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Campo, California Map

This hike has some great views but it is not easy! Bring plenty of water but travel light, it’s a long one. I went counter clockwise around the trail, almost missed an arrow made of stones pointing me towards the trail at one point in the left so keep your eyes peeled. Once we made it around the base of the mountain, overlooking the dam, it got pretty unclear where the trail was, but look for the big steel cables and follow that up the side and you’ll find the trail again. Once you’re at the top it’s kind of a free for all since it’s basically just rock and nothing obstructing your path. Enjoy the views!

I'm in awe of every hiker who has completed this trail and everybody who attempts it. You inspire me. This trail looks fantastic from what I have seen on YouTube and what I have heard about it. I wish I could attempt it but it is physically impossible for me to thru hike it due to medical reasons. You all are awesome. Happy trails... ☺

Attempted the loop clockwise, starting down the PCT and then up to the summit. Lots of cairns to help navigate, mostly definitive trail up to the top. Totally epic summit, like walking across a massive rock floor. We trekked north and tried to join the trail that goes down the north side of the mountain down to the lake, but got super lost in a very brushy area. We bushwhacked around and referenced the GPS, but just couldn’t manage to piece it together. We ended up backpedaling and went back to the trailhead the same way we came up. I plan to go back and try to do the loop counterclockwise from the lake road. Highly recommend this hike, very long and grueling journey, but the peak is worth it.

4 months ago

04/13/2018, hiked Los Pinos Peak Fire Lookout Tower from four corner, counterclockwise up to the peak and looped down via spur meadows, way trail, corral canyon trail and wrangler trail for 9.06 RT hiking mileage and 1,537 ft. elevation gains! Great view of Corte Madera Mt from the summit! I was surprised and disappointed to see lots trash of empty plastic water bottles and tuna and/or sardine cans! Good hike and passed mountain bikers and a few motor-cross bikers. Overall great hike!

off road driving
4 months ago

Gunslinger (11) was a really good intermediate trail. It’s narrow, but I never ran into another truck to try to squeeze around. There are some tricky spots if you don’t know how to find a decent line, but overall it should be enjoyable to most off-roaders. I completed it in a stock 3rd Gen 4Runner (4wd/ rear locker) with decent tires. I only decided to do one section in 4wd Lo, but it probably wasn’t necessary. The only real downside is this trail alone doesn’t really go anywhere, it links to harder trails that I’ll need to try in a group.

4 months ago

Hiking this trail will change you, in a good way.

Great trail going up to the butte. Well maintained since it is part of the PCT. great views from top of the butte. You can spend hours scrambling around rocks and peaks. However, it is pretty easy to get lost up there. Thank to those whole pile rocks on top of each other to mark the trail. The back side of the loop is crazy intense because it is hard to find the trail. At one point the trail will take you down through a steep side of the mountain that it is so crazy sketchy but, satisfying when it is done. After that, is easier to navigate. But, will recommend going up and down through the PCT. much better. Great hike. Do recommend. Best is you have company to help navigate. Thank you for the gps tracking on this app. I sure used it a lot up there.

I had a great time. The trail was in good shape, the people were nice, & the weather was a little cold (17deg & snow). This is what you get at 7000 feet in February.
The only problem I had with water, was when it froze. I never ran short.
I did get "turned around" for 15 minutes in a snow "whiteout" just before Warner Springs.

5 months ago

Great for kids. The lake had recently killed a bunch of Carp in the lake, so there were 100’s of dead fish along the shore. Perfect for kids to explore and great views overall.

off road driving
6 months ago

Best place to go near San Diego. Everything from easy to very difficult. I’ve done all the trails, but bronco peak and bronco peak connector are my favorite. At least be equipped with a rear locker to tackle the connector.

hiked nb from lake morena to scissors crossing. mt laguna is very beautiful with views of the dessrt for miles.

hiked SB from the 8 to the border. it's a nice taste of what southern cali land has to offer to the eyes

I did a small portion of this section from Scissors Crossing(MP72?) for about 6 miles and then back on same trail to my vehicule. Very nice trail with views on the mountains and valley. Expecting to do another portion in few days..wow

I love the freedom of the woods

8 months ago

There are some misconceptions about this hike. First, let’s start with how to get there. Definitely come in via NO (North) Main Divide Trail (aka Forest Route 3S04, also marked as El Cariso Rd) off the 74. Easy flat road. Then, after 10-15 min, you’ll reach a sign for the Blue Jay / Falcon Campground pointing left, or pointing right, to the now dirt partition of the NO Main Divide. Park here if your vehicle can’t take 1-2 ft deep pot holes (you really do need four wheel drive to proceed). If your vehicle can take it, you’ll save 3.4 miles RT off this 5.1-2 mile hike by proceeding 1.7 mile up the now dirt NO Main Divide road. There’s just a gate here - nothing to say “you made it to this hike’s starting point on AllTrails.com!

