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We started at Vincente Trailhead and walked a counter clockwise loop to the fall. 20 miles, 2 days. The diversity of terrain, plants and views is huge. Redwoods, oaks, blooming Yuccas, meadows, creeks, views, views, views.

Early May there was lots of water at Vincente Flat, Goat Camp, Ojito Camp and Trail Spring.

Shortly before Stone Ridge Trail there were four options of trails. Take the second right. That’s the right way of Stone Ridge Trail to come to Goat Camp and the next water. We camped on Gamboa Trail at the entrance to the downhill walk to Ojito Camp. After 8 hours we avoided the climbing with the backpacks and wanted the views to the ocean. One tent-side is there. Next day we just took water bottles and some food with us to hike to the fall. It’s strenuous. You really need water shoes for the 2 miles through a river. With the dogs and no rope for us no chance to climb down the fall, but a bath on top was possible.

After that river hike the climbing to Cone Peak hurt, but all in all every single pain was absolutely worth it.

Route is “open” to hikers, we walked around the paper sign. On a fire service road the entire way. Temperature can make this hike very difficult or very easy. Maybe 1 week left of wildflowers on May 5th. Good view of mountains and ocean. Watch out for: rattlesnakes, velvet ants.

Hiked from Nacimiento-Fergusson rd, as Coast Ridge rd is still closed, making it about 16 miles round trip if you believe the signs. The views are fantastic and despite the road being closed, the road and trail were well maintained. Distance aside (12 of the 16 miles), the road to the trailhead is flat and easy. Last mile on the trail is all switchbacks with lots of exposure, which makes the shade at the fire lookout up top, coupled with some amazing panoramic views, feel euphoric. Glad to have been here to celebrate earth day.

Actually, its open. And its beautiful. Just walk around the closed gate.

FYI - This trail is not accessible at this time (April 16, 2018). There is a sign at the start of the loop saying it is closed until late 2018. This was a bit disappointing to find, as we were super excited about this hike!

This is a great trail if you're looking for quick elevation gain across ~1.5 miles with beautiful views and little-to-no people. This dirt road segment of the trail is a wide path that only some trucks and ATVs can climb, making it perfect to hike up with large groups. HOWEVER, like others have said, the De Angulo Trail segment was very overgrown with Poison Oak, so I would recommend to be aware and avoid that area until it has been cleared out. We ended up hiking up just the dirt road segment and turning around just a little past the trailhead marker up the hill.

3 months ago

Beautiful place. dispersed camping. a lot a trash left from rude campers. please pack it out.

So we drove up using the directions from all trails and the final left hand turn to the trailhead the road was closed. So we ran into a couple that said you can start from the bottom at Kirk campground. They said they were “just shy of summit” and they turned around because it was getting late.

We hiked from the bottom and went 7 miles with no summit in sight hahaha. It was STUNNING. And I loved it but I think the distance is from the trail head we weren’t able to access at the time.

We parked at the bottom went for 7 miles (in about 3.5 hours. It is up hill. The elevation gain is real. But there are lots of straight seats too Andy the scenery is amazing!!

BEWARE OF TICKS. LOAD YOU AND YOU LR DOG WITH DEET! They were alllllllllll over.

I’d love to summit this thing but I think from the bottom it’s a multiple day hike. But def beautiful with ocean and redwoods!

This is the old coast road and it is open to bicycles and hikers . There are locked gates-you can go around them. The road itself is not private property, but the surrounding land is-so stay on the road. Information given to me by molera state beach ranger January 2018.

4 months ago

The trail was serviced just around Christmas/New Years of ‘17/‘18 as per the campground host. The facilities from Arroyo Seco Campground are awesome and in great shape, as well as the fire road leading down towards the Marble Peak Trail. It is a heavily forested and stunningly beautiful hike that is in great condition leading up to Willow Springs camp. After Willow, a good portion of the Ventana Mountain range is recovering from the Soberanes Fire of 2016. The trail, although quite strenuous, is still maintained in somewhat decent shape, but a lot of the vegetation that is thriving due to the fires are taking up a good portion of the trail at times and you must beware of ticks as you pass through the thick brush and avoid tree branches. Dust off each time you pass through a thick portion.
As you approach Strawberry Camp the trail begins to become a bit difficult, mainly due to lack of a trail and thorned Chapperal also begins to be a problem. The Black Cone trail junction is pretty difficult to impassable but if you’re up for it, I hear you get the bang for you buck with sights. I camped in Strawberry Valley and had a hell of a time, I’d recommend it to everyone.

