Looking for a great trail near Brentwood, California? AllTrails has 18 great hiking trails, running trails, mountain biking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Mount Diablo State Park or Hayward Regional Shoreline, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Brentwood Park or Brentwood Park. Ready for some activity? There are 12 moderate trails in Brentwood ranging from 3 to 8.9 miles and from 242 to 2,260 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



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Brentwood, California Map

got 15 minutes into the hike and saw a coyote. It kinda scared me so I took off backtracking.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I ride with my specal needs son that rides a trike. The path is pretty wide which is nice for him. Unfortunately there is no shade on the path. We started out in Brentwood. we had to cross a few 4 lane streets to continue on out trek. If you are wanting to get some cardio I can say it's not a good idea to start in the Brentwood area because of the crosswalks, they take a bit long the cycle through. the trail itself was pretty clean on one side of it we had fences of houses on the other main road.

Nice hike, not super easy but not super challenging either. Went around a tree that had fallen on the path. Saw a bull once we got to the meadows but it minded it’s own business. Would do again!

I started at 10 AM on a hot day and went clockwise. nice hike and a bit challenging for someone who hadn't hiked in some time. I found a horseshoe along the back side. As others have stated there is little shade in long stretches. Would recommend.

Amazing, just like last time!!

Perfect for young kids

Hiked with my ex-girlfriend about a month ago. We found that shade can be hard to come by. Relative to the map above, I would recommend hiking it counter-clockwise as this gives you the most shade while climbing upwards. Definitely bring water.

Love this hike! Great workout in the great outdoors, and close to home!

I only give this hike a 4 because it was my bad in not bringing an excess of water. So this is a reminder to myself and others to bring lots of water on this trail. It was so beautiful, with stretches of open grasslands, with chunks of shady areas. I took my dog and she was always to excited to find shade. This hike is on the harder end of moderate. There were a handful of hills that were tough as well.

This trail was awesome!!! It’s very easy to follow, very wide, not too many people, perfect amount. There is shade, quite a bit in the first 3-4 miles and although not much shade the remainder of the way, you can still easily get to shade at all times if you wanted too. Lots of birds, turtles in the beautiful creek (which is next to you the entire time) and we even saw a beaver in the creek. Will do this one time and time again.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Love it, perfect with the little ones with plenty of little playgrounds or parks for rest breaks. Got a little lost towards the end and wish it was a loop. But it served its purpose and we had a good ride.

3 months ago

Did this trail in modified fashion. Took Volvan, Condor, Blue Oak, Whipsnake Upper Loop, back to Condor and parking lot. About 6.3 miles total. Hiked it late June but a cool breeze and sunny conditions. Long stretches of the trail have no shade. Good views of Los Vaqueros lake on Whipsnake, and Mt. Diablo on the Condor. A few challenging elevation climbs for the out of shape like me, but nothing insurmountable or more than about 300-400 ft climbs at once before leveling off.

My recording of this is more like 9 miles. Great views of Mt. Diablo and surrounding areas. Thank goodness for the wind and the breeze-and we went on a pretty mild summer day starting at 8:45. Great hike for getting in shape for summits and such. Probably would be prettier in spring.

4 months ago

mountain biking
4 months ago

My first trail in Contra Costa and loved it. Very Serene and diverse landscape. Would recommend for any starters.

Snakes, and heavy bugs. Pretty dry.

Great trail - single lane last few miles to get to trailhead but plenty of parking. Great start near stream - opens up afterwords with slight up hill - great views before turning back

great trail to take. Had my wife and 6yr old daughter. That trail was perfect for them. just make sure you take water and a power bar.

Favorite running trail. Lots of single track

Done this trail a few times now. Has something for everyone from great views of Mt Diablo to single track trails.

Beautiful spring stroll.

6 months ago

We really liked this trail a lot. It rained right before we arrived so it was kinda muddy....just an added workout to the hike that's all lol. There were a few inclines but not too bad. Overall, great hike and very nice views of the valley.

6 months ago

Was hot and dry on March 30 up the steep grade on Hardy, however the Oaks were beautiful and provided shade. Good moderate trip.

Great hike with a good mix of hills and flats. Lots of feeder trails that make it hard to distinguish at times which way to go but they all seem to lead up. Beautiful time of year with the creek running, green grass, and little wildflowers starting to open. Was very surprised with all the rains lately that the trail was not muddy. Very hike-able! Will definitely come back.

Beautiful trail. Nice morning hike.

This is about as "wilderness" as it gets in the Tri-Valley area. Morgan Territory is very isolated and pristine and a great place to escape for a day of hiking. The Clyma/Highland Ridge/Raven loop is a great hike to take in the views and seclusion of the area. Starting from the staging area, you traverse up and down through the riparian creek areas, rolling hills, and oak woodlands. The Clyma stretch is decent view-wise but the best parts of the hike are connecting to the Raven trail and climbing up to the Highland Ridge trail. The views of Mt Diablo are stunning as well as the views across the Central Valley. I am in good shape and this hike took me roughly 3 hours, so make sure you allot plenty of time and pack at least 2 liters of water. Some of the reviews call out the bad shape of the trail. This is true, the trail is quite torn up by cattle and rain. Make sure to wear proper hiking boots, to keep dry (the trail can get muddy) and prevent turning an ankle. It is not as difficult to navigate as some reviews mention. There are maps at the staging area. This would be best to visit in the late winter/early spring before it gets too hot, but don't do it within a week after the last rain, as the trail remains muddy for a long time.

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