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Short simple hike. Dog friendly, lots of trashcans and doggie bags along the way, so no excuses to leave your pet's poop behind! $3 parking on weekdays, $5 on weekend. Drive all the way to the end and park in the last lot to start the trail.

This trail features the only redwoods in southern California - obviously not native to the area, but planted there and maintained with irrigation. Cool little spot to visit. I come when I want to take my dog on a longer walk than normal without driving too far from home.

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7 days ago

Very nice trail! Not crowded. The far west end of the trail, the local homeowner provides fresh fruit snack and he sells fresh jam and fruit bags. Great for kids

Simple, nice and close to home

Fun short trail ideal for kids, supervised of course due to rattle snakes and holes on the trail. The trail starts on the east side (right side) of the museum building. The first mile is a dirt trail that passes various historical and operational oil derrick pumps, and the second mile is a paved access road and regular sidewalks. It’s nicer to turn around half way (at the Olinda Trail sign) than to take the loop.

There are 15 markers on the trail that reference information in the trail guide, sometimes available in the white boxes at the trail head (parking lot) or at marker 15 (where the Olinda Trail meets Santa Fe sidewalk at Carbon Canyon Road).

Museum parking is free, with posted trail hours daily 9 AM to 4 PM.

Great trail with lovely views. Enjoyed the scenic markers and history lesson along the way

I am only able to speak about the Redwood hike and not any of the other features of this park

Parking $5 I believe
Trail- dirt path that is pretty flat and it was an easy 2.5 mile hike or so
Destination- grove of Redwoods...cool to see in So Cal but they are smaller and on the dry side...worth coming to see but not eager to return
*suitable for young children and a quick, easy adventure for the family

A great simple walking trail that offers something for everyone: it has a dam, a redwood grove, flat trails for bikers/runners/chill hikers, exercise benches around the park, a peaceful lake with waterfowl, a hill with nice views (right across the marked entrance there's a path that lead uphill, it is steep but short - on a good day you can see the San Gabriel peaks to the north and the Pacific to the west.)
The park has a paid parking but you can park across the street on Brea Hills Ave and walk to the gate, it will take you about 5 additional minutes. Or you could use the other entrance point that will lead you straight to the redwood grove - park somewhere around Prospect Ave and walk up the dirt bike road (0.2 mi + 0.2 mi to the grove).

3 months ago

nice little walk with my dog, museum is open only on Wednesday and Sunday,nice little picnic area and great views

not so much of a hike as it is a nature walk. the trail itself is short and flat but there is a nice little redwood grove at the end. a nice place for nature portraits!! the park is huge and very family-oriented with playgrounds and picnic areas. don't forget about the $5 entry/parking fee.

3 months ago

Love the redwoods!!!

Our first hike here. Beautiful views from the top Good uphill climb right away from the museum side, but if you start the route going the other direction, it’s downhill until the trial flattens out for a bit before you start climbing again.

Make sure to check out the Museum if it’s open. Lots of history in the area.

Love it

Enjoyed the walk.

Trail is closed till repaired.

The north trail is closed due to part of the trail being washed out.

5 months ago

Great hike and several paths

6 months ago

Perfect Family Hike!
Took my nieces and nephew on this and they loved every moment of it. The redwoods is a site to see and a peaceful place to just chill and relax. I've done this hike twice with my dog and Nieces and Nephew. Highly recommend. This can easily be done with one bottle of water. I'd also suggest having a picnic over at the redwoods it seriously a relaxing area to be in. Always be respectful and pick up after yourself.
Safe Hiking Everyone!

great small windy paths. completely up hill for first half and downhill second half. then uphill from marker 15, back to the car. nice shady tree when you make it to the top. my 7 year old son loved it!

Awesome trail! Connected to a park.

Love the hike! Seeing the redwood grove is amazing!

I went for a light hike yesterday. It was too hot. I saw a rattle snake right in rhe middle of the trail.
It took me 15 minutes to scare it away by throwing rocks at her..
Nature is amazing!!

Great little hike!

Great walk for kids and families. Only downside (for me) was the amount of cyclists at times had near accidents of almost being run down by cyclist riding a bit fast in my opinion around corners and through more narrow areas of the trail. That part made the site seeing part of it a bit less enjoyable because you're always checking behind your back for oncoming cyclists. Lots of wildflowers and bird watching opportunities. The redwood grove was a great escape to the heat. Being in the grove you literally feel like it's 10 degrees cooler. There's benches to sit and rest a moment in the grove.

I love this trail! I do it every Sunday with my dog Cleo. She and I start on the backside by the Redwoods off of Wabash and do the whole trek. We cross over to the dam through the dirt ravine, walk across the dam, then trek through Coyote Creek to the park (yes, they do have wild coyotes there). After walking through the park, we end up by the northeast trail entrance and loop back to the Redwoods, then back to Wabash. It's about 10,000 steps depending on how much Cleo sniffs around. Lots of waterfowl by the lake

Real hot, if weather up to 85F do not go!

Easy walk to a small redwood grove. Good trail to walk your dog.

Completed this hike with my uncle and it was awesome !Easy and beautiful surroundings .Just make sure you go with someone who has hiked there before as there is not a trailhead that is very heavily designed .

it's a very very easy trail, but the redwoods are definitely worth!

Easy, but good exercise and beautiful.

I'm giving this path a 3 only because of the time of the year that I walked it; I was hoping for a more moderate hike, but it's really just a long walking path. Now that the temperature has gone up, the plants are starting to dry out and turn brown. The pictures from a couple of months ago show how beautiful the path is. I will be trying it out again next spring. This would be a great place for a very early morning run.

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