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15 hours ago

This is a great hike if you have two cars. We started at the north end with a steep but short (1.5 miles) manageable climb. Then there is some scenic relaxed walking along the the ledge, with great views including big horn sheep sightings. Descend on the south end. Approximately 4.5 miles, which took us about 2 hours of moving time.

Beautiful trail. Great views of surrounding canyons and the desert beyond. I hiked it just after it snowed, but the trail was very well marked.

This was wonderful!

I love this place.

Fun route to get down to cooper canyon. The first part of the trail can be either the road or the PCT. I recommend taking the PCT the whole way.

I hiked his trail just after a snow melt and the stream was flowing heavy. The smell of spring was very strong in the air and there were clouds streaming over the mountain tops and a constant cool breeze. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

19 hours ago

Amazing trail to see Sequoias without crowds or really anyone. It felt like we had it to ourselves.

19 hours ago

Pretty neat spot to stop and stretch your legs

nice trail.. less people than trail by the parking lot..but i would chose the otger trail..butter. than this one just for the views.. but from here you do great view of the old covered bridge..

Amazing Views! It was a nice breezy walk. Today was a perfect day to go hiking at brushy. The Rocks along the hillside and wild Life was a great vibe. Will be back soon!

21 hours ago

Great views of Valley and Downtown on a clear day. Hike is fun an with options of making your hike strenuous or moderate.

The East Rim Trail is an off shoot of the Manzanita Loop. The trail is narrow steep single track. From the bottom of the ERT to the Miners Ridge Loop you get dumped into a new development where I had to search for the trail. Once I found it it was good climb back up Black Mountain. I started at Hill Top Park and followed signs for Manzanita Loop and East Rim Trail from the Night Hawk Trail.

One of the most gorgeous hikes in the Bay Area. The water is really flowing right now! Also, climb up the hill across from the parking lot for a truly epic view of the Bay Area.

22 hours ago

Hot and dry in the summer months. Nicest after the winter/spring rains. Early morning or evening is best, but be off the west end before full dark as the neighborhood is very sketchy. Closest thing to a nature walk in Modesto. Be mindful of bikers.

I enjoyed this hike today and appreciated the good uphill workout. I had the hill to myself until two coyotes showed up. They ran off when they noticed me.
It rained yesterday and has been pretty cold...but I was sweating and heated. Bring plenty of water no matter what time of year.

on Atascadero Lake Park

22 hours ago

Relaxing walk

23 hours ago

Took the meadows trail to get to Dewey Point... A lot of Frazil Ice, really dangerous... had to take the way back after sticking your entire leg into a water hole , having my snowshoe stuck in a bunch of trunks...
Maybe the ridge trail is better, if you doing the trail, try this one ;-)

south side ridge has great view. Lots more to wonder about

1 day ago

Forest Falls was beautiful. Great nature trail.

A beautiful trail. It was very hard finding parking as I didn't want to park in the suburbs. So I went to the other end of the trail at Veteran Memorial Park and parked there. I saw a huge variety of colorful birds, squirrels, and even a coyote! I walked on the dirt trail so the walk was very idyllic and quiet. It felt like I was the only person in the world. Then I walked on the paved trail on my way back to the car and it wasn't as quiet. But overall, I enjoyed myself very much. Very stunning. Will definitely come back again.

Very fun not hard to find.

Nice waterfall!

Very nice and flat nature walk. Trails are well groomed and made accessible to all. This is great for families with small children as there are barriers to keep kids on trail. There's plenty of desert wild and plant life to see.

Does anybody know if this is still closed?

1 day ago

Quick out and back with an excellent panoramic view at the top and loads of wild sage. There are multiple routes to reach the top of Olive Hill. This map follows the least strenuous route.

Drove all the way there to find out we could not park our car without an adventure pass . No mention of that in the app!!!!

on Heart Rock Trail

1 day ago

Beautiful easy hike great for the little ones just keep a close eye on them.

Did slowly.. Took a left at first split straight towards Sandstone Peak. I'd rather heavy elevation gains for a shorter period & within first part of hike, than to deal with gradual, longer incline. Once you bag your peak, Inspiration Point is still another mile or 1.5 -- this map shows tintsy tiny bit of trail variance when heading from Sandstone towards Inspiration compared to my friends. No big deal. Hers showed to take trail pointing to Tri Peaks, this map has you go slightly different. Both are right & meet up w one another very quickly. Don't be surprised, after Inspiration Point, trek still another 3+ (this map I used didn't calculate actually stopping at Inspiration but it is WELL worth it if you do). If I'd planned better I would have added Tri Peaks.. The last 1/2 of hike is gradual descent but more tiring than you expect due to exertion to Sandstone. Views are stunning almost entire hike!. This would be great to take an out of towner hiker on. Better than cliche Hollywood sign or Runyon, in my opinion. Saw Channel Islands. Heavily trafficked though with not as much trail etiquette... that was only down side. Oh, and towards very end, follow map. When you get to sign that says .4 to Yerba Buena Rd or .2 to Sandstone, take that later.. that'll get you back to correct lot.

Hard to stay on tail for there are minimal direction signs. Recommend scouting out and possible completing before taking kids.

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