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Cedar Springs

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Used Eagles Roost as my start finish point, and did the loop counterclockwise this time. Headed out on the South bound PCT and up to Mt. Williamson. Followed the Pleasant View Ridge across to Pallett Mtn. And down to Burkhart Saddle then following the Burkhart trail to the junction with the Rattlesnake trail and back to Eagles Roost. This trail is not for beginners as it follows a seldom used use trail across the ridge that undulates between peaks. There is a plane wreckage that is visible on the decent from Williamson, and Can be explored via another use trail that heads toward it from the saddle, I did not visit the site this time but have in the past there are some good sized pieces still intact and it is very interesting to see. Also the rattlesnake trail enters the Little Rock Creek protected area that is technically closed, but there is no notification if hiking from the Burkhart trail, but you could possibly receive a citation for being in this area but probably not, I have been through here several times in the almost 20 years this area has been closed and not had an issue. This is one of my favorite hikes in the San Gabriel mountains, enjoy and be safe.