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1 month ago

For an easy hike this was definitely worth my time.

Loved this hike, bring lots of water.

2 months ago

Solid hike- 105F+ in the summer months, although throughout the canyons there’s plenty of shade. Lots of wildlife there too, observe the hills around you as you pass through the canyons. Views are stunning from above. A must!

3 months ago

6/27 95+ degrees. Started at 12pm. 3kids/3adults.
Super hot but cool in the shade and inside the canyon. Came to the crawl or climb area into the climb up a rope section. Climbed all and out into the open canyon. Too hot to explore further, not enough water, climbed back down and made it back into 110degree heat. Washroad is a long if u go slow, but patience is better than a broken car part. Bring lots of water and muscles. My 5, 9, 11yr old made it

Not a very well traveled hike so not to many foot prints to follow. Easy to veer off in the wrong direction as it is not marked as well as the ladder hike. Only hiked in 1.8 miles. As the canyon narrowed it looked like there was an impassable rock slide so I turned back. Could be that I was in the wrong canyon!!! Beautiful majestic canyon walls against the blue sky but probably won’t do it again.

6 months ago

Definitely a great one for a couple hour hike with amazing crayons and rock formations from water and wind erosion. On a side note TKB deli in Indio is the perfect spot to grab a bite after the hike.

Absolutely amazing canyons.

I absolutely loved this hike. I found the entrance impossible to find. the entrance to rope canyon is about 100 ft from the parking lot on the left behind the group of trees. you follow the wash and then you have to scramble down into a tiny slot canyon. keep going up and under and around until you see the first rope. when you are done with the last rope. It is the longest one. you can turn around or keep going through the was to the top. We were confused as to what way to go in the wash. we just kept to the main wash and it ended and the trail went up loose rocks to the right and put you out on top. then we followed the trail that took you to the main Ladder trail to the radio towers. This hike was so much fun! Check the weather it can be very hot in the desert. These slots are very small compared to the Ladder slots. we had small packs on and had to take them off to fit through some areas.

6 months ago

This probably my favorite desert hike. We visited early February 2018. We had done the Ladders Canyon and Painted Canyon loop last year. This year we went up Ropes and back down Ladders Canyon. Shorter loop but more challenging. 4 of our group averaged 66 years old. We also had one teenager who kept telling us we could not make it.

www.mrturbodoc.com for more info and photographs and descriptions.

This is a very worthwhile hike. This is the best hike in the Palm Springs area. The split rock canyons are a must see. The ladders offer access for hikers of all levels.

Amazing! There are ropes (difficult for me...but I did it!!!) and ladders (much easier!) that you can take. This was a spectacular hike an overall great experience and I would do it again!! Scenery was like no other I had seen! Thank you Portland dentists group!!!

7 months ago

Really great hike. Mostly dog friendly. Depending on what trail you take you will have to climb ladders. We were took Painted Canyon because it was tagged dog-friendly but the turn off of the main trail started with what looked like 15-20 ft ladder. We continued along Ladder Canyon (counter-clockwise). There were a few ladders towards the end (beginning if you take Ladder Canyon clockwise) of Ladder Canyon and it wasn’t THAT bad. That being said, I have a small pug and I climb ladders at work. We crossed paths with other families with small dogs that climbed UP and they said they had no issue.

Gorgeous scenery. Not too strenuous.

So beautiful the different color rocks, we did the canyon floor, to ladder, amazing

7 months ago

Great trail, definitely take the route up the hill with the rope climbing, well worth it and fun. Then descend using the ladders.
Narrow canyon walkways and rope climbs allow for Great pictures.

Awesome trail!!!

7 months ago

Great hike through the slot. Abysmal maps and trail markings once you are out of the slot canyon.

7 months ago

A must for anyone in the area!!

8 months ago

We took ladder canyon in and painted canyon out. Gorgeous views. A definite must.

Awesome trail

on Rope Canyon Trail

9 months ago

The highlight of the day! Great fun, and quite the challenge. Definitely harder than the ladder hike.

I hiked Ladder - Rope loop for 2 hours. Rope canyon is much more challenging than Ladder canyon, especially climing it.

Great trail that is not as crowded as Ladder Canyon.. we went back pretty far but turned back before the end. Some spots are tight and it does require climbing rope both up and down in some areas. Favorite trail out here yet though.

10 months ago

The drive in is slow but so worth the trip

11 months ago

Lots of fun surprises. Beautiful views.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Gorgeous with moderate grades and ladders

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fun hike - enjoyed the ladders and skinny canyon trails

Thursday, June 08, 2017

My boyfriend and I found this trail by accident. We were looking for the ladder canyon trail but fell upon this trail instead. Let me just say, we do not regret this trail at all! It easily became one of our favorites because we love a challenge.
Tips: Wear sunscreen! There's a lot of shade because of the slots but once you've climbed to the last rope it is nothing but sun. There are rattlesnakes so be sure to talk loud to get them to warn you when they are near. There a few tight spots but my boyfriend who's 6ft still got through so definitely take your time and be patient with coming up tactics to climb down.

Monday, May 01, 2017

This is a really fun hike in a beautiful slot canyon. Ropes and ladders make it fun for the kids as well.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Made it with my brother and my 4year old twins! We climbed the ropes and made a loop to the ladders.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Great little canyon that can easily be looped into Ladder Canyon. Not as many people do this one due to the rope climbs

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