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Blossom Valley, California Map

The most difficult hike in San Diego. Great challenges come great rewards. The views are amazing just like they say. You wont be disappointed. It is very easy to loose the trail or try to go around an obstacle and end up on a cliff face or another impassable obstacle. This is more of a climb than a hike. Stay on the ridge line. The descent is harder then the climb, so give yourself plenty of time and bring at least 3 litres of water.

Help someone! If anyone could comment and direct me to The right trail head beginning for this trail, I would really appreciate it. Pardon my seeming noviceness LOL. I hike “hard to difficult” trails every week, and I’ve done the El Capitan side of this a couple of times, though not finishing it, going in at least 5 miles in and 5 miles back. I really want to do this south entrance trail. I parked just before the entrance of the reservoir and saw what looked like the beginning of the trail, though there are some little trails, each lead me to nowhere. I really want to do this side of the mountain it looks awesome. Anyone know exactly where to begin?

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this trail, once we found the correct way to go. It is very confusing as the trail is blocked by a fence. If u take a few steps past the blocked off area u will see a second way to the trail, go this way instead of continuing along the main trail as this is not the correct way, although we had a lot of fun exploring the surrounding area for a bit. The peak itself is pretty fun with lots of rocks for unique picture opportunities.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike mostly for all of its historical content. The flume is so cool! Trail is accurately labeled moderate and just enough challenge to keep me interested

Choose your own adventure rock climbing! Lots of paths and routes, the all go up, but they're not kidding when they tell you to stick to the very center of the ridge (nothing like starting up a chimney and coming eye level to a bolted anchor 5' to your right on the same rock).
Going down is balls. This would be WAY better as a through hike (leave a bike or 2nd car at the main El Cajon TH).
I saw ZERO rattlesnakes (hiked from 10:30am to 4:30pm), but I did see not one, not two, but THREE GOLDEN EAGLES soar over my head. Best part of the hike.
I brought 2L and ran out towards the end. Bring at least 3L. The only shade on the entire hike is under lunch rock.
The discomfort of feeling sweat run down your legs under your gaiters is worth the protection from the billions of foxtails and evil desert bushes towards the top.

This site has good beta: http://www.vistaseeker.com/2016/01/25/el-cajon-mountain-south-arete/

Trail can be difficult to follow towards the top.
Started at 5:30am, went climbing 2 pitches, was at the car at 11am.
The brush created a narrow path.
Saw 2 rattlesnakes near path, wouldn't recommend hiking this one until Fall.

Good work out hike

Difícil pero me encanto si regreso!!!!

4 months ago

Did this hike on a Saturday morning at sunrise, was the only person at El Monte County Park and the only person on the trail. Lovely hike with a lot of switchbacks, a ton of wildflowers, cool rocks, and great views of the valley. The bench with the Blossom Valley Summit plaque is a good place to end the hike and head back, if you continue along the all trails track it just takes you between a couple houses to the roadway to the south, the bench is a much nicer finishing point.

4 months ago

This a an easy hike compared to Cowls mountain.
Very beautiful with lots of green grass, trees and rock formations.
Excellent views along the entire hike.
We went on a Monday afternoon. It was cloudy and cool and we only saw 3 other hikers in the 2 hours it took to complete the hike.
There are wildlife warning signs but we did not see any lions or snakes and we were scanning the hills constantly.

Not bad. Kinda lackluster ending in blossom valley feeling like a you're tresspassing in someone's backyard but overall I liked it. Very well marked and easy to access. Awesome view of the mountains. Went with my seven yr old and two dogs, no issues except for a tiny blister.

4 months ago

We didn’t have much time so we only made it from the park to the tunnel. Which was a great quick workout. You start climbing straight from the park in area 8. We only saw two other couples on the trail on Saturday. We will go back and climb both sides. If you aren’t in good uphill condition this may hurt a bit.

4 months ago

Very steep switchbacks. The history of the flume is very cool. The trail just sort of dumps you out into a new McMansion urban sprawl community so that's weird. But the views of El Cajon mountain on the way up are great.
I'd give this a 3.5 but apparently we don't get half stars. Very lightly trafficked so I bumped it up.

