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8 days ago

nice trail hiked it before my knee injury now that its healed I want to go again

29 days ago

Peaceful pine forest trail. Couldn’t summit because of snow (late May). A blessing to have experienced it!

Great hike! Nice paved road to drive into the beginning of the trail. Lost phone service, but with this app it kept track of my location. All of the lakes were beautiful. Wish I took my fishing pole. Will be back!

Excellent afternoon hike with so many fantastic views. Would definitely hike it again.

So many lakes and vistas! Great for dogs as well.

At 4.7 miles, the Bear Lakes Loop is a perfect afternoon hike. It takes a couple of hours and offers enough of challenge to leave you satisfied. Where this trail really excels is scenery. Nearly every turn in the trail provides a postcard-beautiful view. Highly recommended.

Nice hike. Connects to other side trips to Round lake, Silver lake, Long lake and Bear Lakes. Wind blew away most of the smoke. Went Aug 26th 2018.

9 months ago

If you are looking for a well spent day of hiking. This is a good one. Started at parking lot on 89 where th starts and the ba mountain bikers start then end up. It is a nice well used trail with many different terrains. When you hike this to the lookout tower it is rewarding. I did take the access road on the way back from the large clearing on the top end, then to Mills Peak Road then back to original trail head on 89. Only to save on the feet. This is a long hike and took roughly 6 hours hiking at a fast steady pace. Bicycling this trail is definitely the way to go. Guess a trail bike purchase is soon in my future. Since I could see the downhill thrill of this trail.

Our kids (4 & 7) are great hikers and loved this. It was a great length for kids with almost no down time between beautiful lakes and interesting terrain.

This trail is definitely not "moderate." There is a decent amount of chunky climbing up to where you can split left and take the fire road (also steep and tough) or turn right to stay on the trail. We took the fire road thanks to a heads up from another rider. The fireroad will reconnect you to the singletrack (there is a bench), but you will soon start climbing up against some gnarly terrain and all of the downhill shuttle riders . We decided to jump on the single track and head down (so we climbed about 3 miles). The downhill was super super chunky at the top, loose, and some tight turns. (I'm thankful we didn't climb up that!) The lower portion of the trail has some awesome flow and berms and is great fun. I just would not recommend this trail to a beginner... strong intermediate riders and above will enjoy the shredding

Awesome technical and flowy trail! Great views too! A must ride.

Great trail! The lakes are awesome to take a dip. Views are spectacular

Brilliant and spectacular!!!! It's also important the company you keep on the trail to share the scenery with. Moderate hike, exciting views, with many multiple opportunities to expand your exploration.

Well marked trail that intersects with a few others. If you are interested in taking a swim, I'd suggest going counter clockwise at the start/Y. This will put you at the best swimming lake (Round) just over halfway in the loop. Round has a nice beach at the southernmost part of the trail. I estimate water temp at 70-72 degrees. Lots of folks and kids were swimming.

A really beautiful hike all the way around! There are 5 lakes along the way, tons of butterflies and wild flowers everywhere! This hike looks simple, but really pushes you. It’s well marked and we had no trouble finding our way when crossing other paths! Great for all ages!

Perfect day hike. Has amazing views, lots of lakes, and is not too strenuous. Great for dogs, mine was off leash the entire time.

11 months ago

Backpacked this loop July 2018. I did it with my 14 year old son and his friend. We started at the Smith Lake Trailhead near Gray Eagle Lodge and went towards Long Lake. Our first night was at Wades Lake ~8 mile hike. Wow, the scenery was incredible and we saw very few people. On the way to Smith Lake we swam in Grass Lake - another beautiful alpine lake. We then headed to Smith Lake but made a wrong turn and ended up at the Jamison Campground and had a half mile backtrack to the Smith Lake trail. The Smith Lake trail was a lot of uphill and in the sun. We spent the second night at Smith and then headed back to the truck Sunday morning.

Great hike. the wildflowers were incredible and the dogs loved all the lakes. If you bring dogs hike the loop counterclockwise so they are headed downhill on the dry stretch.

Keep going up to the PCT where you will see amazing view of Sierra Buttes! it's too bad we can't backpack at these lakes but hop on over to Jamison and Wade to set up camp and explore all these lakes.

this whole area is so beautiful, no shortage of lakes, views, wildflowers, trails, etc. We have hiked from Long lake trailhead up to the Pacific Crest and down to Round lake and Silver lake as well, making about a 9 mile. there is an amazing view of the Sierra Buttes on the PCT walking in southern direction, don't just stop at the first beautiful overlook,, there are so many.

Such a beautiful trail with views and lakes galore! Easy access and a clear trail. Wild flowers and butterflies are in full effect. My new favorite hike!

Fantastic hike showing off some beautiful lakes and scenery. We got a little lost once we got the the mining site and ended up hiking up the mountain and spending some time on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was a good mistake though. If you take the little detour that is at times steep, it's well worth it. It has a beautiful view of the lakes on this trail and some others ones in the distances.

Gold lake highway is Not Plowed through the Winter. Ever. No snow shoeing on this hike unless you snow mobile in.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Great weather and views. Dogs loved it. Some snow patches still but definitely manageable.

This is an amazing loop that brings you to all the beautiful lakes in the area. Big Bear Lake and Silver Lake were among my favorites. Be sure to check out Long Lake too for a breath taking view. I told my girlfriend to bring shoes or hiking boots, but of course she insisted on flip flops and she was still able to complete the 4 miles. In late May the water is bearable to swim in and very refreshing after each stop. Nothing can beat the snow capped mountains surrounding the shimmering bodies of water. It is a truly magnificent area.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Each lake more amazing than the one before. Can do it as an all day trip with stops to picnic, fly fish, swim(water was very cold). Small patches of snow but passable.

Perfection. One of my favorites. Gets a bit crowd in summer though. Parking extremely difficult! Beware of naked sunbathers! They are out when sun is shining.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Great hike! A few snow areas that are iced over and you need have the right foot gear with you. A few trails are under a few inches of water, but you can maneuver around most of them.

Monday, November 27, 2017

This trail is beautiful. However, as of Nov 25, 2017, we found several patches of the trail under snow. This made it hard to follow the trail. But this trail is breathtaking.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

i think anywhere out here in this area is gorgeous, all trails worth it! we encountered quite a bit of snow Nov 25,2017 post holing occasionally but it's still worth it!

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