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Creds: AllTrails Pro for accurate offline GPS location and miles real-time tracking. Clockwise, 14.5 mi and 2,585’ El Gain.

Parking $10. Started ~10:am on Thursday 3 January.

Unusual to have tons of solitude in this park. Gorgeous weather day after rain.

Trail conditions excellent.

Just plain beautiful.
We ended up doing about 12 miles
Sunset - Skyline - Berry loop.
Falls were awesome, not extremely demanding but not easy.
Took us about 6 hours to do the loop.
Well worth it.

Very quiet for a weekend. Not a lot of people on this trail. Pretty flat all the way through. Falls were very pretty, inaccessible due to restoration but you can still get pretty close. Would totally do the trail again.

The fall is not rushing but a nice even flow right now.

This trail is a little boring, and the water fall is too small.

There’s currently a minor detour to Sunset that is very well signposted. Does not significantly change the walk. I set off around 16:30 on a day when it was 30C+ in the Bay and it was very cool. Finished up the whole loop in a little over 3h at a steady pace uphill and jogging on the downhill sections. Anti-clockwise is ideal for a later start in the day as you get the uphill out of the way early (in shade) and top out into some afternoon sun before gently descending down Johansen Road which is a wide road and also fairly well shaded with occasional breaks for sun. Where Johansen joins Creek Road there’s an absolutely stunning tree house very visible from the road. Shortly you descend to Berry Creek Falls at the lowest point on the trail which threads around some beautiful old growth redwoods by a stream for a few km before a fairly steady uphill back to the Visitor Center. Highly recommended with very little to say against it. A few more exposed sections would be nice but the terrain is already varied.

This is an absolutely fantastic trail. We started at the park headquarters and too skyline to the sea down to Waddle Beach for the first night. Second day we came back up to Sunset camp and finished the loop on sunset trail back to headquarters. Absolutely beautiful and worth doing the full loop to see all of the waterfalls!!

6 months ago

I spent two days, and extended the loop further south. With a backcountry permit, parking is required at Jay camp, just a short walk to headquarters. I was able to enjoy the redwood loop both at the beginning and the end of the trip. Day one went up skyline, then hollow tree trail, circled around to Sunset Camp. Great location to set up the tent then enjoy all the remaining daylight at the falls along west berry creek. Then day two takes you by the falls again, soaking in the morning sunlight of the trails. I continued to Berry Creek falls and stopped for breakfast. Had the place to myself on Tuesday morning. Plan to spend all the time you can along this trail, every step is time worthwhile. I then continued south on skyline, took McCrary Ridge up, then Howard King to bring me back. McCrary is a 1,700 ft climb in 3 miles, and exposed for a good portion, be prepared. Ocean views along most of the trail. In all, I extended the total to about 20 miles with about 4,000 ft. Great alternative to the full Skyline to Sea if you are limited on time or don’t want to coordinate a ride.

Great little hike with my kiddos this afternoon. Made it to the falls and back in about 2.5 hours. It can be done faster, we just stop a lot and explore and take photos along the way.

7 months ago

Good trail to do with kids. We got to the falls, took Shadowtrail back down right into our camp, so maybe 4 miles total. Very do-able if you’ve got little ones.

Nice easy trail - as evidenced by many families there on the weekends. Takes about an hour and change to make it up to the waterfall from the HQ. The waterfall isn’t that great but a nice marker to hike up to and take a light breather. It’s a nice day hike to try out in the Santa Clara / Cruz area.

I’d rate it around 3.5 but will round up for family-friendliness and decent parking availability for all.

Trail too close to the road. You spend a lot of time watching your footing due to all the roots, etc., so be sure to stop once in a while to look up at the fabulous trees! Saw several gray squirrels and a deer VERY close to the parking lot!

I did this trip in early April with three other guys. The two days leading up to the trip, there was a decent amount of rain, so there were puddles, and the creeks/waterfalls were really flowing compared to the normal dry landscape of Big Basin.
With breaks included, it took us three hours to get to camp. I’m sure we would have shaved off a lot of time if we kept going the entire way through. There are two sections to set up camp. Campsites 1-6 are right in front of the outdoor bathroom and you have to go down a slight hill to get to campsites 7-10. We stayed at campsite 1 and had two other tents near us.
Once we set up camp, we ate lunch and continued the loop to see three of the four main waterfalls. I would highly recommend taking the full loop on day two. It took a more time to complete, but the views were amazing.

Go early by 8 or 9 to have the trail to yourself. We hiked all the way to the waterfall without seeing anyone and had the view on the lookout point to ourselves. Started to see a lot more hikers on our way back.

Yes it runs next to a road. But as with most trails in a very busy Big Basin Park? If you want less people and/or cars? Early bird gets the worm :). I made this short little hike on a Monday morning at 8 am and I got to enjoy the falls and only saw one other person in the hour I was there. I was already back to my car at 11 am and planning my next trail as I noticed the crowds and car noise finally beginning to build

11 months ago

Probably closer to a 3.5. Nice hike for kids or someone just starting out hiking. Depends when you hit the trail. Going out very busy & some car noise from the road that runs next to the trail. Coming back however was much quieter so you could enjoy the Redwoods. Lots of places to stop and grab lunch

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Decent one

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Beautiful trail through both old and new growth Redwood forests taking you to Sunset Trail Camp. Really amazed at the sudden change into a chapparal eco-system near the end of the trail where you can see Madrone growing.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

paths were well marked and the rangers were knowledgeable

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Most of the trail runs alongside the toad. I agree with other reviewers that you may want to drive up to the falls(which are small) and hike another trail. I was disappointed because the trail does not have that "away in nature" feel.

Monday, August 14, 2017

It was an easy to moderate hike. It wasn't stroller friendly (FYI for parents w young kids). The waterfall was a bit lack luster as well as the scenery throughout the trail. However, it was a good work out and kids did enjoy running up through the hills.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Trees were misting, sunlight was coming through them, bannana slugs a plenty. This place is incredible.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Calm trail through the woods. The trail is easy and the road is right next to it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

easy hike, but you can also just walk on the side of the road to reach Sempervirens Falls

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Not the best hike. The trail followed the road to some of the campgrounds around the area. Some elevation but it wasn't bad. The view of the falls made it worth it in the end. Very pretty and suprisingly a lot of water falling over given it is summer.

We followed the road most of the way back for a flatter surface since we had some older individuals with us and cut back onto the trail the last .75 mile or so.

Overall easy for medium experienced hikers and relatively short.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Very nice trail. It was very easy and the waterfall was very lovely!!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Great trail - easy if taking the Sequoia Trail straight to Sempervirens Falls. But I went on the Dool Trail to Middle Ridge Rd to Meteor Trail to Sequoia Trail back to the Park Main Entrance (the map you get from the Big Basin Information/Registration center is awesome). This ended up being roughly a 7 to 7.5 mile hike - nothing too crazy, a few uphills and muddy due to the recent rains.You get beautiful views of the ocean, redwoods, creeks, plants, and other mini-waterfalls along the way. This is just another route to see Sempervirens Falls if you want to challenge yourself a bit.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Nice hike...not too steep for my wife. Little bit on the muddy side, given all the rain recently, but the waterfall was in full flow for the reason...not a bad trade-off!

Monday, May 23, 2016

It was a nice and small waterfall. Quick hike from my camp site.

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