Siders‘ review, I decided to go on this great hike, as I’m in the area for a business trip. I’m glad I did this hike - a great experience in such a beautiful area.

Great long hike. Don’t forget to get a pen abc $6 cash with you. You need to fill a form. They don’t have a pen there. Definitely do clockwise, start early to beat the heat. Gets pretty hot and lot of the trail is exposed. Carry lot of water. Ascending gets very slippery sometimes. Wear good shoes; and a hiking stick is recommended. The wildflowers are in full bloom and some are very fragrant. The water up at the summit is not bad. Also the visitor’s center is cool and they have a little walk through museum, which is cute. They also have water, cold drinks, ice cream for sale. On the way back is all fire roads after juniper campground. Cannot imagine doing it counter clockwise. Fun hike!!

Nice short trail added to our Grand Loop hike. It was great weather and everything is still green and blooming.
Watch for poison Oak and tickets.
My tracks are weak due to my driod acting up.

worth the afford.

I did this hike. it was awesome ha ha I did it all the way up. joe Smith on 4-28-18

1 month ago

ALTERNATE ROUTE TO MOUNT DIABLO SUMMIT. Start at the visitor center then go counter clockwise on Mitchell Canyon Road. At the fork in the road take Meridian Ranch Road. From Meridian Ranch Road take Deer Flat Road towards the Juniper Campground. At the Juniper Campground take the Juniper Trail to the lower summit parking lot. Take the Summit Trail at the other end of the parking lot to reach the Mount Diablo Summit. Take the same route back to the visitor center to complete the hike. Hike is approximately 14 miles and took me 6 hours to complete.

The Mount Diablo Park representatives are extremely friendly and helpful. I encountered one while on the trail who made sure I knew where I was going and that I had enough water. I needed about 3 liters of water mixed with Gatorade to stay properly hydrated. I encountered two sun basking rattlesnakes in the middle of the trail during the warm part of the day so beware. The scenery is beautiful with lush vegetation and absolutely incredible views of The Bay. A unique and memorable hiking experience.

Definitively, do it clockwise. Really nice trail going up but be very careful as there is a lot of poison oak along the way. I saw rabbits, hummingbirds, lizards, deer, raccoon and even a snake! Going down is most of the time a smooth ride but the trail is not as nice, as it is very wide (fire road), but despite this it is very interesting as the scenery is different then going up. Took me 5:40hours without counting the breaks.

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