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Really nice trail with great views. Lots of solitude even on a Sunday afternoon.

Nice trail, if you want to finish in the shade start on the clyma trail side, the last part has a slight climb but it’s in the shade.

Great trail for being mountain bikers

Awesome hike this evening. Not crowded and plenty of wildlife to see: snake, coyote, bunny and a cute baby tarantula.

I hike about once or maybe twice a week - I would classify this one as 'hard'. You have a smooth up/down hike at the beginning.... and then the steady incline starts.... and it doesn't stop until you get to the top (50% of the total hike). I had to rest at least 1/2 dozen times just to catch my breath on the way up. But, having said that it did get my heart pumping (and pumping...and pumping...) and the rest was all downhill. Views are 'okay' - dry hills this time of year and didn't see any wildlife. Shade is minimal. I might do this one again, but it won't be for a while. Took us (two over 60 youngsters) 2 hrs. 40 min to complete.

This hike was just straight up DIFFICULT. Raven loop is no joke but nevertheless it was totally worth it!

trail is about 60/40 exposed to shade start early. there were loads of deer and birds in the woods. no water and very dry. the campground was over grown and there was a very large spider in the out house. it us fenced and suitable for stock. great views of Mt Diablo all the way to Mt. Vaca in June you can probably see the Sierras on a clear winter day

We started on the Miwok trail. It started out with some shade, then progressed to a hillside, uphill portion that has no shade when we turned onto the Hardy Canyon trail. Then we had another shady portion in the canyon and ended with some sunny downhill and shaded portion. It took just over two hours with a 10 and 13 year old with me. It was pretty hot on the exposed parts. Very dry and sandy this time of year.

If you plan to do this hike, be sure to get an early start, as there is literally NO shade. Also, beware of aggro cows. The views from the ridge are nice, though!

Clear views! Saw a deer!

Morgan Territory is well maintained and the trails look like they have recently been widened to at least 6'. I took my favorite trails: Volvon>Blue Oak>Miwok>Manzanita>Hummingbird>Prarie Falcon>Condor trails for a challenging and lovely 5.9 mile loop. These trails are mostly exposed so if you're sensitive to heat and sun, I suggest an early start. I highly recommend the Prarie Falcon trail for amazing views!

Nice work out. 60% shade, A couple of good views.

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The trail is okay if you constantly want to be crossing all kinds of streets just to continue the trail. Sometimes it's not even a straight cross. you'll either have to j walk or follow the roads. When entering and exiting the trails again, some are not road tire friendly. You can feel/hear your wheels hit the sidewalk. It was lightly trafficked which I liked since I didn't have to do much slowing down unless I was crossing the street to connect to the trail. just know if you're biking, once you get your cadence and speed going, it's time to slow down to cross.

wonderful country side hike. widelife (ground squirrel, Raven, blue jay, etc.). Nice panorama too. A bit hard for our 8yo but doable. bring LOTS of water.

Nice hike, pretty gentle incline, majority of the hike had minimal shade. There are farm animals, with a couple of fences and a moderate amount of horse poo on the trail. Parking lot was pretty full but felt like the only ones on the trail for the majority of it. Nice views of the hills and farm lands.

Solid hike, moderate incline with some solid views

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A little rocky in some spots but short and sweet. Perfect for little kids. Just keep an eye for snakes in grass.

Very nice and lush. The valley view is breathtaking. Parking and trail open right now.

Nice trail through the foothills. Beautiful view of the rolling mountains.

Nice trail with many rolling hill climbs. Good workout! Quiet, low key but with a nice view at some spots. There are still some wild flowers along the way.

This is a great trail to get your heart pumping! If you take this trail clockwise, the first part is fairly shaded, and as you come out of the trees, the view is stunning! It’s an easy hike back down for the remainder of the loop. If you’re looking for a few extra miles, connect to the Murphy Meadow loop to make a figure eight. Watch out for the cattle!

This is one of the best paced trails in the east bay. No monstrously steep incline or declines, but still has enough consistent elevation gain/loss to keep your heart rate up. Something else that really stands out about this is the location. At any point of the trail, no man-made sounds can be heard (freeways, planes, trains, construction) which was very refreshing. I only saw 1 person on the trail the entire time. Lots of wildlife as well, a hawk with a snake in its clutches flew in front of me, and there were deer on a couple points of the trail. Lots of other trails to explore as well, definitely coming back soon.

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