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Definitely underestimated the “hard” rating because of how popular this hike is- don’t do that. We enjoyed the hike a lot but it is indeed very hard, steep, uphill, and very hot. Be sure to have 3-4 liters of water per person as it will take you three to four hours in high heat.

The great news is as you get higher there are tons of shady nooks to dive into to rest. Just watch for rattlers.

A shaded trail, sheltered from the wind, and the bugs won't eat you alive.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend this trail and would advise opting for another trail in the Sequoia National Park.

The trail itself is relatively easy until it's not. There is no real viewpoint to indicate the end of the trail, so my boyfriend and I went farther than we were supposed to as there is a faint trail and the map indicated we were going the right way. If you do this, the trail gets incredibly sketchy and there were times where we seemed to be at risk. The trail is also incredibly overgrown and we found both plants and ticks on us when we were done with the hike. There are many other hiking trails in Sequoia that I would argue are much more worthwhile than this trail.

only a mile to falls after you drive 2 miles on dirt road from hwy 168 so 6 miles from hwy or two miles up and back from trailhead. Get with it All trails. You are way off!

beautiful space to relax and get out of the house

Awesome hike! Nice wind caves. Wish there was more to hike.

2 hours ago

This is a really great walk, especially this time of year when wildflowers (Paintbrush, Lupine, Sticky Monkey, multi colored Yarrows) and non-natives (Radish, mustard, chilean lotus) are in bloom. Views are great. The trail section getting up to the bluff from parking is easy for most but challenging for people with knee or limited mobility issues, especially coming back down. Trekking poles helpful for them or recommend starting your hike from the harbor parking access instead (Jean Lauer Trail) as its a more wide and gentle grade. We often extend our walk through the neighborhood and into Fitzgerald Marine Preserve via the old road along the coast and its a roller coaster that demonstrates well why some bluff edges should be avoided.

Great path for my new beach cruiser

Amazing views!

Nice trail. Only saw the ropes course from the mountain not along the hike.

East side of hike typically has shade while the west side has less shade.

5.5m loop took me about 3 hrs. Average hiker here just to give you an idea. Do not worry about getting lost all trail fork had a trail signs and distance. During my hike in the am sometimes it gets foggy so did not see the views. Easy and fun.

4 hours ago

Stunning views. This is an enjoyable challenge in terms of difficulty. Watch out for wildlife on the trail.

6-20-18 hike with my son and had a great day. Took to 10am Tiburon Ferry ($15 each) and started trail by 10:45. The trail going up to 788 feet is about what you would expect, except the views of the bay were spectacular. Also, went to the immigration station as a point of interest and history. Saw a mole on the trail, it was dead but still cool. This hike is all about the views.

It was a fun hike. Bumpy & rocky road to get to the parking lot. Trucks or Jeep will do fine! Make sure to bring lots of water and food. It is rocky trail to get to the water fall. Don't forget bring bug repellent - lots of bugs and mosquitoes.

It was a great adventure. we encountered with big horn ships. They were not afraid of people, they even posed for some pictures! Definitely will go again.

7 hours ago

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Love this hike! Good amount of parking, scenic mountains on the way down and decent work out on the way back. Wear a bathing suit and pack a lunch and hang near the water for a bit. I swam before hiking back to help beat the heat. There is zero shade besides down by the water so be smart. I went last week and there really was just a trickle vs a waterfall but definitely still worth the hike. Oh and get your permit - they checked mine at the tent before entering and then again after I had already done ~2 miles.

Short hike and lots of stairs. The majority of the hike is through super lush forest along a cute creek. There are some mosquitos tho so bring bug spray

Steep and Straight Forward. Great view of surrounding lake.

11 hours ago

Really awesome trail. There were some very dangerous parts including a section where you need to rely on a rope and a few sections where the rocks are super slimy and slippery. I wouldn’t recommend young children and animals try it. The waterfall and swimming hole were amazing. I didn’t love the vibe- it was crowded, the music was blasting, and litter everywhere.

11 hours ago

It's a hard hike but enjoyed every moment of it! Did this hike back in September, we were able to get the permit just a couple days before. There's even a couple bathrooms along the way which really helped because it is an all day hike. We started around 7 AM and really took our time and got back around five. It's tough, but you can't beat the views on this hike! The best hike in Yosemite!

