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mountain biking
3 days ago

This is easily one of the best trails in the area. Killer views the whole way, and at the top an absolutely amazing lookout spot perfect for sitting on a rock and having some lunch. Very fun for hiking and mountain biking. On the way down you can go extremely fast on your bike without having to worry about it being too technical.

4 days ago

this was a great hike. Scenic in several spots with some short steep sections. near the top is an are where past hikers have built various stone formations. highly recommend.

Varied terrain and nice payoff at end.

The section between the labyrinth and table rock is in poor condition which adds to the difficulty. The views are excellent.

Great hike but I would rate the actual Ritchey Canyon to Coyote moderate++. The start on Redwood Trail is a mild, subtle incline with a wide trail and is easy going. At about 1.5 you get leave for RC-CP and it gets fun! More noticeable gains and steeper inclines, traversing small creeks and some rocks, an incredibly narrow path dolloped with poison oak to keep you on your feet. Once you actually get to CP, a rock-staircase will take you up the final ascent with full sun (only 5-15 mins or so.) I lost my footing twice on steep declines, which rarely happens. I did this hike alone and after about mile 2.5, felt somewhat uncomfortable. Limited room for error on a lot of the trek due to narrow trails traversing canyon-sides. Kept Alltrails GPS on and had to backtrack twice, signs somewhat confusing. Would do again w a partner, not alone. Wouldn’t do it after any rain as even dry trails lead to a couple near-misses. Pretty hike overall, good workout and nice terrain. Didn’t see much wildlife (they probably saw me though

29 days ago

I give it 5 stars for the view throughout the hike and especially at the summit, as you sit down and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding counties. The vegetation is slowly growing back and most seem respectful to thread lightly and not disturbing the environment much. I wish they'd allow dogs here to hike.

Great hike!! The trail get can get crowded during the spring time for good reason. It gets extremly hot in the summer months, so bring plenty of water and some sunscreen!!!

Did this one on Memorial Day, started at 7am and had incredible views of Calistoga and the Napa Valley to ourselves.The winds were so strong around the first peak that we had to turn around, they almost blew us over at one time and he dirt from the road flew in our eyes. Will try again another day to reach the top.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with great views. Lots of poison oak but it's easy to avoid. You don't need hiking boots but I agree that flip flops probably wouldn't be good footwear for this particular hike.

1 month ago

Very tough hike! The day I was there it was sunny with a nice breeze, there isn't much shade so make sure you wear sunscreen and wear a hat, I also suggest bring plenty of water! There is a lot of fire damage but you still get amazing views, one of the most amazing hikes I've been on definitely planning on going back soon!

1 month ago

This trail was a great workout. It's a fire road for the 4.2 miles to the tower. Lots of burn scars from the recent fires but the views were amazing and lots of wild flowers. We will be back again.

Nice hike

This hike was awesome! Definitely try to go on a clear day and bring a hat.

It’s a pretty nice trail. Technically easy. You can shorten or lengthen it at a lot of points during the trail. Dogs are not aloud on the trail.

An all day hike. The fall and spring are the best times for this trail.

2 months ago

Rocky trail, very pretty

Went hiking on this trail on the Monday morning (4/23/18). Weather was pleasant, warm but a nice breeze. The first part of the trail is shaded and cool. The first mile in you arrive at the memorial for Robert Louis Stevenson. Then you keep moving up hill until you reach a wide open fire road with limited shade. You are on this road for the rest of the hike. Make sure to wear sunscreen, hats or both. Bring lots of water and snacks to keep your energy up. The trail is lined with burnt trees from the wild fires, but you see the beauty of the new growth from the ashes.

a tough Trail! definitely where the right attire, drink plenty of water and where a hat for this hike. too many people that I saw were just wearing jeans and regular dress shoes with no hat or little water you can see it in their faces.the ones that weren't prepared and those that were. worth the body aching at the end of the day!

2 months ago

Great hike; Halfway through the hike someone had placed a really cool labyrinth made out of the local rocks. The hike up to that point is fairly easy; after that it gets a little steep ( not bad going down but challenging on the way back). It was fun though; almost like a mini canyon scramble.

3 months ago

The scenery is amazing and the miles are long - start early and bring sunscreen!

This trail is stunning - both the views and the variety of terrain you’ll encounter: many exposed roots and rocks of all types (small, large, jagged, smooth, loose and secure). This was definitely “difficult” with several sections not runnable. I was not feeling well and had to hike/walk more than I planned and didn’t complete the entire Out and Back. There are sections where I had to scramble through larger rocks and downed trees, which made it easy to go off course if you’re not paying attention (like me). Fortunately I had just purchased the PRO version and had downloaded the map so I was able to bushwhack and find another switchback of the trail.

3 months ago

A little muddy in spots due to melting snow, and very little shade, and absolutely beautiful.

What an awesome view on top!!! I was confused on what side to start on... coming from Napa I went left side of road. Not totally sure now if this was table rock. I think it’s on the right side, lol. Anyway... so pretty at the top. Started with a ton of switch backs to a road then from the road you get to the top. Gorgeous! Even though trees are burnt the beauty is still there. On the way down I was looking for the sign back to the switch backs and I got lost. I had to track back along the road which was not the safest but it was better then back tracking 30min and another hour down. Anyway, totally worth it just the sign needs to be more in view to get back down on the trail not the road.

4 months ago

Lots of ups and downs with absolutely amazing views. You’ll earn them with the elevation gains and losses. The terrain is varied and keeps it interesting. Can be chilly with the wind so bring a windbreaker if it might be cool. Hiking poles really helped.

One of my favorite hikes of all time but it does require you to pay close attention to where you place your feet and your poles if you use them. From Table Rock TH down to Oathill Mine TH, the elevation change is not that great, maybe 500 ft all in all. But the terrain is "busy". An unrelenting rock and boulder party there to trip you up at every step. Some scrambling but nothing technical. The views are spectacular and because many people dislike the terrain, it's rarely busy.

Great hike and lots of hidden gem views.

Stunning views with varying landscape.

Awesome trail and views. Dog friendly off the leash. We did the 4miles one and was espectacular!

I loved this trail. I would rate this closer to hard. The views were amazing. And the challenge was perfect. I can’t wait to do it again. If you’re going to do it, do to the end. Climb the rock and enjoy those views.

I would say this trail is about 50/50 in the shade and sun which is nice during cooler days, but would be a bit uncomfortable in the summer. The views however are amazing. At about 2.5 mile, you start to see really incredible views of the vineyards and grasslands with the best view at the end of the trail. The trail is rocky for most parts and there's a steady incline the entire way. I would rate it about easy-moderate. Easy if you regularly hike, but a little of a challenge if you're just getting into hiking. The trail also has 1 mile markers along the way which is helpful to know how far you've gone.

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