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mountain biking
16 hours ago

This is a great place for beginner to intermediate hikers. This is a higher traffic trail, but it still gives you a great taste for the wilderness.

Love this hike! Take my pitbull at least once a month. My favorite time to go is right before sunset. Great views of the valley and IE, on a clear day you can even see the LA skyline! Have seen many deer

Great trail! View from top is magnificent, take lots of water and maybe a power bar if you’re hiking the entire trail.. 11 miles total..

This was a fun hike. All the reviews were accurate about the beginning being confusing. I parked at the top and walked down the dirt road and saw more parking. Continue to walk up the “private road” and follow it past the houses on the right. After a while you will see a gate past the homes. After that you will only see hikers and maybe a few mountain bikers. I got a little confused on where to turn to start hiking to the peak. You will see a smaller turn to your right and you will bushwack your way up the peak.

My hike was in mid-July so I got on the trail by 7:00am to beat the heat.
This is a wide well maintained trail good for all types of hiking. Two pay-parking lots (upper and lower) are available just south of the trail head and can accommodate over 300 vehicles for a flat fee of $3.00 for 4 hours. I recommend beginning the trail on your left as you enter the gate from the upper parking lot. The trail will head towards the west for about one mile and then turn north for a mile. At the two-mile point you will have reached the pinnacle of the trail and the best is ahead! As you descend the remaking 2.7 miles, there will be an abundance of shade to enjoy as you finish up.

mountain biking
6 days ago

Parked at Oak Mesa Elementary School off Wheeler Ave. Access to the trail through the park over the wash bride takes you to Los Robles right, to Via De Mansion right, to Orangewood St left, trail head half ways down the block on your left. Find the trail head on Google Maps “Marshall Canyon Biking Trail”

Trail has good shade throughout first 4 miles in then it opened up. Not to technical, some loose trails closer to the the top loop. Carful on Roller Coaster Trail coming down.

Fully exposed with little shade. Trail is well marked, clean and busy.

20 days ago

10/10 - I adored this hike.
If you're going to do this hike in the summer months I would not recommend starting after 630am. Also, make sure you bring some sort of bug repellent patch or spray. There are only a couple of areas that it's a problem (down in the canyon near the creek), but it's pretty brutal without any repellent. The beginning of the hike is sort of confusing. The AllTrails app kept me from straying too far from the path. Don't turn right at the first fork. Pass the "residence parking" sign and keep going straight, crossing the creek, then you'll veer up towards the right and squeeze past/hop over the gate blocking Stoddard Fire Road. From there you're good to go.
If you are going to summit do as others before me have written, and look to your right once the trail evens out on both sides. If you keep going it's a beautiful hike (I missed the side trail even though I was looking for it), but it won't get you to Stoddard Peak. I did build a small cairn, and hikers at some point before me had kind of bordered the path to the side trail with stones and branches (I will upload photos). Don't even start up the side trail if you don't have enough water, long pants, and trekking poles. It's a bushwacking situation, and very rocky one you get up top. Personally, I wouldn't have attempted it without my poles and a healthy dose of dedication.
There is a peak register at the top. I plan on doing this hike again soon and will bring another writing utensil or two, since all that was in there was one mechanical pencil. The bushwacking is worth it, if you're up for it.

Incredible view if you make it to the top. Gradual elevation gain, steep in a few places. Might encounter wildlife.

Nice workout. Went to the left, pretty good workout. Lots of other people but generally polite. Parking fee but totally worth it.

I have done this one several times and really enjoy it. It's more a family trail in my opinion than anything. Nothing too too strenuous but there are some parts of it that will get your blood flow going. A few friends and I decided we would run this about a month ago and while the young buck did the entire thing no sweat, the rest of us had to walk certain points. It's a great way to stay in shape though with just enough uphill and down. The views are great the entire time and the gazebo at the top makes for a good little resting spot.
I recommend taking the first left. Its a little more uphill at first but the last mile or two is easier and you'll get shade later on in the hike. Bring plenty of water!
Weekends are filled up so I recommend getting there early and there is a small fee for parking as well.
If you're bringing the pups, they are welcomed but make sure they are on a leash or the rangers will issue a ticket.

Hope you enjoy!

Enjoyed the hike. Our first attempt we only made it to the sign where it leads you to potato mountain. It was 1 1/2 miles of incline so we were exhausted. Next tome we will reach the top. Take plenty of water, and hats because there is not much shade except for the beginning.

Awesome trail, 5 miles out and back, amazing views, smells, wildlife and butterflies. Absolutely loved it. Will definitely do again. Rated as hard on All Trails but, pretty easy going except for the last mile the incline is a little intense but definitely doable. Moderate amount of traffic on trail not that many bikes. Worth doing, just take your time, the view at the top is incredible. And don’t forget to bring a potato.

Ok elevation for cardio.....

Nice hike. A lot of the trail is open (not shady) so it can get a bit hot. The steps going up from the Thompson Creek Trail are steep and hot too! Trail was pretty. A bit dry and dead already, which is a bummer considering it’s only June. I never saw a “pasture.” Kept looking for it. So if there is a pasture, it’s small and there are no signs.

Go down Burbank Trail. It's more of a workout due to it being very steep.

1 month ago

Hiked to Potato

1 month ago

Enjoyable day hike w/great scenery

The left side is harder to go up, but its rewarding at the end... you get shade on the way down.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good climbing route...down hill wasn’t too technical but a little slippery.

Watch out for poop! Lots of dogs on this trail. Not that it's a bad thing, just watch your step.

Hiked this trail the other day because we were gonna do Cucamonga peak, but forgot about a prior engagement that morning so we had to get back in a few hours. Damn! Luckily we spotted this trailhead on the way up.

Easy, decent trail when the wildflowers are in bloom, I imagine it's pretty grim otherwise. Moderate elevation gain makes this a nice little workout at a good pace. Nice view of the city at the top, nothing spectacular but it's something. If anything, the view of the mountains along the way are pretty cool, and the sound of the stream below is soothing.

Great little trek!

Did the trail yesterday at 6am. Saw only about 3 people until I started my return from the top, then I started seeing a lot more hiking up. Saw many wild flowers. You can hear the creek running on the side of the trail. At this time in the am, the trail is shaded the first 1/3 of the trail. Definitely much nicer than Claremont Loop. Fitbit said I burned 1000 cals, 12,000 steps

Great trail with a ton of hikers. Always feel safe here.

This was a pretty decent trail. My average mile was 18 minutes, which was hard to keep that pace with the hills. I am definitely going back :)

Great trail, will be back.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail to get some cardio in. Be on the lookout, I had a bear pop out on to the trail today when I got to the top.

I love this trail it’s a good workout it’s not hard, but it’s a good hike especially early in the morning! I love it!

Awesome trail. Well kept. Rest spots and restrooms are along the trail.

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