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29 days ago

Making it all the way out to Table Rock and back may be hard/difficult for those that aren't in athletic shape. My wife and I are weekend warriors when it comes to hiking and while we enjoyed our hike, we found that the trail was pretty rough from the Table Rock overlook marker (around the half way point) on to Table Rock. If you're looking for a great view spot with minimal effort needed, then the first outcropping of rocks just past the overlook marker would be a great hike for those that aren't in the mood to scramble down (and then later back up) washed out trails on often loose rock. Lots of ankle twisters and I wish I'd brought my trekking poles.

Overall still a great time, but it wasn't an easy hike for us. We saw families coming up the trail thinking that it was going to be a breeze for their young kids to make it all the way out and back too, and I can't help but to think it's due to a lot of the reviews on this site.

You only have a shorter section of rock scramble to go down if you're wanting to see the rock labyrinths, but it's still a bit of a hike for young ones.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike today - even though it was pretty warm! It begins in the madrone forest so stays cool. And then it just goes up. I turned around at mile 5 but would say from mike 3-4.5 was the most interesting! Views and geology are amazing. Wish I’d brought my binoculars as there were many birds in the morning.
Also note that app says the trail
Is 6 miles to the end but the trail markers and map say it’s 8 miles.

Great hike! It has a variety of challenges, but nothing too strenuous. Views are tremendous all the way.

Hiked this in September. We turned around shortly after the 4 mile marker because of the time . A good portion of the hike is wooded so a lot of shade . It opens up to a meadow area and the trail has a continuous incline in elevation. The views of the valley are awesome and although we were there on a Saturday morning, there was very little traffic on the trail. A few runners and a handful of other fellow hikers . Great trail!

We walked to the grist mill, steep climb with loose rocks. We toured the mill, Scott the volunteer docent was very informative. The Miller started the mill wheel. Very cool. The tours are on weekends. Thanks to Scott and the Australian Miller.

Nice hike with somewhat challenging elevation. Cool rock formations and some nice views. great for a short hike

1 month ago

One of our favorite hikes, we do it every time we visit the area.

A Nice hike. The stone formations were interesting.

The hardest hike I have ever been on, I parked in Calistoga and went up from there, it was brutal and beautiful.
I went alone but not the smartest idea for this trail.
Be very careful the last mile below table rock, there are 3 wrong trails you could get on accidentally that can run you into trouble if you took it too far. Watch your map closely in this section.
Bring 2 to 3L of water it took me about 5+ hours to complete. But well worth the long trip

This is a beautiful trail and well worth the short hike. I’m not sure why it’s rated easy, though. Sure, it’s only 2.2 miles round trip, but the elevation change and sometimes unstable ground make it a little more taxing than “easy”. There is poison oak along the trail, but since it’s the end of summer it wasn’t all over the trail and was easily identifiable since the leaves were red. It may be more of a problem in the spring and early summer.

I found this hike to be very well marked and easy to follow, with plenty of signs including mileage. Limited but free parking off the side of the road with trailhead on the right side of the road coming from Santa Rosa. Truly wonderful hike, I did it in the late afternoon and early evening and recommend this time of day as it’s not too hot and the light was beautiful.

The trail after Table Rock is in pretty poor condition and hard to find. Definitely have the map handy. I ended up loosing the trail completely and only doing about 11 miles. I’ll have to go back when there are less leaves and brush or with someone who knows the trail well. But the views and the labyrinth are amazing and worth the sunny hillsides.

We only did the trail from the top to the bottom. Not sure how it says 19 miles. The markers says 2.2 miles to table rock and once to table rock it says it’s 8.2 miles to Calistoga I believe. The palisades trail portion in between table rock and oat hill mine trail is in very bad shape. Trees down that you have to climb through and lost the trail 2-3 times. Beautiful views though.

I still have dreams of this beautiful trail!

2 months ago

One of my favorite trails in Northern California!

I really like this hike as it’s not very long and a lot to see. However $12 is a bit steep

3 months ago

Beautiful hike! I did the first four miles up Oat Mine trail, it is CLOSED from that point forward through September 23 due to wildfire risk. You can turn left though and continue on Palisades trail, which I did for an additional mile- this affords you some cool views looking back down on the trail you came up. Also about a half mile down Palisades there is a cool sort of cave that makes for a shaded lunch spot. Otherwise pretty sunny trail especially after the first few miles so bring lots of water and go early. I did my hike from 10-3 pm in August and it was really hot on the way down. Parking at the trail head is free but quite limited - I had no problem finding a spot but imagine it’s more popular in the cooler months.

