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Went off the main paths and traversed some steep hills. Did not make it to the caverns but will definitely return.

Wide trail, plenty of room for hikers and riders. Rolling hills with low grade climbs.

Beautiful hike that starts with a gentle descent. Heavy rainfall earlier in the week left plenty of water in creek and everything green. Trails are well-maintained and there is shade for most of trail. Had to cross two small streams. Fun and will do again!

Great hike out and back... good climb but mostly gradual so not to steep

5 months ago

An easy lop than can be done at a leisurely pace.
Note: My hike added a short extension that makes this a 5 mile loop. But AllTrails won't allow me to include that portion with it's write option so I've added Waypoints so you can see where that section is. This extra section is rated moderate and should be avoided if you have a stroller etc.

Very nice! Not hard at all so is good for kids.

Hey, my husband, dog and I must literally be the laziest, most out of shape pieces of shit on the planet because we considered this hike STRENUOUS. We hiked counter clockwise and felt like after the first 1/3, the inclines were never ending. We were completely wiped out at the end and my husband actually had to carry our 4-year-old, 70 lb. pit bull from the trail head (at the end) to our car. Kudos to all of you who consider this hike EASY, you are living your best life. FYI - I am 44 yrs old, 130 lbs and my husband is 29 yrs old, 175 lbs and a professional skateboarder. I only mention that to show that we are average active humans and not sedentary obese couch potatoes who don’t hike. This hike is not EASY for everyone. It’s beautiful though, that is for sure! Make sure you wear well padded soles, tons of fist sized rocks on the trail and I felt every single one!!!

6 months ago

Awesome trail. Shady most of the way up, dense forest/shrubs, well-maintained trail, few people, great views on the way up. Only downside is that it ends at a road as opposed to a peak.
Correction- You can connect to the Backbone Trail by turning right on the road at the end of the trail, then turning left. This leads up past some sandstone outcrops, then views of the ocean and LA.

A quiet hike. Not many people. Annoying that there are no trail markers. Makes finding the connector trails for the loop hard to find.

The trail begins in a lush California forest filled with oak trees and a beautiful dry creek along the path. Finding the various mountain streams that lead to the creek was a fun diversion. As the trail continues through open spaces filled with various native brush, you realize that you are at the bottom of a canyon surrounded by green mountains.

Moderate, steady climb with good views of Calabasas and big sandstone rocks. We did it with 5 and 7 year olds and were fine. A little slippery in spots but good.

Wow, AllTrails updated the route based on my experience. Nice!

Walking clockwise the trail is impassable about a mile in. With some common sense and gps you can work out a detour that will add maybe two tenths of a mile to the loop.
Also the first few miles parallel the highway with the expected noise level
And, if that’s not enough, watch out for sting nettles near the detour.

nice trail. cool views valley to ocean.

Less easy than expected. I don’t see some children doing the first part. Which is also very noisy with the freeway..
Won’t do it again even But the views are amazing.

A rattlesnake on the trail today and once heard about 20 coyotes here, hours before dark. Only been here a few times. Wild area.

Wonderful loop. Interesting uphills and some views. Might be the closest you'll get to previous Justin Bieber's house :-)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I took my dogs on this trail. We came back full of stickers and foxtails. It took about 2 hours to pull out all of them out from between their toes.
This trail IS NOT FOR DOGS. I took my standard poodle to the vet he had 3 foxtails removed by the vet:BAD TRAIL

Monday, May 15, 2017

My go-to trail if I only have a couple of hours to do ~5 plus miles. Gradual incline. I usually start at the 2nd tier off of UCLA Stunt Ranch. The entrance is hidden but if you look, you'll see it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

There is still a nice section of wildflowers with lots of golden stars and farewell-to-spring. Saw some blue larkspur and some Catalina Mariposa lilies. All the rain this winter has made for great wildflowers but also a lot of growth for grasses and mustard. The bark park trail is somewhat overgrown but the new millennium trail is really bad. The new millennium trail is nearly impassible. I ran into a cyclist who was having a very difficult ride. There is a steep trail between the bark park trail and new millennium trail that is something of a "short cut". The trails are so overgrown that on the new millennium end I couldn't find the trail even though there are large rocks marking where it is. Do the bark park portion if only for the wildflowers. They will be gone soon.

There is still water flowing through the first water crossing of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Trail. The water crossing at the T with the access rd is dry, which is weird as it is downstream. I did see what I can only imagine were mountain lion tracks at that T. The prints weren't that clear but they were large, there were no claw marks, and the middle toes weren't even like a canine print (see Photos). There are mountain lions in the area...seeing prints just emphasizes that fact. I'm more conscious of surroundings and sounds after seeing evidence but I really should maintain that same vigilance always.

Monday, April 24, 2017

This trail has a nice wildflower bloom that develops later than many of the other trails. I was here a month ago and there weren't many at all. On this hike there were quite a few concentrated about a quarter mile into the hike for about a half mile. The rest of the hike had a few scattered along the trail. One, the Yellow Mariposa Lily, I had never seen before. I also saw Chinese Houses for the first time.

Took the single track off the Upper Las Virgenes Trail that connects back to the trailhead, I would not recommend it at this time. Very overgrown. I missed it on the way in but only went a little ways further on the Upper Las Virgenes trail before encountering a water crossing where wet feet looked inevitable. Found the single track on the way back. Should have just gone back the way I came in. There was a really nice patch of California poppies just before the impassable water crossing so that was a positive.

trail running
Sunday, March 26, 2017

Great little trail up to be ridge. Ran it with my dogs and it was a moderate single track up to the fire road. Great views of Malibu Canyon and Topanga on the backside.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Nice bloom of Lupines close to the trailhead, They're mixed in with large patches of a small purple flower that I keep researching for a name. Saw one Catalina Mariposa Lilly near the end of the Bark Park Trail. Mostly see them in Charmlee Wilderness Park,

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Did the Bark Park trail again and wildflowers are starting to appear. Nothing dramatic blooming now. There were some blue dicks and a nice patch of what looked to be red maids. Last year late in the spring(like May) there was a profusion of farewell to spring and golden stars. I came across deer tracks. There are lots of deer in many of these canyons north of the mountains but very few deer tracks on the trails. There are three trails now that I've found deer tracks...Liberty Canyon, the Las Virgenes Fireroad south of Juan Bautista de Anza Park and now the Bark Park trail. The other two trails don't allow dogs, and I've noticed that this one, even though it starts from a bark park, has few dog tracks. My anecdotal experience would suggest that even when they are gone the dog's scent lingers on the trails and deer avoid them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

There is few way to loop this trail ;)

Friday, February 03, 2017

Did the loop again after not hiking this trail for months. Had three coyote sightings. Two may have been the same coyote as the first encounter was on the ridge and it was heading down slope cross country. I continued on the ridge until the intersection with the trail heading down and back to the trailhead. On my descent about 1/3 the way back I spot a coyote coming down the slope. It got on the trail and started taking it down slope looking back to check my progress. It finally got off the trail heading back up slope. They will stop and watch you. It's a bit creepy but I'm not particularly concerned as long as it's only one coyote.

Love this hike

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