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Bridgeport, California Map

Great trail. Took the whole family including my 4yr old. Go to the right if you want to knock out the hills early or left if you want to do the hills at the end.

Gorgeous. We recorded 3.5 miles on this trail.

Nice trail, great views of river, wild flowers beginning to bloom. Take the left entrance to the trail across from the State Parks kiosk. Once you get to the lake, if you continue on the loop, you’ll follow the road up a significantly steep grade, then down some switchbacks to the kiosk. Nice lunch spot at the lake. The meadows at the top of the road were worth the steep climb up the road. All in all a great little hike.

Was recommended by someone to go here for snowshoeing we couldn’t find the trail due to all the snow.

nice trail.. less people than trail by the parking lot..but i would chose the otger trail..butter. than this one just for the views.. but from here you do great view of the old covered bridge..

Great hike. Loved the three different "climates". Especially liked the covered bridge & oak grove. Dogs did good. Parking lot was full when we left around noon. Glad we got there early (10am).

2 months ago

Confusing hike from the parking lot. Found some people naked in the hot spring when we found it. We did see a cool water groove. Not sure the scientific term. Will put photo.

3 months ago

This trail is by far one of my favorite places. Taking advantage of the unusually warm weather, I took my three boys up there yesterday. Just a few patches of snow on the trail, and yes, Barney is frozen over. It was a beautiful day. Ran into a few cross-country skiers wondering where the snow was. We need that snow for sure! I highly recommend continuing up the trail (tough climb) into Peeler Lake - a great place to camp.

off road driving
3 months ago

A very scenic alternative to US-395 through the Walker River canyon with a number of forest service roads diverting off to other explorable areas. The southern portion is a gentle, flat, and amply wide dirt surface with rolling hills that do more rocking as you proceed north. You'll enjoy the descent into the canyon in the middle of the route, provided that the narrow road that slopes toward the cliff is not enhanced by snowfall. The ascent up the north side of the canyon is a decent incline and quite rocky, although 2WD would suit nearly every day of the week.
The only clearance issues on this route would be the occasional basketball size rocks that have fallen to the road from up the slope, but they are an easy fix.
The northern portion as it heads into the town of Walker enjoys a high perch above the river and views of the tiny 395 highway below. I wouldn't call this route "the" adventure but it can get you closer. Recommend the route east from this road to Boulder Flats.

Small amounts of snow on trail- some areas a little slick- 3 tiny stream crossings (nothing a little hop skip can't get you over). Great for being FEBRUARY!

A beautiful trail, if you go Left to start it’s an easy grade, but if you go right there’s a pretty aggressive climb bordering on moderate difficulty

nice trail veiws were good the trail by the lake reminded me think of hobbits every rock and tree covered in moss

4 months ago

Beautiful quick morning walk today. Agree with the other folks that starting L along the river is the best way to go. It's.nore like easy+. Hills and rocks.

4 months ago

Had a beautiful day with weather around 55 in the end of December! Small patches of snow and ice, but no problem to walk through. Lake was frozen and beautiful!!! Great hike:)

5 months ago

This time of the year made the hike incredibly difficult mostly due to the lack of trail markers along the trail. We took the trail posted and honestly, it was a shit trail to take. It's worthless near the peak. We began at 6am and didn't finish until 9pm with 14.5 miles logged. Snow on the slopes were a huge time factor as was the class III scrambling, climbing. I recommend an alpine start and downloading a proper route via gps to prevent climbing the last 1.5mile.

Hiked this on the 9th of November 2017. There is no snow on the trail until almost 9000 ft and even then the snow is minimal. There are plenty of places to hike on the way up crown but I recommend pushing all the way to crown. The lake is gorgeous and worth the trip. We were the only people on the lake due to the time of year which made it even better. It got cold at night but not unbearable. This was by far one of the best backpacking experiences I've had in the Sierras. The trail is easy to follow and not too strenuous.

The aspens are in peak right now and this is an exceptional year for color. Don't let the distance stop you. This hike is relatively flat except the last mile which is gradual switchback.

excellent hike. beautiful fall colors and peeler lake is gorgeous! bring your fishing pole! steep from barney to peeler but mainly flat from twin to barney

7 months ago

The trail starts just south of Mono Village Campground at Twin Lakes, CA. There's no cell reception there, so I wasn't able to check in via the app. GPS is still fully intact for recording purposes, however, and pictures can be saved in the app for later uploading.

This is by far the most visually astounding hike I've been on. The views of the Sierras and numerous waterfalls and lake vistas at points along the route are absolutely breathtaking.

It's a continuous, switchback ascent to the top. We electively stopped our uphill trek about 1.8 miles from the base, although the trail continues for another 3.7 miles and climbs an additional 4,400 vertical feet from our turnaround point.

We climbed 948 feet in elevation during our less than two-mile ascent. It took us around 2 hours to make the out-and-back trip. It's late September and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground at our finish elevation (~8,000 ft), which was the first we had seen on the trail.

This one is a must see, even if only traveling part of the way.

To characterize this route as a "hiking trail" would be a misnomer. While we opted to travel this road on foot, it should be well stated that it is not pedestrian friendly. It is an access road to the hot springs, plainly put. Heavy vehicle traffic the entire way. Reaching the top of the road lends some scenic views of the Sierras, but it's getting there in one piece that proves the most challenging.

7 months ago

nice falls while you hoke up the trail.

the hike is mostly in full sun but Barney lake is worth it

Did it counterclockwise. Climb up to Smedberg was longer than we thought. Beautiful!

ended up going to peeler lake and stayed overnight. hike was challenging with a pack on but totally worth it

8 months ago

Great little hike. Beautiful views of Lake Engelbright and the canyon. There is a nice sandy beach at Defiance Point.

8 months ago

Definitely a difficult hike. We didn't see anyone else on the trail. We started at the trail head in Mono Lake village (really just a campground). The beginning of the trail was very poorly marked, so I was glad we had downloaded the Alltrails map. We wouldn't have found the trail otherwise. Eventually the trail peters out and you just have to rely on your map from there.

We did it all in one day, and it took us 12 hrs. I guess people also do it in two days, which would probably be easier. It nearly destroyed me to do it in one day, although my wife seemed fine. She's a super-hiker though, so that doesn't count.

Even though it was August, there was still plenty of snow on the upper slopes. The trail only takes you half way, and then you have to scramble over rocks and snow patches the rest of the way. This is a little exhausting, and makes the climb more difficult. Definitely bring some sort of emergency beacon device because it is very rugged and isolated up there. Like I said, we didn't see anybody the whole time.

Things to consider:
- Bring a water filter. There is a stream almost the whole way up.
- Be prepared to deal with snow. The snow was icing up on our way back in the late afternoon and made it a little treacherous coming back down. It was very steep.
- Bring mosquito repellent. Haha. They are relentless .
- Just be safe because it would be difficult for anybody to find you up there.

All in all though, it was a gorgeous hike and definitely worth the effort. Lots of cool rocks on the way up and a great view at the top.

Started at Twin Lakes to Barney, then in to Peeler. The trail is covered in snow in some spots closer to Peeler. Definitely tired when we reached camp. There were mosquitos everywhere. The lake is a beautiful sight to see.

Great backpacking sites at Crown lake. This trail is very underrated in comparison to trails in Yosemite. Wonderful hike and backpacking trip

9 months ago

The view at Barney Lake is well worth the trip. Beautiful hike along the trail too

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