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9 hours ago

Finally had a chance to check this place out. The description is fairly accurate: easy, flat sandy trail for the first 3/4 of the 3.5 mile trek, but once you hit the creek and up to the waterfall there’s lots of rocks and creek hopping. Not steep, though. Stick to weekdays if you dislike crowded trails. The creek and falls offer some nice photo opportunities. Great for kids and dogs. I took my 8 and 14 year old boys and they loved it.

10 hours ago

Great hike. Impossible to get lost. Did the loop (some snow on the descent) and just to add to the fun we walked on top of the snow sheds on the way back.

beautiful easy trail!!

Oak and follow the sign for sunset ridge trail. Then you'll be on the trail that leads to the creek. Follow creek all the way up. Mines closed but it's a fun trail. Incline the way there. Decline the way back. 6.5 miles total

Good one but tough to get over all the boulders toward the end. Enjoyable and great sites. Not a beginner trail in my opinion. The trail from parking lot to the start of the “falls trail” is easy but once you start out for the falls it gets tougher and tougher. I would suggest a nice cool day or start early. Proper hiking shoes definitely a must. Pack a snack and appropriate water (depending on the heat).

makes it so easy to find trails and get active. I get lost easy and this helps me stay on track.

17 hours ago

This hike is amazing. The views go on as far as the eye can see. I felt like the further back on the trail I went the more beautiful the scenery was. Well worth the climb!

Loved this trail! it was my five-year old's first hike and she conquered it like a boss. it was easy enough for her to complete it and challenging enough to make her want more.

The waterfall at the end was worth it as well! there was plenty of water and kids playing under the fall. there were a couple of dogs playing as well, but they were leashed so it was relatively safe.

I wish we were more prepared for the hike though...maybe swimwear and extra clothes (and a small plastic bag) so that they can play in the water. we will definitely coming here a couple more times!

1 day ago

This was an adventure for me a relatively new hiker. I started at Bear Gulch so it added 1.7. Take lots of water. Much of the trail is shade but a lot is in direct sun.

1 day ago

One of my favorite trails in the city and a major reason why I love living here. The views are stunning. Well worth the effort.

1st bit probably the most challenging. The cave experience was quite rewarding. I would say the trail is a must if you are in the area. Bring a flashlight and water.

I hiked what I believed to be this trail this past Saturday morning, which was nice and misty. It made for a truly beautiful hike. I am not entirely sure where I made the wrong turn, but on my recording you can see that I did not hike this trail, truly. When I got to the gate for the access road about 7am, it was locked. I found a spot on the street down past the nursery and hiked up the road to the trail system. By the time I got to that point I was so wet and had been roadwalking for so long that I just took the first trail I saw. My total hike was around 4 miles out & back, and I came across both a dwelling far back in the forest, and a beautiful pool of water not far from the dwelling. (I do believe someone lives there currently - it looked that way.) I plan on doing the proper trail soon, but this was my favorite short hike to date.

Great hike to challenge yourself! Very scenic with the reward of the beautiful water at the bottom!

2 days ago

Really beautiful hike! Definitely on the harder side. But, for those (like myself), who are scared of heights - the cave can be sketchy to go in and out of.

This hike is a moderate hike with some uphill inclines and some washed away path areas but nothing that can’t be done. Beautiful views and a fun hike!! At the end is an old mine that you can go in just remember to bring a good flashlight!

Did this hike back in February. It started to snow a bit once we got to the cave but no snow at all on the path.
As mentioned before, the initial climb is steep on goes on for a while. However, I would still rate this hike as moderate, since I feel like I did harder ones that were rated as moderate in this area. It takes a while to get to the actual caves, the hike itself felt like more than 5 miles to me. The caves are quite big and I'd recommend this trail especially for the winter/early spring and late fall time when everything else around this area is snowed in and you're still looking for a somewhat challenging hike.

Did this hike in early May and it was great! A couple of pointers though....
1) I was fooled by AllTrails YET AGAIN on the trail distance. Description says 4.9 miles but it is actually 6.5 miles. The site is usually off a bit but this one is off by quite a large margin so plan accordingly! I did this right around sunset and had to run the last 20 minutes to get my car out by 8pm.. (per the signage you will be locked in after 8pm).
2) The hike is pretty difficult in that it is steep & narrow in several spots w/ slippery gravel so wear hiking boots. I do a ton of hiking and would say this one is borderline moderate/hard. Decent elevation gain but well worth it.
3) Where the f was the dawn mine? There is a sign clearly marked pointing toward it however I ran around that area thoroughly and never found it. Still cool, just was racing the clock due to the distance and did not see what was pictured in some of the photos here. Bummer.
4) Overall beautiful hike. Doing the sunset portion, yes, during sunset made for great views and it really was one of the nicer trails in the LA/Pasadena area. There is a nice little picnic area toward the peak elevation on the sunset trail side & you can see DTLA. Very nice. The stream is really tranquil and there are fun wooden footbridges and rock jumping to keep things interesting on the dawn mine side.
5) Definitely have the trail map handy as there were several times I would have been lost without it. Lots of intertwined trails around here so be careful to stay on this one. :)
Happy hiking!