*You need an adventure pass* available at the Ortega Candy Store or Country Kitchen. Very visible off the 74.

About the hike: stunning views of all major peaks in SoCal and even the young brother known as Mt Santiago. Piños = pine, yes - but very few trees. You need a hat and plenty of sunscreen, no coverage on this hike. Los Piños peak itself is pretty barren except for some rocks and manzanitas. Beautiful, great, and easy work-out though.

on Corral Canyon

off road driving
8 months ago

A great experience. I would recommend to get the magnetic body armor for the doors. You will get scratches on the doors and body. Defiantly bring someone who is experienced to get get through some of the areas.

All in all it’s a must try!

Great views of the lake! No steep ups or downs. There is a mountain lion warning at the beginning of the trail so be prepared. Took me 1.5 hrs to complete. Very peaceful and serene, nobody else was on the trail. Be sure to stop in at the ranger station and check out the little museum, awesome.

just tried this one, i had a blast. I have a stock expedition and had no trouble. great views and a nice breeze. when you get to the end, you can turn around or attempt Espinoza trail. I'm not sure about Espinoza trail, looked a little hairy for my Ford.

Life changing.

trail running
Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tough hike with scenic views and is lightly trafficked. I extended the distance that was shown here by hiking to the Marine Corp Firefighter Memorial(8 firefighters died in the canyon, 1943). Parking is very straightforward, follow the directions from the app and park in the roundabout dirt lot, no parking pass required.

It is about 7 miles to the memorial and requires that you turn right at Hauser Creek RD when the PCT intersects with it around 4.3 miles. Once you turn right keep going for about 1.7 miles(keeping the creek bed on your left) until you hit a water source 6 miles into the hike (year round, flow observed 7/24/17). The water is flowing and can be filtered and drank.

After this you will continue for 1 mile on a trail that is poorly maintained and may require some bushwhacking. Eventually you should pass an old stone dam on your right, which is also a potential water source. Continue until you see a large stone directly to the right of the trail with a bronze plaque indicating you have arrived at the memorial. This is a turn around point for the 7 mile hike(14 round trip).

Return back the way you came, be prepared for a more difficult hike back up out of the canyon. Take a look at some of the pictures I've attached to see of the hike interests you.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Got it class of 2017. Lots of water this year and some great times and views. Got that first 26 miles in on day one too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This was a great section of the PCT to hike, but not my favorite section in Southern California. I was out today (July 10) and it was HOT. The description says used March to October but the heat was brutal and I was the only person on the trail. Bring at least 4 liters of water, a hat, and sunscreen if you are going to do this one in the summer. The channel in the canyon was not flowing. There were some remnant and stagnant pools of water you can filter for emergency purposes if need be. I went through about 3500mL of water and did the hike in a little less than 4 hours. It is just over 9 miles round trip. I saw a snake but it wasn't a rattlesnake. Lots of hummingbirds and other birds were out. Cool experience but I'll probably wait until the wet season before going back.

off road driving
Sunday, July 09, 2017

Some fun trails. We were just a small group of two JK's. One unlimited with 3.5" lift, 34" tires and lockers. The other stock Willys door. We had fun on gunslinger and even made it to the Bronco peak 3 trail but opted not to go up. Decided to try to go down to Broncos flats 5 but as we were going to head down there was a few dicey sections we decided not to chance by out selves so headed back out on Gunslinger 11 out to Skye Valley Road to finish our loop. Defiantly high brush that will mark your body but the trail made up for it with some nice rock obstacle and great views.

off road driving
Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The outer ring and gunslinger are easy, but the rest is more difficult than advertised. Be prepared for pinstripes and clearance problems at a minimum. Air down and sway bar disconnect recommended. Come with your own recovery equipment or bring a friend that has some.

So hot did in 2015 little water.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Friday, May 12, 2017

Awesome trail to hike! Bring big spray but there are some great views!!

off road driving
Monday, May 01, 2017

Me and My hubby "Pete" had a great time.. Took our Jeep and our dog, Suki.. Off the city Roads .. Had lots of FUN!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

If you don't have 5-6 months to take off to thru hike the entire PCT then do it on the weekends. There are numerous side hikes and peaks to bag along the way. Anyone can hike this trail. It's very well maintained and marked. There are no really strenuous climbs or descents.. You have no excuses. Find a partner and do this. You'll be so glad you did!

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