Looking for a great trail near Bishop, California? AllTrails has 62 great hiking trails, trail running trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Big Pine Reservation or Mill Pond Recreation Center, we've got you covered. Ready for some activity? There are 27 moderate trails in Bishop ranging from 3.5 to 54.5 miles and from 2,086 to 13,041 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!





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Bishop, California Map

good trail conditions. great for dogs. we arrived after noon, had a .25 mile walk to trail head. took our dog and found the trail and hikers great in sharing. looking forward to the hike again.

Mosquitoes flat to Mack lake, heart lake, box lake, long lake, treasure lakes, gem lakes, chickenfoot lake. Greatest hike among all time. Super beautiful! With lazy ass hiking group.

Ashlynn and Bryce camp at Bishop Lake

A really nice hike, not too difficult in terms of elevation gain, more so just from the altitude. You can stop off at each of the lakes though as you make way along the trail, to catch your breath though. Great hike to take your lunch and eat at the side of one of the many lakes.

no shade
5 days ago

Beautiful views with moderate slopes. This may be the easiest of the 14ers but it is by no means the easiest to access. Reaching the Locked gate requires an off-road vehicle and focused driving. Definitely would not recommend leaving or arriving in the dark. Further, this will get you high altitudes but it is a poor mountain to acclimatize on. The trail starts at ~12,000 feet and only gains another 2,000. If AMS sets in, you’ll spend several hours returning to a safe altitude. Other than the reachability and elevation though, White Mountain is a fun hike.

One of my favorite hikes in the Mammoth area. Many lakes and streams. Bestr to leave in early morning to make the hike back more enjoyable

6 days ago

Steep medium short hike with pretty lakes!

Amazing all the way to the top !! Great for all and for dogs ! A must see !

6 days ago

Camping at least one night at 8,000' (four jeffry/other) help acclimate me for the push to the summit. Plenty of water if you take a filter.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail all the way to gem lake. Good hike for dogs. Lots of beautiful lakes.

8 days ago

Made it to Long Lake & back. Lots of rock steps along the way. Shade was ample. Long Lake is gorgeous.

8 days ago

Cool fail attempt.. so closely to the summit but yet so far...

We hiked this loop from North to South Lake. Either way takes you over 3 high mountain passes and through incredibly beautiful terrain throughout. We had rain (often with hail) during 5 of our 6 days out, so bring a rain coat and a pack cover. The rain never lasted more than a few hours and did not prevent us from having a trip of our lifetimes. Mosquitoes were everywhere but easily controlled with DEET and an (optional) headnet. We hiked most of eac day covering 10-12 miles per day. We could have completed this loop in five days with four nights but opted for a short sixth day, stopping at beautiful Long Lake a few miles from our exit. There's no reason to hurry -- it's such awesome, varied country. I see no real advantage to hiking one way vs. the other. Actually now that we've gone to North to South, I'd hope to go the opposite direction someday, as the ascent to Muir Pass via LeConte Canyon would be thrilling. Note: Bishop Pass hikers will encounter dozens deer skeletons on the steep slope below Bishop Pass. We puzzled about the cause. A ranger later informed us that 80-90 deer were migrating seasonally over the pass during a snowstorm in November 2018, when presumably blinded by the snowfall, they one by one hit a patch of ice and fell to their deaths. Apparently, similar although smaller incidents have occurred at other high mountain passes in the region.

9 days ago

From a photographer’s point of view this is heaven. You could just skip the lower dunes altogether. The night sky is epic here. Sunsets perfect. If you walk along the dunes top edges, the sliding sand will generate a humming noise and the entire mountain side will vibrate. There’s also been known to see fighter jets flying at eye level by you on rare occasions. Just super happy most people aren’t willing to drive up this far to see it. One of my all time favorite sunset spots.

One of my favorites. I don’t know if there is anywhere prettier. Great hike for kids.

off road driving
11 days ago

This is not a very technical trail. In fact, I never put my Jeep in 4 wheel drive. However, the ever changing landscape, terrain, and incredible Sierra Nevada scenery and views more than made up for that. There are several small stream crossings, meadows, and lush green forested areas that are worth stopping to take several breaks. We were fortunate to have a few passing thunderstorms on this trip which made the adventure even more enjoyable.

off road driving
11 days ago

The scenery was amazing and made the trip well worth it. The first few miles have some washboard but the rest of the trail had a variety of scenery and terrain.

no shade
12 days ago

The road is in good shape to the locked gate as of 9/1/19. The trail is pretty much dry except for a bit of snow that is easily avoidable near the summit. The fun thing about this mountain is the gain and loss in elevation on the approach. Most 14ers are like getting eaten by a shark, one big hill. This has the feeling of being eaten by piranhas as each smaller hill takes a bite out of you :) highly enjoyable route with big views. Have fun!

Awesome hike with my wife and my 2 young boys would do again

The most difficult part of the hike is finding parking ;). But seriously it was worse than we expected - got there around 4pm and figured we would catch people leaving - finally did catch someone after about 20 minutes which was lucky. The hike is gorgeous - literally beautiful views around every corner! Take the little side hikes to get the great views straight on of the lakes with the mountain crags in the background since the hike mostly skirts the edges of the lakes. We didn’t see too many bugs but uses our deet and did still get a few bites: We just went about 2 miles in (box lake?) and then turned around. There is some rock scrambling in a few spots and the trail was a little wet still - we could keep our feet dry but I could imagine earlier in the season it would be a mess. Loved this one! Hiked with 4 children (youngest is 9) and they were so grumpy about a hike until we started and they saw the creek/lake/wildflower views.

trail is in EXCELLENT condition! ... except for the bugs.. I think I single handedly put a dent in the mosquito population tho.. bring bug spray!!!!!

trail was very easy going down, very steep in some areas but just keep it in low gear. would love to take this trail again but start in Bishop going up seems like it would be a little more fun and exciting. loved the trail though.

If you are acclimated to 10k altitude this is a very easy hike with fantastic mountains views, lakes, meadows and more. Did it in under 2.5 hours. Good shade but definitely wear sunscreen!

We started at the trail head around 10am. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen, but it was expected on Labor Day weekend. We had our two toddlers in carriers and it was a great workout. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake we went just under 4 miles. We got a couple mosquito bites but not bad.

Great hike. Lots of views to take in. hiked to Blue lake and then to Donkey lake for a day hike. Will be back soon.

excellent hike in early September. must do if you are in this area.

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