Total hike round trip is about 6 hours. The first part of the hike is mild until you get to the electric tower and then you start the climb up. The trail becomes harder to see as you will need rock climbing skills. This hike doesn’t require climbing gear but climbing experience will help. Very difficult but fun and the views are amazing. We will be doing this trail many more times to further explore other climbing areas.

Went the wrong way like a dope. Did discover two very nice climber's routes though. Got soaked in the rain too. I'll be back for the real trail. Gorgeous hiking and no one around really. Much prettier than the typical way up El Cap.

5 months ago

Make sure you wear pants and long sleeves! very overgrown and I made the mistake of wearing shorts. plus I hiked with my 3 year old in his carrier and still had to tell him to cover his face from the branches they were so big. steep incline in the beginning and very rocky so be careful. when you get to a plateau you'll see rocks to the right directing you to go down to the left. small path since part was washed out. met some ladies on the trail they told me there was a barbed wire fence but to walk a couple steps past to get around it they put cairns up to mark. you'll go thru a field and start going up and fairly steep but really sandy trail. at the top you'll see the cross and you can stop here or like we did keep going! right after the cross begins the ascent to the peak. it gets really overgrown here. a couple of cairns to guide you but the trail is pretty easy to see more so for the way down. at the top there is a marker and you can see a metal rod sticking out of some rocks. cool views. can still see the surrounding neighborhood. our favorite part was all the different beautiful butterflies at the peak and a geo cache jar. ps talked to a really nice ranger there and he actually warned me part of the trail is state managed land so technically were not supposed to hike on it so keep that in mind when you go fair warning

6 months ago

A lot of switchbacks up and down that give a solid workout.

I loved this hike! It starts out with a steep fire road that is nothing spectacular scenery wise but is a great booty burner. You get to the top of that and it’s single track hiking the rest of the way. Views are incredible and the closer you get to the peak the more steep and technical it gets. At the top there are big boulders to climb on and we found a geocaching jar which was neat to add our names to. It’s not well traveled which is awesome, we only saw one other person the whole time! You do need $3 to park in the lot below the trail. I will be back!

7 months ago

Nice cool breeze coming out of the lower end of the Flume Tunnel which is a welcome treat going up, or down! Locate the tunnel between the two sets of switchbacks ~half way.

We saw many small lizards but no snakes; nonetheless, keep your wits as instructed by the signage.

The end of this trail is somewhat disappointing, but it does provide a view of the ocean over one of the houses.

Overall this is a great hike where you can see beautiful flora, and fauna, as well as a few historical structures while also working on cardio, and your leg muscles!

on Flume Trail

7 months ago

Snakes galore. Few mountain cats in the evening. Great views!

radical. difficult

8 months ago

The weather was beautiful, partly cloudy, saving me from walking in the direct sun all day. The walking was fairly easy through the many burned areas while the numerous fire-breaks served as ready-made trails. I did not see any wildlife, but I did see many deer and other hoofed tracks. The trail head is actually in the back of Flinn Springs County Park, but I entered crossing the creek near the Old Highway 80/I-8 overpass. Along the way, I found a 12 ft. wooden cross perched on a rock facing south-east and a geocache on the Flinn Peak Summit with quite a few log entries. Beautiful, beautiful views to the north.

Stellar hike with great views throughout the trip. Not for the weak or the broke. Most satisfying route to the top

climbed some rocks, saw some gliders, conquered some summits

This trail offers a more direct path to the top of El Cajon Mountain. It involves climbing the south ridge of the mountain and walking a path to the peak. Climbing the ridge is the hardest part about this trail and the climbing gets harder as you approch the top of the ridge. Once on top its smooth sailing to the peak. I did not need to use any rope. wear pants because the trail up the ridge is filled with razor grass and other sharp pants

11 months ago

Lots of switchback and interesting history. Watch out for snakes.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This is a dangerous trail for mountain bikes. But great steep incline. The trail has a ton loose rocks and dirt. Should only be a hiking trail.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

parked cars at either end and hiked the trail going towards el Monte park. very nice trail pretty views of the valley.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Really enjoyed the sound of the horses neighing while going up and finding new treasures.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Used 2 cars with a buddy and started from the top so all downhill for us. hike it when it's cooler. More enjoyable. The flume has an interesting history. read about it.

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