Good but the brush at the peak was too tall for a view of the valley .

3 months ago

I loved this hike/run. Having read many disparate reviews of this trail without full context, two disclaimers: 1. I only had two hours, so I had to turn around after about four miles (eight miles round trip) and 2. I do a lot of trail running/races which include lots of elevation and rough terrain. That said, I thought this was an easy trail, elevation changes were mostly very manageable if not easy. Trail was well marked (there are numerous spurs, but it is very obvious they are spurs to intermittent high points to get a view) and the surface was almost perfect for trail running with the expected exposed rock and roots along the way to add a welcomed degree of difficulty to keep it interesting. The views were awesome! From interesting rock formations to sweeping views of the valley to fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and canyons this trail offers a visual treat. Lots of opportunity to hike up to different peaks to see a variety of views. Also, seeing the ruts in the rock of old wagon wheels was really cool. Just imagining miners making the trek in mule pulled wagons up this trail is facinating.
Regrettably, I did not make it quite to the Holm's homestead, but definitely will the next time I am in Napa. I would highly recommend this trail to anyone, but especially trail runners who want elevation gain. If you are not accustomed to hiking/trail running, this is still a great trail, but just be prepared and be realistic about your physical conditioning. A few things to keep in mind. First, there is very limited parking at the base of this trail. If you do not get there early, I would suggest parking toward Calistoga and walking over. Second, I would suggest starting early as I am sure it gets very warm later in the day and the only water will be what you bring. Third, definitely take the time to hike up some of the separate spurs from the trail for additional views. This trail, compared to Bothe and the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail to the Mt. St. Helena peak, is far superior in my opinion. Views are just as good as Mt. St. Helena and although you do not have the redwoods of Bothe, there are a lot of trees and beautiful rock formations. I also saw lots of wildlife (fortunately, no mountain lions!) including a large jack rabbit that sat patiently as I fumbled with my iPhone to take several pictures of him from about five feet away. To sum up, great trail, awesome views, and a great workout! Have fun and be safe! Go Billikens!

3 months ago

We were looking for a reasonably challenging hike with great views that we could do in under two hours. While no way to make the entire trail that quick, it was perfect, with a wide, well groomed trail through at least the first two miles. Super close to downtown Calistoga. Looking forward to going back to do the full trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago

This is easily one of the best trails in the area. Killer views the whole way, and at the top an absolutely amazing lookout spot perfect for sitting on a rock and having some lunch. Very fun for hiking and mountain biking. On the way down you can go extremely fast on your bike without having to worry about it being too technical.

4 months ago

this was a great hike. Scenic in several spots with some short steep sections. near the top is an are where past hikers have built various stone formations. highly recommend.

Varied terrain and nice payoff at end.

The section between the labyrinth and table rock is in poor condition which adds to the difficulty. The views are excellent.

Great hike but I would rate the actual Ritchey Canyon to Coyote moderate++. The start on Redwood Trail is a mild, subtle incline with a wide trail and is easy going. At about 1.5 you get leave for RC-CP and it gets fun! More noticeable gains and steeper inclines, traversing small creeks and some rocks, an incredibly narrow path dolloped with poison oak to keep you on your feet. Once you actually get to CP, a rock-staircase will take you up the final ascent with full sun (only 5-15 mins or so.) I lost my footing twice on steep declines, which rarely happens. I did this hike alone and after about mile 2.5, felt somewhat uncomfortable. Limited room for error on a lot of the trek due to narrow trails traversing canyon-sides. Kept Alltrails GPS on and had to backtrack twice, signs somewhat confusing. Would do again w a partner, not alone. Wouldn’t do it after any rain as even dry trails lead to a couple near-misses. Pretty hike overall, good workout and nice terrain. Didn’t see much wildlife (they probably saw me though

Great hike!! The trail get can get crowded during the spring time for good reason. It gets extremly hot in the summer months, so bring plenty of water and some sunscreen!!!

5 months ago

Beautiful trail with great views. Lots of poison oak but it's easy to avoid. You don't need hiking boots but I agree that flip flops probably wouldn't be good footwear for this particular hike.

It’s a pretty nice trail. Technically easy. You can shorten or lengthen it at a lot of points during the trail. Dogs are not aloud on the trail.

An all day hike. The fall and spring are the best times for this trail.

6 months ago

Rocky trail, very pretty

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