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overall I gave it three stars but if you want to use it purely as a running trail I probably give it 4 stars because it's very flat and it's a loop so you can just jog the 2.3 miles or you could double up or triple up.

I went about 4 p.m. on July 29th so I guess that would be at the top of the heat part of the day. I never said I was bright. especially since I'm definitely a heat wimp. The Highway 17 side of the trail is about 90% sun exposure so that's not terribly fun. The glare of the sun sometimes affects your ability to look into the creek. There is also a lot of overgrowth blocking some views. But there are sections where the creek is more opened up and it's very relaxing to watch. Not a ton of nature stuff going on given that it's a pretty heavily trafficked Trail. But I saw a squirrel, doves, ducks, goose, and one Heron flying right over the creek. The return stretch back to the beginning on the other side of the creek is much nicer. I'd estimate 70% shaded to partially shaded. this was my first look at this loop trail. I think there's a good chance I'm going to make it a routine running trail for me. I suppose another nice thing about the trail is its location being so close to downtown Campbell. you're 2 minutes away from restaurants and coffee shops to take a breather after your walk or run.