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9 days ago

Great short hike. We did the loop walking down through the slot first and the up the hill and along the ridge on the road. The slot is really fun!

off road driving
14 days ago

Great hike through an amazing landscape. The trail is quite easy to follow once you arrive in the parking lot.
The drive up the dusty road from the 78 is easy enough that 4wd is not required at all. A buddy of mine drove up in a Scion XB and had no trouble. Just be mindful of the patchy sand and be sure to stay on the designated road at all times.
This hike is well worth the trip. Best time to visit is November-April so that the heat isn't so bad.

Fun trail up to the falls, which we actually hiked past at first (just a teeny trickle) but beautiful ferns are growing in the little bit of water. Easy trail at first but not well marked — just follow the footprints and it’s pretty wide open so even if you lose the official trail you’ll find it again. It ends up with a bit of scrambling at the end through a gorgeous palm grove where there is great cool shade. Bring water!

off road driving
23 days ago

nice easy trail. however there was a giant puddle that many people turn around at. we didn't make it past this point as there were some in our party that didn't want to risk the big puddle.

mountain biking
26 days ago

Mostly flat and sandy
1 climb very rocky
Let a little air out your tires
Lot of fun

We went to the top for the view and came back through the canyon. Fun finding calcite pieces. We had a lot of fun on this trail.

1 month ago

Great hike! I can’t wait to go there again :p

This location does not have any of the sculptures in the post . The sculptures are off borrego springs road near big horn road and the others are south on borrego springs road just past tubb canyon rd. I did not venture out to this trail but found all sculptures photographed, Your best bet to see the sculptures is head over to the visitor center and get a free map. The one star rating is just for incorrect photos.

1 month ago

Great, easy slot canyon. Have to scramble a little to get down to the trail but it’s pretty easy.

After walking through the slot, nice little
trail continues to a view of Fonts Point from the reverse and some miniature wind caves.

Good hike for summer as a lot of it is shaded.

1 month ago

Great little hike! We did it in reverse which I recommend!

Really not many people. Fantastic views and variety

2 months ago

This was a really cool short and easy trail. It had some really nice geological features. Some parts of the slots gets really tight. We had started our hike a little later in the day, but the weather was awesome and the 2nd half of the trail was all shaded. Since the trail is a loop we decided to start the trail from heading West (if facing the slots head left) from the parking. It'll take you through a dirt road (4wd vehicle use this trail too) until you finally hit a steep hill. Go down the hill to the right and head towards the slots. There is a faster option of getting to the slots which is starting at the end and either doing the loop in that direction or turning around at the end of the slots and head back the same way you came in. If you decide to start in reverse remember they're is that steep hill with loose sand you'll have to go up. We found it most rewarding doing it the way we did. But we ran into other hikers that did it in reverse.

First do not follow the directions from the app. They take you to The Slot not the sculptues. You need to go to the city of Borrego Springs to see them. This was fun driving right up to the sculptures we got there late so we got a nice treat of the sunset all around us.

3 months ago

it was a lot of fun, but not a year round trail. I'd definitely avoid this place in the summer. the description saying it's shaded and cool is inaccurate; most of the trail,even inside the canyon, is in the full brunt of the sun.

The trail starts out on sandstone hills, then declines gradually into the slot canyon. once inside, the trail is extremely narrow. I could barely fit through with my day pack on. my husband wouldn't be able to fit through most of the trail as he's a big guy, and I was scraping my legs and arms on the walls as I passed.

Fortunately, the views inside the canyon make it totally worth it. It was even worth the heat! Would be a beautiful hike in the winter or spring, when the sun isn't so hot.

4 months ago

Go early in the morning if you can to avoid the high heat. It is a fairly easy hike. The areas through the slot are not very big. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. 4WD is not required to get to the trailhead parking lot, but not sure I would recommend going with a low ground clearance car.

off road driving
6 months ago

Some moderately rough spots but my stock 2002 Land Cruiser didn’t have any issue with any of it. Recommend for some fun wheelin.

We did this hike on Memorial Day. Needed to get out of the cold weather we’ve been having in San Diego so didn’t mind the 100 degree heat at noon when we hit the trail. There was actually a nice breeze blowing most of the time so the heat wasn’t oppressive. Brought plenty of water and some calories with us and just went at a steady pace. Boulders a bit hot but still manageable and plenty of shade in the palm grove the closer you get to the top. Nearly impossible to get lost since all trail derivations go in the same direction. Saw a couple of bighorn sheep near the top. You definitely want to be mindful of the cactus that jut out onto the trail but otherwise it is an easy and well marked and maintained trail. Cold beer at Carlee’s afterward was a must. I would do it again for sure when there is water flowing.

Nice variation in terrain from start to finish. Gradual uphill incline that gets progressively more interesting as you get closer and closer to the falls. Definitely easy to moderate in cool to warm conditions. It was 79° and breezy on the day we did it. I could see this being a difficult trek on a 100+° day, pack your water and dress accordingly. Some good traction boots and a sense of navigation helps on this one, as you negotiate your way through the various palm groves. Trailhead is easily accessed, no dirt or gravel roads to deal with. Highly recommend if you’re in the area and looking for something scenic, lengthy, not super difficult, and memorable.

Trickle of water at The falls. Had a beautiful cooler weekend in late May to be able to hike this. If you like boulder hopping this was moderate opportunity for you at the high end.

Had a great time here. Fun offroad driving, difficult at times, but beautiful scenery. We camped off of the trail, which was very nice. We will absolutely be back again once the weather gets cooler.

7 months ago

If your in the area you must stop and see the slot. It’s so amazing. Easy to get to from the 78. No 4wd needed.

on Cactus Loop Trail

7 months ago

Perfect weather today to hike up to the falls in Palm Trees.

7 months ago

the slot trail was easy and down a dirt road so passing in a car is impossible, there is another dirt road path that starts on the other side of the slots. We encountered a few other groups in the slots but only 2 once out of them. the slots themselves are fun for the family and windcaves can be found about half a mile past that.

You can make this a great day hike, or camp out right before the canyon narrows for an awesome overnight. We camped out and had an amazing time. Bring lots of water as there is none on the trail, and depending on the time you go, may not be any at the falls.

8 months ago

Wife and kids loved this place. Easy access

8 months ago

Awesome and easy. Kids loved it. Lots of shade for a hot day. I wish the trail that looped back over the butte was more clearly sign posted. We ended up just turning around and going back through the slot.

8 months ago

After finishing the Palm Canyon hike we drove over to the slot. The entrance from the highway is small and the road to the parking lot is sand packed one-way track with turn outs. We (3 adults and 3 kids (9-11 years old) did this easy hike and it was fantastic. Warning: there are some areas where it is more suited for slender body types and wearing a backpack (even a small one) can be a little tight. It's a nice short hike and pretty relaxed. We did this at the end of the day and by the time we came up we caught the sunset

8 months ago

this is really only a 2-mile hike from the turn off the road to the top of the Hills. could not find the starting point on the road for the complete hike

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