Tried a there and back day hike, and the info is WAY off in regards to distance. We were running out day light and headed back. We ended up doing 12 miles and 4000+ feet of gain. So this hike is short of 15 miles, but totally worth it. We are planning on going back and starting a bit sooner. Would be ideal to do this in two days, so that you may enjoy the epic views.

Went with a group of all skill levels. Found it to be a very scenic day trip, with ocean views during the majority of it.

The last 6 Miles of the drive there is on a dirt road that may be difficult for vehicles with low clearance.

One the best scenic hikes in the Los Padres.

Trail was well maintained.

4 months ago

I did this trail with my dog. it was a beautiful hike with amazing views. the trail was well-maintained and we didn't see a another person on the trail.

Trail has not been maintained well. You can find it coming down from the ridge, but from the road, the trail disappears a quarter mile in and is next to impossible to find. Fallen trees and poison oak every where.

Beautiful hike with views of the mountains and the coast. Gradual climb along the cliffs. Very enjoyable.

November 2017 - the trail is overgrown and nearly impassable. Beautiful views, but not worth it until the trail is cleared.

Not an easy hike. Straight downhill then straight back up. Very difficult.

Trail was in great condition, the view from the top is incredible.

8 months ago

This trail is definitely through private property, we didn't see anyone during the hike (started around 10am) but sounds like others in the comments did.

Driving down HW1 you can park directly opposite the entrance. Then just follow the road (hop a few fences) and you'll find yourself at the top. Its a road the whole way so plenty of room to walk. Good moderate hike, some nice elevation gain but not too challenging. Great view from the top of the surrounding mountains. Only okay few of the ocean. Didn't see a single person the whole hike.

What a view!!!! Really enjoyed the time I spent there! just beware of dog ticks, there's a lot and I found some in my dogs!

A friend and I drove a mile or 2 in before getting out to hike. That's what I'd suggest doing. The scenery is endless. The trail has a of greenery, redwoods, creeks, and everything you can expect from Big Sur. We ended at the top of a ridge in a cow pastor that was super windy. Such a contrast to the forest down below, but definitely added to the adventure.

10 months ago

We did this hike last May. The switchbacks going up are a little rugged, but the views really are worth it. I saw some quail on the way up, and there were beautiful wildflowers all over. Definitely need to bring some water, most of the trail is out in the open. There are some cool car camping spots on the way up too, with their own awesome views.

11 months ago

I was determined to hike the river until I saw some waterfalls and I did! It takes some serious scrambling to get to the bottom of it, but can be done cautiously and safely.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Not really a hike. Nice beach stroll ~~ ocean mist, aqua views

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great little jaunt down to rocky beach, bit steep. Wear decent hiking shoes. Pretty.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

very tough trail but the view where we camped was amazing!!

on Redwood Gulch

Monday, February 22, 2016

Didn't realize the redwoods were this far south. Short trail up and down through the redwoods with side trails to the waterfalls. Enjoyed the hike.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

No sand dollars but good view. The water actually looks better from further away.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Really cool little area! Very easy to miss. Just pull over after passing Sand Dollar Beach when heading south as Hwy 1 hits the first big bend. Probably a mile or so past Sand Dollar. You'll see little wooden stairs at a turn-off that go over the fence where you should start. Would have gotten a photo to help but my phone died.

Walking down the hill to the cove is pretty easy, someone has put some ropes to hold onto. Careful cause it gets steep fast. When down there I found some shards of Jade and a large red abalone shell. Pretty cool!

Advice, wear shoes and not sandals. Also check the tide charts! Don't go during high tide or you'll be stuck on the cliff and can't explore.

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