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Amazing! There is some rock climbing in the end but I I managed for a short person.

Excellent hike with a fantastic group of waterfalls at the end. The scramble down to the beach can be a little intimidating for folks new to hiking but if you take it slow and stay low to the ground you’ll be just fine.

Pretty treacherous hike at the end - on days following heavy rain, be prepared to cross a big stream with knee high water. Water shoes recommended though doable without. You then have to go down a bit of scramble. You'll be rewarded with an amazing waterfall that goes straight to the ocean.

Make sure to use your GPS to find the trailhead 4 miles in, entrance is a bit hidden. Last time somebody had helpfully placed a paper with an arrow pointing to the trailhead but don't expect to be so lucky.

This was a beautiful and relaxing hike. The fall was beautiful. The hike itself was pretty easy, until you get to the fall. Hiking down and up to get to the beach was hard because it was mainly rock climbing. Don’t forget to follow the arrow because it leads you to the fall.

Don’t forget to follow the arrowhead:p

AMAZING! Highly Recommended!

Amazing hike. Didn’t care that much for the rock climbing

Hike with an awesome surprise at the end. And yes you can go all the way down to the coast.

We hiked in from another trail, and met up with everyone hiking this route at the hidden trail entrance where you must turn off to see the Falls. The Falls are amazing!!

Note that the sign to turn off onto the small path is completely gone. When we found it, a few other kind souls placed some rocks in an arrow formation - who know how long that’ll last.

And - Yes - the rock climb down to the beach to see the BIG fall is treacherous for children or those not in decent physical shape. Totally worth it once you’re there! And if you don’t want to climb down, the first two smaller falls are gorgeous as well.

Bucket list trail! Beautiful the whole way and challenging/strenuous at places.

great hike. loved the waterfall. it took 4 hrs in total for me and my partner. one must know a bit of rock climbing.

Great hike! You won’t be disappointed!

Fun up until the very end. If you want to reach the beach and aren't very experienced with rock climbing, it's going to be quite difficult. I agree it was a moderate hike, but I wasn't expecting to need to scale a cliff to get to the ocean.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

4/21/2018. Took the long way there and back for 13.5 total miles. Everything is so green right now, plus tons of wildflowers. This hike is tough to beat.

Loved this trail where fresh water meets salt. Absolutely beautiful! Bucket list ✔

4/8/2018 must go now, flowers in full bloom, water fall is huge after this rain season

Lengthy but calm. Views are so incredibly worth it. Go on a weekday and start before 10am. My favorite hike to date. Will be returning.

Bring a picnic, friend, swim suit for the lake and enjoy!

Beautiful and fun! Best hike so far

Took the short cut to the falls and the long way back. great hike!

Love it here so much. Just saw a bald eagle fly across my car very close range on the way to this hike from Bolinas, in the lagoon. Loads of poppies are popping right now. Amazing, special place. I also found a whole, giant abalone shell at the beach but threw it back

amazing hike, start early to avoid the crowds

take the short cut to the falls. It's well worth it

One of the best hike in the bay and the reward in the end of your hike is spectacular!

Well worth it. The way down to the falls, at the rocky area is a bit intense, as there are alot of loose small rocks and pebbles that can easily cause a slip, but there is a rope that helps. There is other ways to get down to the falls via different hiking route and walking on the beach to the falls. Plenty of shaded areas, if you start at Palomarin, you will get great views of the lake, ocean, and waterfall at the end.

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