Amazing hike! It is tough and you will be panting, but the views are definitely worth it! The first part of the hike is pretty repetitive with the switchbacks but it gets better and better especially after Columbia rock. We went past The falls up to Yosemite point where there is a beautiful vista of the valley. Highly recommend! We started around one and ended around seven. Did this hike around the middle of April.

It was a tough hike !!!!

11 hours ago

Did this hike a couple days ago. We started from the bottom and stayed for about 30 minutes at glacier point and walked back down. In total it was about six hours. You are climbing the entire time on your way up, but going down was harder, especially on my toes. We had a lot of the hike just to ourselves. The views are worth it but I prefer upper Yosemite falls hike or half dome hike over this one.

We did this trail two days ago, went up to Nevada Falls and then came back around on the John Muir trail. One of my favorite hikes! It's really crowded in the beginning, but after Vernal fall's it's way less people. We started around two and we're done by seven. This is my fourth time doing this hike. The two waterfalls are spectacular!

12 hours ago

This is a great trail, with hiking for all sorts of skills, but it is generally steep.  There is a fire road that is pretty well paved and wide.  There on the west side is an off road type hiking trail where some sort of boots are recommended.  The trails all intersect so I recommend taking a picture of the map when you start because you'll have no cell service and you don't want to be hiking in endless loops.  Plenty of people on the trail but parking is limited for sure and they do ticket

12 hours ago

Great experience to do this hike. It's says 9 miles but it's about 8 on my watch. anyway its not really easy ones specially when it's hot outside This hike with great stunning views of nature. Recommended: start early to avoid hot day weather, have good shoes even boots bcse of plenty of rock areas (we saw people in flipflops I have no words ), drinking water maybe some snack so you can relax and enjoy beautiful views .

Okay folks, this hike is often considered the most challenging trek in all of Southern California and I 100% believe it... my body is still aching all over from it. This is the BEAST of the San Gabriel mountain range. If you are to attempt this 14 mile, 12 hour+ grueling journey you MUST have the following: hiking poles, hiking boots for sure, at least 7-8L of water, try to avoid doing this in the heat or in the summer, and start this trail at 5am or 6am at the latest. I would say this hike is probably 3x more difficult than Mount Baldy. This hike will push your physical and mental limits to the edge. Another thing that makes this hike even crazier is just how steep you have to ascend and descent at different sections, it was literally a never ending rollercoaster ride. I highly recommend wearing long pants and a long sleeve tshirt as you will be dodging enormous yucca plants and overgrown brush all along the trail. It is inevitable that you will get stabbed and fall a few times. This mountain takes no prisoners.

I attempted to summit Iron Mountain on Cinco De Mayo (I guess because I'm crazy lol) and managed to only finish 3/4 of the trail which was brutal in itself (13.1 miles, 10.5 hours). My hiking partner and I only had a few hours of sleep the night before and we started at 9am so we definitely did not set ourselves up realistically for success. Also it was surprisingly warmer than we expected which definitely contributed to exhausting us even more than normal.


This is the same trailhead as Bridge to Nowhere. When you go down the fire road look out for the Heaton Flats sign on your right and the narrow green pathway will set you on your Big Iron journey. Bring an Adventure Pass to place on your car's dashboard and also grab a self issued day permit and keep a copy with you (this can be found at the trailhead).

UPDATE (6/9/18): I officially slayed the beast! Reaching this summit was one of the most exhilarating and intense things I have ever done physically and mentally. The view is breathtaking as you are in the heart of the San Gabriel mountains with 360 degree panoramic views of all the nearby mountain peaks such as Mount Baldy. There is a registry at the top that you can sign and leave your mark which I highly recommend since it's highly unlikely you will want to do this hike ever again or in the near future. It was a pure testament of willpower to reach the top (it felt like eternity to summit). This mountain is NO JOKE and any hiker that plans to attempt this peak must be super prepared. Also the mosquitoes and bugs when you start the last 2.5 miles to the summit start to get real intense. Definitely bring headlamps because you might be hiking in the dark back down the mountain. Another thing, this is the most isolated trail in the San Gabriels so you might be the only hikers the entire day along with just a few others, another reason to be fully prepared because you most likely will not run into any friendly hikers that can help you in case you need anything.

- @justroc @just.trek

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