About a mile hike in. Trails are defined and rugged at times but family friendly (5 years and up). The river and falls to Natural Bridges is impressive and a must see. Parking (along hwy) can be a bit tricky starting late morning, but well worth planning to go early in the morning. Swimming area is shaded in areas, shore is rocky and steep in areas. Beautiful location. Watch out for Poison Oak along Trail.

We hiked this yesterday. It is a moderate hike that is best done in the early hours to avoid the heat. The path is asphalt all the way and there are clear signs posted at the entrance to it from the highway. There many towers and buildings around when you get to the top. On the trail, contrary to what most posts say, it was easy to find shady spots but the heat could get intense if there is no wind. My group was lucky enough to have a nice breeze most of the time. We started the hike around 10:00 am and were back to our car in about 3 hours with tons of stop for pictures and rests. The views are amazing. Glad to have done it.

With is a very beautiful park with an awesome view. We enjoy walking with our dog.

Caves were crowded. Would go earlier next time.

Very pretty. Bring lots of water, I went through 3L

Great time today, on Mother’s Day, for a hike. The wife and kid braved the cold water and swam through the cave to the other side. The wife even ran into her cousin!
Easy hike down, and fairly easy uphill all the way out.
Bring a pair of water shoes and a towel.
We will be back!

Really fun trail , cave 1 visually beautiful and fun to explore around in , also a neat place to swim.Hike further down to cave 2 some scrambling and climbing required but don’t leave without exploring the second cave, this one was occupied by bats and a couple other critters.On the way to the second cave the stream was flowing with fish and there are some cool spots to sit on the smooth rocks and enjoy the stream. Save some energy to hike back out remember it’s uphill the whole way

Very steep in parts and lots of loose rocks and gravel underfoot so be careful. Views from the top are fabulous

How to make this hike easier: go counter-clockwise to avoid the steep incline at the start of Canyon View Trail.

How to make this hike more difficult: add in McCorkle Trail to Cerro Este Road. Clockwise, this only adds a bit more elevation at a fairly gradual pace. Counter-clockwise, this adds a good amount of elevation that matches about the same incline as if you started Canyon View Trail clockwise (a.k.a. it's a decent challenge). This also adds about a mile to the hike.

What I Liked: The views on Cerro Este Road are really nice. I also like the trail portion of Canyon View Trail between Cerro Este and Geary Road; it's partly shaded and only lightly trafficked. It's also nice that there are several spots to get down into the water along Geary Road. Finally, if you take McCorkle Trail, that trail has some really nice views on the way to it's peak where you can see the lake in the distance.

What I Didn't Like: The Geary Road portion is a road where people drive. There weren't a lot of vehicles on this portion, but a couple did pass me.

Overall: It's a nice hike that's a bit strenuous. The trail goes from heavily trafficked in some parts to lightly trafficked in others. At some points, I would go half an hour and not see anyone. At others, I'd pass 5 or 6 whole families in the span of a few minutes.

Great hike, needs more signs! Made a couple wrong turns but eventually made it to the top and it was totally worth the view!!

Writing again as a father of 4. As many have said this place can get busy. We arrived just prior to 9 AM on a Saturday and were the first ones there. The restroom at the trail head is pretty rough but usable. The trail itself is easy in length but there are a couple spots that involve significant drop offs next to the trail. You'll want to keep the little ones close. There is also a ton of poison oak so stay on the trail. The cave is amazing! It's shallow enough for smaller children and those not brave enough to head into the cold dark water. For the bigs and the brave the inner part of the cave is spectacular and the other side of the main cave is less crowded. The river leading out of the cave can be traversed for quite a ways but I HIGHLY recommend water shoes. There were plenty of places to check out fish, crawdads, and tadpoles for the kids. Overall upper natural bridge is a great place to bring the family for some outdoor fun.

great hike with lots of different environments. Saw some cows, one rattlesnake on the side of the trail once the sun was overhead. The view from the top was gorgeous. The only reason for 4 stars is there is a narrow section of the trail that follows the side of a large hill that has heavy brush on both sides. I had ticks crawling up my pant legs with every step. I was in front of my dad which was good because he was wearing shorts. Other than the ticks would definitely do again!

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