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Nice little hike. Nice views.

Great workout! definitely bring a water bottle, dog friendly .. hard to find parking though, has become a popular place to hike, happy to see people trying to stay active

My husband and I completed this hike on March 15 while we were in CA for my cousin's wedding.

The first half of this trail is mostly shaded, with more sun exposure as we climbed higher. It was pretty chilly and a bit breezy even. Moderately steep almost the entire way. Good views of the rear mountains and of the SGV.

great hiking, nice view

Great hike, nice views. I prefer going counter clockwise. You incline for about 3 miles instead of going clockwise where the incline is a shorter period and the rest is downhill. Easy hike though, you can finish in an hour or less if you keep a good pace

There is a small dirt lot by the trail head and a small dirt area across the street that people were using. I didn't have trouble finding a spot at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. My app clocked it at abut 4.4 miles and it should take about 2 1/2 hours total to complete if you are just walking like we did. Most of the walk there is uphill, but it isn't too bad and of course the walk back is downhill and easy. You take the same way back as you do there. When you get to the top there is a round cement area to sit on with the word potato spelled incorrectly (unless you are Dan Quayle). There are great panoramic views. During parts of the hike you can hear the running water from below.

Nice and relaxing place

nice work out with first half of trail uphill and second half all downhill prefer going clockwise as it's a less steeper and more gradual climb, there's a nice stop at the top with shade and benches then when you're down, a nice canopy of shade trees to finish your hike, prefer to go places where there's free parking, but it's only 3 dollars week day so that's not too bad.

- Solid workout
- Close to city
- Expensive views of mountains and city

- Crowded
- Fire road (not as interesting as single-track trail)

I really enjoyed this hike. I haven’t been hiking much so it was challenging, I almost turned around a couple of times but kept pushing through.

21 days ago

Great hike. Nicely marked trails and mile markers. Beautiful view. Only negative is parking.

I went for my first time today. Very beautiful, helped me relax mentally and also a good little physical trail. Definitely coming back!

Great hike. You have 2 options. To the right you have steep incline for about 3mi, then gradual down. The left is opposite.

this is a great walking trail. perfect for beginners, bike riding, dogs, kids, and anyone who just enjoy quiet nature. It doesn't get too crowded and is always clean and peaceful. lots of shade and trees and grass. I grew up In la verne and have been coming to this trail for years and it's still just as beautiful as it's always been. especially after rainfall. Very easy but very peaceful

Tough trail! Great workout. Uphill till you get to top. Beautiful views.

I really enjoyed this hike with my wife. There is tree coverage in certain parts of the trail as well. We started the hike past the golf course where there is a dirt parking lot at the end of the road. It's an easy hike.

1 month ago

Good quick workout with a great view

Easy - wide open trail. Very dog friendly. there are plenty of stops with shade from overhanging trees.

Be on the lookout for rattlesnakes - they are out and about, even in the winter. I saw one slither away, while letting my pup roam for a place to use the restroom.

I liked this trail.
Some exposed areas could be super hot in summer.
A lot of people/not a walk for solitude.
Bikes zoom down the path, listen for bike warnings.
When the turnouts are full it can be hard to park.
Not long enough to be a day hike.
Pretty trees and rocks along the shaded areas.
Great uphill cardio.
Wide walking path that feels stable (some slightly loose sandy areas)
A lot of people so you feel safe.
Short enough to get a good morning workout and still have your day left ahead of you.
The view at the top is panoramic.
You feel accomplished when you reach the top.

Bring your adventure pass for parking and lots of water.

Great for cardio work out...

Got there early! The incline was a bit tough but I pushed through!

1 month ago

Great for all ages

on Thompson Creek Trail

1 month ago

Nice and easy, relatively flat trail. There is a fully paved road, so it’s easy. There are plenty of ways you can enter. Its main entrances are going to be through Towne Ave or through Mt Baldy Road. You can also begin in the middle of the trail by entering through one of the small neighborhood trails.

It’s nice for a stroll, there are plenty of flowers along the trail and some horses! I wouldn’t consider it as a good hike, but a great stroll.

1 month ago

Get there early. Limited parking. Good steady incline the whole way. you need a Wilderness Pass.

1 month ago

More of a stroll than a hike, this is suitable for families and the elderly. It’s also a less strenuous place to walk if you find the Claremont Wilderness Park closed on a high fire danger day. The whole property is 80 acres, about half of it fairly manicured and nearly all of it flat. Dirt trails loop throughout. RSABG is split into a pleasant upper Mesa area with mature shade trees, water features, groomed trails and curated gardens and the less travelled plant communities section in the back. The mostly shadeless plant communities are blistering hot in the summer; walking back there the landscape can feel as soulless as a vacant lot in Irwindale. However, that’s the place you want to be if you seek solitude. Lately, you can see signs horticulturists are trying to clear away drought or disease stricken dead trees. Best spot in the whole gardens is the gorgeous Master Oak. Ask the kiosk attendant how to get there.

Nice easy trail. Arrive early to beat the crowds. We started at about 7:30 & had the trail to ourselves but by the time we finished there were lots of people & we were being constantly buzzed by mountain bikes (even though there last fews miles they're supposed to go 3mph…)

Great trail! But closed due to red flag until 1/30/18

Great hike to do alone or with friends. A lot of incline, but the view at the top is well worth it!

Great hike went a different route and loved it I know I will be sore tomorrow lol

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