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Probably the most magical little staircase in all of SF. It's hard to describe just how amazing it is, you just have to do it! I have no idea why this was rated as hard. I'm writing this review in case someone decides not to go because of the rating. We didn't stop once and I wasn't even out of breath by the time we reached Coit Tower. If you're not in the best shape, I'd rate this as moderate at the most. It's only about a 5-10 minute walk up the stairs, so even if you're out of shape, it will be over before you know it, and you can always take a mini break on the steps and just enjoy the scenery around you. Coit tower offers some nice views, but it doesn't have the same magical feeling as the steps. Highly recommend to everyone. Although, I'd avoid large groups, as the stairs are narrow and people walk on them all the time. Also, please be respectful of the people who live in the neighborhood, they are very nice. Marked this activity as walking because this isn't actually a hike.

overgrown in parts close to the george f. canyon but manageable. to use the martingale trail you need a permit now. in other words, trepassing if no permit

7 days ago

Great place to overlook the city. Good as a short trip, not too much nature but the views are fantastic.

8 days ago

Beautiful and scenic trail around a fairly popular park. We went around 2pm on a Thursday and passed about 5-10 people on our way, some adults walking dogs and some kids getting off school. I walked my boyfriend's dog along the way and found that there were some provided doggy poop bags, which was nice; there was even one doggy water fountain! Overall it was a very easy trail to walk and beautiful the whole way around!

11 days ago

Crowded but fun, and the water is always beautiful. Go on a Thursday night if you don’t mind crowds, and you can pair it with a stroll through the Sunset Market. Skip the burger joint at the end of the pier, there are loads of wonderful food trucks at the market, but grab a giant pier pickle at the stand halfway down and check out the cool historical pictures on a bulletin board across from the shack. It can get cold, so wear layers.

Easy, but boring for me minus the suspension bridge

Took a morning jog from Spanish Landing to Seaport Village. I avoided the crowds by going around 0830. View is beautiful of the bay. A good playlist and lots of sites to keep your mind busy as your walk, jog, run, or bike this route goes by quickly.

This trail was so great! We went on a sunny day and enjoyed all the sights and restraints near the path. I definitely recommend this one, for those whole live close.

road biking
17 days ago

Biked and walked this many times with my family when we vacationed here.

This trail will take you through parts of the city that only the locals know about. Lots of steps, nice view from the tower. Glad that I took the time, no regrets.

21 days ago

Some really cool houses, would be a neat place to live

26 days ago

Too windy and cool at Venice Beach boardwalk today. This was a great sheltered walk a few blocks in from the beach along the canals to see some great architecture.

If you are looking for a nature trail, it’s not the best place to go, as you can mostly see residential areas and hear the hustle and bustle from the 5 freeway. But, if you live nearby and are looking for an easy/moderate hike to a decent ocean view, I would recommend it.

A very easy trail for a place to walk in town, Roseville, California. Running stream to follow. Enjoy the walk

It’s $12 to get into the garden.

Very pretty, but not really a hike!

1 month ago

Fun. No dogs allowed. Easy. Usually crowded. Take a sweatshirt as the winds can be chilly across the pier.

I go hear to disc golf not hike . Althou awesome scenery all around. I could see a nice stroll around the park being nice. Even lunch in the park. You will see there is a lot of sports close by. Beautiful park .

1 month ago

I live down the street and I love this park.
The running track is easy on my shin splints. The rose garden is beautiful and on the weekends there are often craft shows or garden shows at the show hall.
There is a basketball and tennis court, a play ground, and a swimming pool. Lots of trees and I’ve seen that a fairy lives in one of them. (Great for kids)
I wouldn’t recommend riding your bike here, unless your a kid.
On the weekends there are yoga people and prayer circles and parties and drumming circles. It’s just amazing. In the evenings there are a lot of fitness camps and people doing boot camps.
There are tennis courts and a beautiful revamped duck pond. (Don’t feed them bread says the signs)
Lots of people like to bring their dogs and there is a gated dog park a few blocks away over the levee. Lots of benches and picnic tables!
Parking can be a pain in the butt, but there are some spaces, carpool if you can. There is also a library!

Favorite walk. Used to walk this everyday when I lived in PB.

1 month ago

An urban delight. Tons of tourists all the time, but that’s what we get for being in such a beautiful place.

Pleasant Walk, Loved the nice little shops around, lot of people and activities around... It would be great day out on sunny day here...

This was a nice little trek with very light traffic even on a warm Saturday. Crane Canyon doesn't offer much shade so be ready for that if you're out on a sunny day. The Topanga neighborhood tour is really cool - it's the exact kind of unique vibe you'd expect. Ascending out of the neighborhood and back to the ridge line was the hardest part for us, the grade is very steep at points and I was carrying a 15-month old on my back. Once you're back up top you're treated to views of the Pacific and then descend into a long stretch of twists and turns in Garapito Canyon. This is shaded almost the entire way with lots of growth and overhanging branches so be prepared to do some 'duck under' lunges. We only saw one other couple within Garapito which is pretty amazing considering the millions that live within a close perimeter - it was a great little taste of solitude. We moved at an overall steady pace with a lunch break and a couple other quick stops and knocked this one out in about 4 hours.

Very fun. Lots of interesting people and enjoyed the pier at sunset. Huge bubbles were super cool.

The views are worth it!

The trail is super steep and not well maintained. The brush is very overgrown. It’s definitely pretty, and we didn’t see anyone, but if you aren’t prepared to basically be hiking on a tiny unkept path, don’t do it.

mountain biking
1 month ago

a great Trail for training and all around great experience

We couldn't find a single place to park at either end of the trail. There was no parking period. How are we supposed to start when the nearest parking is 200+ yards away?

1 month ago

Better to walk during the week than the weekend. Late Friday tends to be packed.

I love this trail. It is extremely dog friendly, there are dog bag stations and trash cans located along the hike. The views are great. Parking is easy because there are several different places to access the trail and parking is free.

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