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Bishop, California Map
2 days ago

The water crossings were manageable, and the mosquitoes were out in force in the lower portions as well as some of the upper forested portions where patches of snow were present. Found a nice place for a picnic on a granite ledge overlooking Sabrina. The views are incredible. The one mistake we made was doing this hike the same day we drove up from OC... the altitude and our road fatigue definitely made it more challenging, but not in a good way. Overall a great trail and the sight of Blue Lake was a nice reward. Will do it again

So many beautiful lakes, streams, meadows, and wildflowers that you start to become desensitized to them. This is only a five-star hike if you go all the way to the last (and best) Gem Lake, which requires some off trail excursions across snow and overflowing creeks. We definitely needed GPS for the last half-mile. The hike is easy and therefore a bit overcrowded for the first two miles from the parking lot. Make sure you bring LOTS of bug repellent if you start early. The mosquitoes were more manageable when we returned at 11am.

Great hike. Tough but well worth it. if anybody find a Nissan key with a pink 550 cord key chain they are mine please let me know.

6 days ago

This is one of my standard warm-up hikes for the start of summer hiking season. Good to get acclimated to elevation gains.

13 days ago

off road driving
14 days ago

This trail crosses a creek at least six times, went in July with 105+ degree heat so stopping a couple of times to soak your feet and wet a towel makes this an added plus.
The trail starts out with a very subtle incline until about the 6 mile mark when it begins to climb fairly steep with many switchbacks. rock formations and views are fantastic!

Beautiful hike. Did have some issues with ice bridges but worth every step. Thanks to Americorp workers doing trail work. Great job folks!

Great hike; took about 4 hours round trip.. Moderately difficult in some spots and the views are fabulous. We saw a deer about a mile in. Wear sun protective clothing and plenty of mosquito repellent (they are bad towards the bottom by the trailhead). Great spots along the way if you'd like to eat a snack or lunch but the top, the lake is spectacular. Bring lots of water too. This time of year the weather was perfect, no need for a jacket at the top of this hike. Do not stop when you first see the lake (another hiker mentioned too) - keep going and you'll see an awesome river coming off the lake with snow still melting. Highly recommend for a nice shorter hike.

Too beautiful for words. The climb definitely wasn't trivial but the scenery made it totally worth it. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

I have hiked this trail 4 times over the years. Just finished it yesterday. Watch the crossings, passable but do it early. Bring your mosquito net and plenty of deet. Very scenic and moderate hike with a backpack.

The name of this trail is PAIUTE pass. It is misspelled

Gorgeous hike. The river crossing between Box and Long Lakes was difficult especially without poles and after crossing and reaching Long lake the trail is under snow sloping to the lake for a a section. We turned back, crossed back over and took the trail leading to the right which also goes to a nice area on the shore of Long Lake.

This place is always a good choice; however, be cautious if you don't have proper snow/ice gear or training. We attempted the pass yesterday - in the heat of July - and there was still so much snow on the trail that we had to turn back to avoid slipping down the higher cliffs and getting injured. Take a look at our photo to see Ruby Lake almost entirely covered in ice.

18 days ago

Hiked on 6/26/17

three day backpacking trip. This was the year of 2017 where we had so much snow that we didn't know what to do with it.

The trail was almost impassable at the switchbacks before long lake, unless you have microspikes at the least... and should probably have crampons and trekking poles.

In some places the trail was completely swallowed by melted snow and would require crossing water and streams. with crampons, we easily navigated around the edges of these to snow bridges.

We camped at chocolate lakes and it was totally awesome the first night.
the second night we camped right before bishop lakes.

We summited bishop pass mid afternoon. The snow was very soft, but not post holing.
The mornings were crisp and the snow was a hard good consistency for climbing with crampons.

Any questions, feel free to find me on instagram. @_ratzz