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Definitely my favorite hike in SFV. I’ve been doing it three days a week and have explored most of the variations.

Despite what the map here shows, I would suggest an alternate way down. If you follow the loop shown on the map, everything after Tongva peak is pretty boring. It has some nice views but it’s about 4.5 miles of slow downhill on the wide fire road. It takes a while and doesn’t present any challenge or burn many calories. You’re just walking for a long time.

My favorite alternative is to cut the loop short and head down at Tongva peak. As you get to the radio tower, you will see a small path that doubles back along the fence line and leads you to the south side of the fence. Here you will find a stone bench and just to the left of it there is a small trail.

Take the small trail / path next to the bench for a much more direct way down. It’s quite steep and quite technical at parts but it’s much faster and is a much better workout! Taking this trail will cut about 3 miles off the whole loop (while still being a better workout) and will drop you out behind the dam, right next to where the main loop does.

This hike is short and steep. We hiked this morning around 10 am and were completely submerged in fog at the top 5/19/18. It was pretty cool. If you go around this time of year there are plenty of wildflowers in bloom. Parking is plenty and free.

Great hike.... worth the view - no pain, no gain.

on Stough Canyon Trail

13 days ago

Nice long hike with beautiful views.

20 days ago

Great hike. Many others trails connect once you’re at the top ( the tougher part). Stick to the App if u want to get back to your car:) it’s an adventure!

Very steep at the beginning. Very nice urban hike with views.

23 days ago

First timer at this trail today and it was awesome. Definitely coming back here at least 3 times a week!

Beautiful views of the valley and DTLA. We hiked this in late April and there were lots of pretty wildflowers. It’s pretty steep at the beginning and throughout the trail. Great cardio workout!

28 days ago

If you like hard trail, that’s what you need.

Love it. I’m on this trail several times a week.

Very hard. But view from the top is amazing!!!!!

1 month ago

This was a challenging hike the trail is very steep and often very exposed. The day we hiked there were unusually sting winds that made it difficult and kicked up a lot of dust.

1 month ago

Difficult trail if you go up to the pole at the top. Very steep. I would recommend going in the morning since the trail is mostly in direct sunlight. Very pleased! Great views at the top and along the trail!

trail running
1 month ago

Great leg/lung buster hike. I come here to sprint up and down. Lookout for wildlife. I literally bumped into a doe who came fast from the side, buck and little ones followed. This trail connects to a lot of side trails once you get to the top, all the way to sunland, Glendale.

1 month ago

A constant incline and not much to look at since the place is still recovering from the fires.

Nice trail recently widened and with loose gravel in steep areas creating more difficult patches.

Did a great hike and made it to the chair. When you come down from the chair be careful and walk down sideways and wear good hiking shoes and you will be fine

1 month ago

The most challenging hike I have done by far. And also the most amazing views I have ever experienced.

Great view with one chair at the top

1 month ago

It’s a pretty hard trail. Make sure you have a pair of shoes/hiking boots that can grip onto the sandy ground well. My shoes were super slippery so I had to take them off on my way down.

For sure the toughest hike I’ve ever been to so far. Been hiking for a while but mostly stay with the “moderate” difficulty ones, so I decided to give myself a challenge by taking a “hard” one. It would actually be an easy hike if it weren’t for the first hour or so. The first 1.5 Miles are all crazy uphill with one steep slope after another, some of them are so steep I’ll have to lean over and semi-crawl for a minute. But after the first hour it’s all pretty flat & easy. Went over towards late March so the temperature is cool (65-ish), can’t imagine anyone would want to challenge this on a hot summer day.

Be sure to track your hike with this app or GPS. There are several tricky fork that might lead you the the wrong direction, especially the one towards the end of the loop - take left towards seven trees (i think it’s this name) and walk up the small narrow road. If you don’t wanna stick to this map take the big road on the right side, which would lead you back to the parking lot too.

Also the trail head is kinda hidden. I wasn’t sure until I tried & walked up towards the drainage-like entrance with no sign at all.

Hiked this on a cool, sunny March day. It's a great workout. Views are beautiful, trail is clean and well marked. Little to no shade. When you're down in the canyon, it is blissfully quiet.

Excellent climb / trail run. I recommend starting on the steep incline because you will be rewarded with a 3.5 mile moderately technical downhill for the second half. I did not see signs for this trail but head up the concrete towards Seven Trees trail. This trailhead is just off to your right but you have to be looking for it. After you reach the summit you'll be up by some power line/poles....this continues for a bit but no more crazy climbing. When you reach the bench that is your turning point. Go right at the bench. If you stay on what looks like Verdugo Motorway (I think that's what they called it) thinking that the trail continues...well, you'll just tack on extra mileage like I did. So if you want to hit the 7.5....don't continue, but there's definitely a trail that continues.

It was hard but very cool!!!!

trail running
2 months ago

Slow climb to the towers on wide dirt fire road. Trafficked by runners, walkers, and MTB (less so past the “saddle”). Great views of the Valley, Griffith Park, and La Crescenta.

The best hike I’ve been too! Definitely one of the toughest. Beautiful views! Very incline hike in the beginning. Once you reach the peak, it’s all worth it. Great workout! I totally recommend it to any hike lovers. I took my dog and she also loved it.

3 months ago

Went there again last Friday in the late afternoon. Very nice hike. The mountain bikers were very courteous too.

It’s a solid hike up to the park (communications station). We like it because there is not much traffic at all, lots of quiet and solitude with great views of the valley to DTLA when you reach the summit

Really steep at the beginning or end depends which way you go

3 months ago

Echo the heat especially with a pup. Go early or later overall decent hike and great inclines.

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