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1 day ago

The trail up to honeymoon lake is in great shape. After that it begins to fizzle out. Just keep an eye out for cairns.

Granite park is something to behold. You could spend a couple days in this area alone. I made my trip in early September just after a rain storm so it was a little cloudy and the air was crisp at high elevation.

Wonderful day hike! You get a real mixed bag of views. The lakes and peaks are amazing! The trail is in great shape. It is getting cold (26 at 7:30am) and there is a small amount of ice on the upper switch backs but very doable. And hitting the pass is well worth the work!!

We loved this trail! Great for a hot day. There are clear cold lakes to jump in every half mile or so. There were a lot of people but everyone was very friendly and didn’t even make comments about my dog off leash. My pup is very friendly but she is a pit bull so many people make incorrect assumptions about her. We all had a great day. I was wishing I had brought sleeping gear. I wanted to keep going and going!

14 days ago

I thought it was a great hike. Did it in October with leaves turning and fewer people on the trail. I would say it is on the harder side of moderate at least for the first 1.5 miles pulling out of the canyon with fairly steep switchbacks. Lots of variety on the trail. Good for dogs since water along the way. Started at the resort on South Fork road. Seemed longer than 5 miles round trip, but didn’t GPS it.

Beautiful trail, the lakes are amazing,our dog enjoyed it too. The trail starts at mosquito flat, just follow the rock creek road to the very end, the road to parking lot gets narrower but the parking lot is huge.

heading this Friday. and it's going to be our second trip. got to love bishop pass.

Could not have come at a better time. Fall colors are in the trees! Great hike with magnificent views! Pretty steady climb

22 days ago

Perfect work to reward ratio in my opinion. Lower Treasure Lake is a dreamscape once you get to it. The return hike is not bad at all.

Amazing views.

Ok hike. To many people

Best hike ever, you will not be able to take a bad picture, the whole trail is huge a scenic view, each lake different, each unique.
Highly recommended!
Not a difficult hike, but moderate rating is correct

Spectacular views! It is worthwhile all the hiking.
They were moments we thought we lost the trail but we found it. Monumental! A jewel in the wilderness.

For those who’ve been on the trail recently, what are the weather conditions at the top of the mountain, ie lowest Temperature, wind speed, rainfall?

loved the trail. It starts at high elevation, think about 9300 but didn't feel any different. The views are just fantastic. Blue lake is beautiful but had lots of people around. We went further to Dingleberry lake which was amazing and a lot less crowded(adding a little unintended detour on the way as well), clocked about 9.8 miles. It was too late to continue further to midnight lake but that is just another mile or so further for those who start out earlier than we did.

A second trip to this wonderful place is in store with the family. Went with the Fresno Fly Fishers for Conservation and this hike to long lake was awesome. Highly recommend for all ages.

A must for day hikers. The wind really kicked up today. Always bring a jacket. It was cold most of the day.

This is stunner. I do it every time I visit the area. One of my very favorites. Word of caution for older hikers with bad knees, hips, etc, however. Allow extra time for return due to multiple "steps" as you approach trailhead. I did this hike again yesterday. I had no trouble with altitude since I live in the mountains. Took me three hours to reach Gem Lake including 30 min lunch stop at Long Lake. Took four hours to return from Gem Lake to parking area since I really had to take my time on the descent due to my bad knees. Probably best to allow 8 hours to be on the safe side. Best to get started early morning due to limited parking also. Bring hiking poles to save those knees! Those with no knee issues will complete this hike much faster though. Enjoy! It's a beauty.

can be crowded but very few places have so much to see in such a easy hike

1 month ago

Only made it up to long lake since I went pretty late. The reflection of Mt Goode in the lake was stunning. The trail was OK until then. A little hot and fairly moderate with about 1k elevation gain in 2 miles.

1 month ago

Great trail, stunning scenery. Did it the week after Labor day so reasonably quiet. the only downside is that it starts at 10,000 ft so a day or two at altitude before is a good thing.

I loved this hike so much. Not difficult at all, absolutely beautiful, bring a picnic and hang out! However, I would call this heavily trafficked, not moderately. I went on a Sunday and parking was a nightmare. Definitely go early.

Great day hike out to Gem lake with my two sons. (17 and 27) At my normal pace it’s not a difficult hike, but trying to keep up with the two of them make the hike more difficult than it should have been. Lots of opportunity for great pictures and you can gauge your progress by the number of lakes you pass. Only negative, there was a lot of traffic on the trail. We were rarely alone. If possible, I would avoid this trail on busy weekends, otherwise great hike.

Went with my friend Don. Camped at Chickenfoot lake and day hiked to Gem Lakes. Awesome scenery. This is a very easy hike for a couple of 58 year olds. There was some pack animal traffic and a lot of day hikers. We had one late afternoon thunderstorm, but not too bad.

1 month ago

Great, well marked trail. A bit of variance as far as distance; we both logged 7.0 miles RT but it was super fun. We left at noon and were back at 3:45.We saw exactly 5 people on the way up and 0 on the way down. A couple had dogs who seemed happy! We had a bit of rain on the way down but it made it all the more adventurous. Gorgeous scenery, lakes and wildflowers. A real nice day hike.

We had a beautiful day on this trail! This was our second year doing it but the first year we went to Donkey Lake (awesome!). Today we hiked past Blue Lake and on to Dingleberry Lake. We started at 11:00 and got back to the trailhead at 4:30. (8.66 miles). GPS is a little off from what is listed in the description (about 3.0 miles to Blue Lake).
Lots of backpackers heading up and back while we were there. The trail was absolutely gorgeous and lined with wildflowers and smelled like vanilla, honeysuckle, sage and pine. We had some rain when we reached our end point so turned back. Be prepared for light or moderate showers in the afternoon, even if it says 20% chance! Great trail for people who are in good shape and love the outdoors!

fabulous hike, as good as it gets. spectacular peaks, pretty flowers, burbling Brook, serene ponds/lakes and well maintained trail. we achieved the pass, but not the peak. Mt Starr is formidable due to loose rock, scree and v steep.

Great trail. Not too bad of a hike. It was a little further than the 2.5 miles it says it to be one way. It’s closer to 3-3.5 one way. Beautiful the whole way.

Enjoyed this trail and the water falls. Easier than Kearsarge in my opinion and not very busy. Many thanks to the new owner of Bishop Pack Outfitters for fixing the gully with rock slides.

Trail past blue lake is tough to find in a few spots, but it was a great place to camp and catch a few rainbow trout!

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